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Digital Health Startup List

Quantify yourself:

  • Azumio develops mobile apps for testing stress and your heart rate
  • BrainBot helps you monitor and learn from your brain activity with state-of-the-art EEG brain state detection technology
  • CareLogger helps people with diabetes measure and track their glucose levels, blood pressure, meals and weight
  • Genomera is enabling crowd-sourced open health studies
  • HealthTap‘s advanced algorithms personalize your health experience, bringing you expert knowledge and community insights
  • Massive Health aims to help people gain control of their weight
  • Scanadu is creating a commercially-viable medical tricorder

The new EMR:

Life is not complete without your PHR:

  • Avado enables a health-driven partnership between an individual and their health & wellness providers
  • ExtendMD enables patients with chronic conditions to compile and share their health information with their providers

Diagnose or treat it:

  • Cellscope created a medical microscpe from your cell phone to your doctor
  • DoseSpot is an e-prescribing platform
  • Zipnosis allows you to get diagnosed and treated for minor health problems using a computer or smartphone.
  • ScriptPad is a digital prescription pad for iPhone and iPad.

Be well and get yo’ ass in shape:

  • Blisslogik helps you create workout routines
  • Fitbit’s Tracker automatically tracks data about fitness activities, such as calories burned, sleep quality, steps and distance
  • Dailyburn provides  fitness plans, nutritional tracking,and social motivation to help you reach your fitness goals
  • The Digifit™ Ecosystem helps you track your cardio exercising
  • Everyday Better provides expert instructional exercise videos and short intense workouts with workout plans
  • EveryMove helps you track your activities
  • Fitnio uses GPS to track your walk, jog or run and supplies you useful fitness-related data about the workout.
  • GAIN Fitness’s web and mobile applications generate personalized training plans
  • getupp is a location-based commitment service
  • Lumosity helps you exercise your brain!
  • Skimble provides a cross-platform ecosystem of fun, dynamic and social fitness/ coaching applications
  • SportyPal helps you improve your running or cycling performance using your gps enabled mobile phone

Food & nutrition:

  • Eatucate is a social and educational food community site that enables people to shop, cook, and eat healthy
  • DesignMyMeals
  • FoodSpotting lets you tag and track dishes
  • Ideal Mealz is a subscription recipe service that enables you to prepare chef quality, healthy, home-made meals
  • Zeer provides consumer grocery information

Got health questions? They have answers:

Find a doctor, book a doctor, rate a doctor:

Paying the bills / cost transparency:

  • Bloom Health helps employers control their health care spending & helps employees spend their benefit dollars wisely
  • Cake Health is a central place for all your healthcare plans online
  • Castlight Health enables employers  lower the costs & provides individuals with unbiased pricing and quality information
  • Change:Healthcare helps you analyze claims data
  • My Health and Money makes shopping for health care easier by centralizing financial information
  • My Healthon offers coupons and discounts
  • Simplee helps with tracking medical expenses & managing health care costs
  • Zepherella offers convenient electronic patient billing

Modernizing the clinical trial:

  • GoBalto is creating easy to use web products for clinical research
  • TrialX enables patients to find and learn about clinical trials that match their health conditions
  • TrialReach is a search engine for clinical trials

In the cloud:

  • Cloud Prime provides secure application to application messaging for healthcare
  • eHealthMe is a cloud computing service to study large-scale real world drug outcomes
  • Explorys provides a cloud-computing platform specialized for the healthcare industry
  • HealthHiway focuses on facilitating better interaction within the healthcare ecosystem
  • Humedica provides SaaS-based clinical business intelligence solutions for connecting patient information

For children and their neurotic parents:

  • alt12 apps‘s Baby Bump keeps soon-to-be parents informed about their pregnancy progress and enables tracking and sharing the experience with friends/family and an online community of moms
  • Baby2.0 is a fun way to keep track of your baby-related activities
  • MotherKnows collects and securely displays important childhood health data including immunizations and growth charts
  • WeSprout combines your child’s medical data with targeted Q&A and charts

