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“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love its use
will eat its fruit.”
Proverbs 18:21

Kids say the darndest things, don’t they? When I was a child there was a
particular retort we would fling to other kids after they sent off a
judgmental slur:

“What you say is what you are.”

I didn’t realise how much truth that one saying contained until recently.
People have no idea of the giant impact their choice of vocabulary has on
their lives. The words to which we commit shape and condition who we are,
just as much as our thoughts and physical actions. It does not matter in
what context or subject, as long as you use words that have limitations,
you are limiting your state—and hence your success. A quick example is
when we use the word “can’t” in everyday conversation. Take a second to
ponder on this and you will realise that nearly every time you say the
word “can’t” it is untrue, because you do have a choice. It’s not so much
that you “can’t” do something; it’s that you don’t want to. The more you
say you can’t do things, the more your mind conditions that notion, and it
will appear every time a challenge comes up.

By replacing our current vocabulary with new empowering substitutions, we
will influence the emotions we experience throughout our day. That
emotional experience then determines how we act, and then the results we
get. We are linguistically programming our subconscious mind with every
word, which then turns into ritual and becomes our nature. We say things
unaware of the massive effect they have on our lives. I cannot overstate
the importance of this; it will be the “be-all” or “end-all” of your
success. Here are some example words and sayings that we must stay away
from in everyday speech, and some great ones to put in their place:
•I can’t = I can
•I’m not smart enough = I am infinitely intelligent, have the resources,
and will learn.
•I’ll never be wealthy = I must be wealthy
•I’m always sick = I feel great
•I’m too fat = I must get fit for the feeling
•I’m unattractive = I’m beautiful
•If I start my own business I’ll fail = I’ll do whatever it takes to succeed
•I’m a loser =I will win
•I can’t be bothered = My existence is energy
•I’m too tired = I must demand an energetic state, now
•That’s really bad = What’s great about this?
•That’s impossible = Anything is possible
•I feel drained = I’m a powerhouse
•What a coincidence or What luck = Cause and effect
•Maybe one day = I’ll make the day
•Hopefully = I’m certain
•That’s too hard = I love a challenge
•I’ll do it later = I must do it now
•I’m over it = I’m just getting started
•What if = It’s not, so don’t worry in advance
•I should have = I didn’t, but I’m always in control of myself now, which
means I can
•I’ll try = Do or don’t do
•I hate my life = Love is life
•I wish I was happy = I choose to be happy or not
•He’s lucky = He’s successful
•I hate him/her = I love myself enough not to hate
•I wish something bad for them = I wish the best for them, which means I
will be blessed
•I hope I get there = I know I will
•I won’t find that person = I have faith and I’ll make sure
•I need that = I want that
•I’m okay/not bad = I’m great
•I don’t know = I’ll find out!
•There is nothing I can do about it = Is there really nothing I can do
about it


Excerpt from “Who Says You Can’t? YOU DO” by Daniel Chidiac. Being
released early 2012.

Daniel Chidiac has dedicated his life to finding the answers to “why some people are living an extraordinary life, while others are never really fulfilled?” Through his journey he has modeled the most successful people known to man, traveled overseas to meet with leaders who have the strongest mindset on the planet, interacted with exceptional achievers and coached people from all the around the globe. 

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