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Creating Balance in Everyday Life- Day 21

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Inspiration/Affirmation: Tame your monkey mind.

The term monkey mind is Buddhist in origin and speaks to our unsettled, restless, and uncontrolled minds. Monkey mind represents the endless mind chatter that takes over any chance of peace of mind. Taming the incessant thoughts that float through our minds daily is the only way to find the present moment. Notice your thoughts today. Treat them like drifting clouds that come and fade away. You are not your thoughts but rather the “observer” of your thoughts. Look for the observer today. Quite your mind chatter with one minute silent intervals throughout the day. Focus on the breath as you notice the thoughts that come and go. Affirmation: “I take time to honor the “observer” who only knows the present moment and peace of mind”

~ Dr. Arianna
Arianna Sholes-Douglas, MD, FACOG is a board certified OB/Gyn and maternal-fetal medicine specialist. She has practiced medicine over 20 years and took a comprehensive and holistic approach to women’s medicine incorporating mind, body, and spirit and focuses on patient empowerment during all points on life’s journey through womanhood. 

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