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Healthcare in India

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This post is taken from MIT-India conference in September 2011

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“Healthcare Within the Reach of Billions”

India’s current Healthcare is a $40B industry today and equates to $32 per capita.

The Government spending on healthcare sector is barely 1% of its GDP which is way below the WHO recommended 5%.

More than a million Indians die every year due to lack of access to reliable healthcare.

What would it take for India to come up with a healthcare system which is accessible and affordable to all?

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An efficient and effective healthcare system would involve multiple variables which are unique yet interrelated. Will insurance (micro insurance) be the solution to provide cost effective healthcare? Will advancements in technology like telemedicine and low-cost treatment bridge the disparities between the urban and rural sector? Will quality clinics established in rural areas help change the trends of lack of access to treatment?

Source: http://indiaconference.mit.edu/events/panels-and-speakers/

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