For the older crowd:

  • eCareDiary is designed to make coordination of care easy amongst family members and other caregivers
  • getminders helps individuals manage and improve their day-to-day health
  • Gilbert Guide is a comprehensive senior housing guide and homecare directory for aging parent

For the ladies:

  • alt12 apps‘s pink pad is a health and lifestyle tracker with an  integrated online community to connect women
  • ChickRx provides expert health information for women
  • EmpowHER provides  women’s health and wellness content libraries and an online community for discussing health/wellness issues

Making health a game:

  • helps you keep track of changes in your health
  • GreenGoose uses tiny sensors and accelerometers to track everyday behavior and record it online
  • HealthyWage implements health challenges to allow corporations to reward health and weight loss
  • Health Month is a social game around improving health habits
  • LifeKraze is an online community where people encourage each other to be active offline
  • Keas helps employees stay healthy with their games
  • is a weight loss community that pits members against, friends, family and colleagues in weight loss challenges

Making health social:

  • Caring Bridge enables patients to create personalized sites to share their health experiences
  • Crohnology is  patient-to-patient information sharing platform for crohn’s and colitis patients
  • Cure Together offers treatment ratings and reviews for over 589 conditions and tools to help you track and manage your health
  • PatientsLikeMe helps you find and connect with people who have similar conditions
  • RealSelf is a network for sharing experiences About cosmetic surgery
  • RNRounds is an online network for nurses
  • SoberCircle is an online community for recovering alcoholics and addicts
  • WeAre.Us is a social network dedicated to patients, family, friends, and caregivers of those coping with chronic illnesses
  • WebTribes is a social networking for people facing addictions, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, anxiety, & HIV
  • What’s Going Around allows users to connect over location/symptoms to help each other identify and treat illnesses that are “Going Around”

Tools for med professionals:

  • Ability Network sis ecure web-based healthcare network for connecting providers and hospitals to improve patient care
  • Assure Rx helps clinicians find the right drugs for their patients
  • Axial Exchange‘s communication platform and clinical dashboard helps synthesize and deliver data where and when you need it
  • CipherHealth helps doctors follow up with their patients
  • Corepoint Healthspecializes in healthcare systems integration and optimizing healthcare operations through software, consulting and HL7 training courses
  • CoverMyMeds helps physicians and pharmacists complete prior authorization and insurance coverage determination forms
  • Digital Assent simplifies the gathering of patient information with the PatientPad
  • Doximity is a communication platform and professional network for physicians
  • Duet Health enables engaged doctor/patient communication
  • Epocrates enables healthcare professionals to find answers more quickly and confidently
  • Kyruus’s p3 platform enables information exchange
  • MobileMDoffers four dimensional health information exchange – care, service, economics, and technology – providing physicians with real-time clinical/administrative information
  • Nephosity is building MobileCT, an app for doctors and patients to view and share their medical images on their iPad.
  • NudgeRx focuses on post-discharge follow-up care and improving patient adherence to discharge plans
  • Personalized Medicine enables docs to add a service line strategy of house calls to their existing office practice
  • QuantiaMD is an online physician-to-physician learning collaborative
  • Sermo is a social network for physicians
  • Voalte combines voice, alarms, and text for facilitation communication between care providers

Gadgets & Sensors:

  • AgaMatrix created the first Apple-approved blood glucose meter that connects to the iPhone in real time
  • BAM Labs created the Biometric Sensor for detecting heart rate, breathing rate, etc. while you’re asleep.
  • Basis created the Basis Band, a wearable wrist health and heart rate monitor that collects data calories burned and sleep patterns
  • ConnectedHealth develops health monitoring devices for remote health management
  • Echo Therapeutics is creating a non-invasive, wireless glucose monitoring  system
  • GreenGoose uses tiny sensors and accelerometers to track everyday behavior and record it online
  • Vitality’s GlowCaps improve medication adherence through reminders, social feedback

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