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America’s water quality

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How Safe is America’s tap water quality?

U.S. tap water is some of the cleanest on Earth, generally safe from the microbes and chemicals that have plagued humans’ water supplies for millennia. While much of the planet relies on polluted drinking water, Americans can fill a glass without fear of any kind of pollution. In 2006, 89.3 percent of the nation’s community water systems were in compliance with all of 91 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. The remaining 10% is mostly in rural areas.

Here’s a very informative video about global drinking water condition from GOOD magazine:

Tap water OR bottled water?

The answer is tap water, unless you don;t have access to. Tap water is much cheaper, equally healthy, and of course less harmful to the environment. If you don’t like the taste, use one of those inexpensive carbon filters, such as Brita.

To check out a map of drinking water condition in different States visit Mother Nature Network

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