The Positive Side of Medicine


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Hello and welcome!

We are a team of and positive minds who plan to fill out the gap between positivity and healthcare. We believe healthcare is not a business and therefore,it needs a huge change! And we also think that small teams are much more effective than large corporations or government agencies in bringing change to healthcare.

Although we are a small team, but we know a journey of a thousand miles starts from the first step. We’ve started our challenging journey and dedicated our mind, energy, time and all resources to find some effective solutions to nourish health with positivity. As Thomas Edison beautifully said: “The Doctor of the future
 will give no medicine,
 but will interest his patient
 in the care of the body,
 in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

To learn more please take a look into PositiveMed in Facebook. Just Click on the image below to enter to our Facebook page.

We need to hear from you, because each of you is a hero with lots of great experiences, ideas and wisdom! You can message us in Facebook (Facebook.com/positiveMed) or Twitter (@positiveMed) or you can simply shoot an email to positiveMed [at] gmail.com!

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