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Jan 2021 Update: We accept educational health and wellness related guest blogs on PositiveMed.com. Due to high volume of requests and very limited availability, the acceptance of guest blogs is on a bidding format. Please submit your proposal, including your budget and ONLY IF IT WAS APPROVED, someone from our team will get back to you! Thanks!

Do you want to write for PositiveMed? We’re Constantly looking for more contributing writers to share their unique perspectives on the health and wellness, natural remedies and psychology world. Our community has now over 1 million fantastic members, which means if you write for us your unique articles could be seen by millions of health enthusiasts.

You’ve seen the content we produce and curate. So if you want to write about the home remedies you know or share a hilarious video, poster, infographic or photo, then send us an article and we will put your content and your link in front of the PositiveMed community.

How is Life as a Health Writer

When you write for PositiveMed you become part of a unique collection of writers and a close knit team committed to creating content that informs health, food and relationship enthusiasts across the world. We are picky about the content we publish, but if you are creative and passionate we love to promote your personal name or blog to our followers.

Editorial Guidelines

  • Personality and opinion encouraged
  • Entertain, engage & educate readers
  • Author credit and link to personal blog & social media profiles
  • Submissions should be well written, edited and original. There is no formal word count, if you want to write an article 500–1500 words long then go ahead and express yourself. But if you want to drop a hot video or poster with a short piece of commentary attached then that is great too.

Important Notes:

1. When your article is published on positivemed.com, your post will be shown on the homepage and gradually it will be replaced by newer posts.
2. When posting on Positivemed.com, your post will be shared on Positivemed’s Facebook page with 1.6 million fans.
3. When posting on Positivemed.com, your post will be shared on Positivemed’s Twitter account.
4. The links can be do-follow or no-follow. Maximum outbound links is 2 links.
5- The article should be educational, relevant, original and nonpromotional in 700+ words.
6- We are a vegan company and we don’t accept any articles that is promoting meat and dairy industry.
7- We don’t accept any gambling/gaming/casino/dating related articles.
8- The links are good for 2 years guaranteed.
9- We have the right to accept or reject any article.
10- The payment should be made via Paypal in maximum 10 business days. account: [email protected].
11. We accept link placement on older posts with an additional cost.
12. There will be a disclaimer at the end of the article in JPEG format and the article will be posted on the relevant categories, as well as the “guest blog” category.

Please submit your bidding and additional information here:

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