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The secret behind making home better: “LASH IT OUT!”

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By: Kehinde S. Afolayan
Many people are wondering how they can improve their home. In fact, we’re all looking for some properties that can reduce the tensions in our homes. The answer to this issue, I think, is by lashing the qualities out of us! And these qualities are termed LASH, which stands for Leadership qualities, Attitude, Self-discovery, and Humility.

1. Leadership qualities: These are qualities some people are inherited by birth, while some may need to build them themselves. Some of these qualities are servitude, confidence, vision, commitment, and excellence. Prof. Peter Lewis, of Johns Hopkins University, said, “Leadership is everywhere; it exists at all levels of any institution.” Hence, it has nothing to do with age, gender or positions, so everybody is a leader. Leadership skills start from the way we approach and relate with others at our family. It equates servitude, and not superiority. The trait of servitude is sensed from the characteristics of visionary leaders. Leaders with visions are always concerned about the future and development of their immediate environment, starting from their home or families, offices or companies, and that of their followers who are also potential leaders. Therefore, servitude is the ability to serving others selflessly and being committed to any cause of development in order to achieve excellence and positive changes in the society. And confidence is what really makes anyone a leader; it’s the ability to speaking, standing for, and doing what is right every time regardless the levels or numbers of opposition.

2. Attitude: Attitude begins from our inner self, and the way we interact with others around us. And my questions are thus: Are our inner voices positive? Do we speak positive words to others and ourselves? Do we engage in things and wish to have people or followers emulate your good characters or attributes? Are we concern about our happiness and that of others? If the answer is YES, then we are on the right path to improve our home now! Some attributes of good attitude are speaking right words, being goal-oriented with good purpose, having positive mind-set and right plan, self-control and positive reactions to any circumstance, understanding and thinking positively of yourself and that of others, time planning and management and many more.

3. Self DiscoveryIt’s the power to managing one’s destiny in life. But many people are slaves to themselves because they are yet to discover who they really are.  In addition, they are yet to discover their God-given potentials and bent. Everyone is unique and special in his or her own way, because no one on earth without God-deposited mission or purpose. Interesting, most of the potentials lie in things we enjoy doing with contentment or for personal satisfaction, without frustration. It’s only when we discover our potentials we can begin to start developing and making use of them greatly to our advantage.

4. HumilityIt is the act of being kind and humble to people around us without depriving ourselves of happiness, no matter what our position in life is. And it’s a key to attracting God’s grace into one’s life in this world. Mother Teresa once said, “If you are kind people may accuse you of ulterior motives, be kind anyway”. So, don’t be frustrated to stop being kind to those around you when some people say mean things or words about or at you. Because, perhaps, they don’t need the good qualities in their own ways of life. So it would be so great to be yourself, faithful, focused, determined, and patient.

In concluding, my philosophy of life is thus, “Life itself is a raw material! You could transform it into whatever you want using your technical knowhow or TAG-Thoughts x Attitude + God.”

Thank you,

Kehinde S. Afolayan.

Some more quotes from the author:

“Many youths always confuse themselves with the definitions of maturity. I think maturity lies in the ability of handling situations patiently and dealing with people around you understandably. I don’t think maturity has something to do with old age, because not all old-aged people are mature.” – Kehinde S. Afolayan

“The best keys to maintaining any relationship in life are: S.E.T P – Sorry, Excuse me, Thanks, and Please.” – Kehinde S. Afolayan.

“Y.E.S. I  C.A.N:
-Kehinde S. Afolayan

“Follow your own instinct, beliefs and opinion regardless what people say about or think of you because most people often may not see what you are seeing. If you try and you succeed, then you can impart on others. If you try and you do not reach your goal, then you’re more experienced so you can advise other people.”
Kehinde S. Afolayan

“People who seek unjust and unqualified things often end up with some unwanted losses or problems in life”
– Kehinde S. Afolayan

“Learn to say NO to and ignore completely things that may deprive you of your happiness, freedom, joy and peace in life.”
– Kehinde S. Afolayan

“Hardwork: Always put your best in whatever you do.
Smartwork: Always apply your skills and experiences into whatever you do.
Network: Find and associate with successful and experienced people who are in line with your passion, career or profession for proper guidance.
God’s grace: Always invite or involve God in every good thing you are doing for divine favour and direction
Good success: Fulfillment and satisfaction derived from achieving your goals and/or dreams in life.
Thus, Hardwork+Smartwork+Network+God’s grace=Good success”
-Kehinde S. Afolayan


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