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PositiveMed is a passionate innovative startup in digital healthcare that helps people to educate themselves about medical conditions by simple graphic tools and encourage people to share their medical experiences. We are searching for a technical manager to join our passionate team to lead the execution and optimization of our web-based services.

Technical Manager (=GeekLeader) Position:

  1. Primary responsibilities:

This role requires someone that has a combination of excellent technical background and team management skills. Since our team is small and our service is innovative, we are constantly listening to our users and try to improve our services based on these feedbacks. Therefore we need someone that:

  1. Has a creative mind and natural resonance for user experience
  2. Has a tendency toward client-service and user-friendly interface
  3. Has a leadership personality to lead tech-geeks


  1. Functional skills:
    1.                                                               i.      3+ years of technical management experience
    2.                                                             ii.      Expert level of UI design
    3.                                                           iii.      Expert level of web development
    4.                                                           iv.      Expert level of data structures
    5.                                                             v.      Proficiency in OS

If you feel interested in current open position, please email your resume and your finished creative jobs to our email at [email protected]


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