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The Facts About Bottled Water

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There’re many myths and interesting facts about bottled water! For example, unlike the popular belief, bottled water doesn’t taste better than tap water. In fact, the tastiest waters have a mild amount of minerals.

bottled water by klynslis (Flickr)

Also bottled water is not cleaner than tap water. In fact, as a research conducted by The Natural Resources Defense Council announced, 22% of bottled waters contain more chemicals than the state health limits.

Check out this amazing video by StoryOfStuff and you’d get the whole story:

Another amazing fact is that in many cases (25% to 40%), bottled waters are filled up from the taps! So we may think we’re drinking from a fresh spring in Maine or some other natural place, but in fact, that bottle may have been filled up in our neighborhood!

The other important fact about bottled water is it’s huge harm to our environment. As an example 20% of the trash in Grand Canyon is bottled waters and therefore bottled water smaller than 1 gallon is restricted in that national park. I Really love this Brita ad about bottled water:

And here’s another infographic that summons the story:

bottles in a Malaysian beach (Photo by epSos .de Flickr)

  The next time you want to open a bottled water, think again!

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