Living Longer, Living Better: The Nutritional Secrets of Okinawa and the Mediterranean

Okinawa, Japan, one of the five renowned Blue Zones, has attracted attention for its remarkable longevity and well-being. These regions, where people live longer, healthier lives, have become subjects of extensive research. Kaki Okumura, a nutritional therapy-practitioner with a unique background growing up in the US and Japan, points out four common principles shared by […]

How Maintaining Your Weight Can Lead to a Healthier and Longer Life

In the pursuit of a longer and healthier life, recent research has shed light on an unexpected factor: maintaining a stable weight. A new study, published in the Journal of Gerontology, reveals a significant link between weight stability and exceptional longevity among women over 60. Exceptional longevity, in this context, is defined as living to […]

The Secret To South Korean’s Women Long Life Expectancy

South Korean Women Will Soon Outlive us All. What's their Secret

South Korean women are projected to have an average life expectancy of above 90 in 2030, according to a new study. Some other countries will also be trailing closely behind. These include Chile, the UK, Japan, France, Canada, and Australia. The women are all expected to have an expected life expectancy of 85 by 2030. […]

How to Live Longer and Healthier – What the Experts Recommend

In a fascinating piece published by The Atlantic, data shows that we are now living 40 years longer than the average American in 1880. As research and the body of science on longevity grows, we hear of studies that point to specific causes for living a longer than average lifespan. But it’s not only enough […]

How to Activate FGF-21 Hormone That Makes You Live Longer

How to Activate FGF-21 Hormone That Makes You Live Longer [nextpage title=”…”]FGF-21 is a hormone produced in the liver and the pancreas that can help you live longer, lose weight, and improve your overall health. Its official name is Fibroblast Growth Factor-21.   Longevity Unfortunately, as we age, we produce lower levels of the T […]

Your Body On Walking! 10 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Walk

Your Body On Walking! 10 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Walk SPANISH TRANSLATION: COSAS QUE SUCEDEN A SU CUERPO CUANDO USTED CAMINA [nextpage title=”…”] Is the need to start an exercise program weighing heavily on you? Do you want to take steps to improve your health, but need a little nudge? If so, […]

What Does Your Wedding Ring Say About Your Relationship

What Does Your Wedding Ring Say About Your Relationship Choosing the perfect wedding ring is not something that comes naturally to anyone. Just like a marriage, picking the right ring takes time, hard work, and effort. Also, when you find “the one,” you will be happy for the rest of your life. The Value of […]

Scientific Reasons Why Some Women Don’t Age

Scientific Reasons Why Some Women Don’t Age [nextpage title=”…”] While eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and taking care of your skin certainly help slow down the aging process, another factor that contributes to women looking younger is the Methuselah gene. Luckily for these women, they aren’t affected as severely by an unhealthy diet, minimal […]

This Common Habit Increases Your Risk Of Cancer By 66%

This Common Habit Increases Your Risk Of Cancer By 66% According to the Nielsen Corporation, the average American watches over 4 hours of TV a day. The average household has 2 televisions that are left on almost 7 hours a day. Psychologists at Rutgers University have found that television shows are designed to be addicting […]

10 Advantages Of Having Big Breasts

10 Advantages Of Having Big Breasts It may sound like a joke, but scientifically speaking, larger chests can serve a variety of evolutionary and medical purposes. For every drawback of being well-endowed, there are a dozen health and social benefits of being large-chested. 10. Swimming Adipose tissue in breasts can assist with keeping a swimmer […]

“Why you should walk every day?”

“Why you should walk every day?” Ever wondered why do these fitness coaches vehemently emphasize on walking daily? There were times when our ancestors had no choice but to walk and that resulted into their amazing well-being, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately we are a generation that lives in times wherein time is money and […]

Longevity Grocery List

Longevity Grocery List By PositiveMed-Team Edited By: Stephanie dawson 1. Vegetables Vegetables contain important nutrients and have lots of fiber. If you eat 5-9 servings each day your body will build immunity to fight disease. The following vegetables should help boost your disease-fighting potential: • Jicama • Kale • Sweet Potatoes Jicama is a root […]

Unusual Ideas That Will Help You to Live a Long Life

Unusual ideas that will help you to live a long life. There are many methods to promote your longevity, besides having a good diet, exercising, and of course keeping away from bad habits such as smoking and over-drinking. We have a few effective, albeit unusual, strategies that can help you promote a long life, here […]

The Fat Flush 2 Week Diet!

Diet includes: •Daily lean protein (8 oz) try fish and eggs, no red meat. • Eat more plant based foods (whole grains, veggies, fruits) which offer you a wealth of vitamins and minerals that are essential to metabolism, also try a breakfast smoothie, with a lot of greens, it will help you detoxify and boost […]