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nike prosthetic running blade

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Sara Reinersten is using a Nike Sole for running

Here is another good news for amputee athletes who want to run as fast and as easy as others. Nike in collaboration with össur (one of the most innovative companies in orthopedic prosthetic devices) and world-record-holding amputee triathlete Sarah Reinersten has developed ‘Nike Sole’. The new technology is very easy-to-use and benefits from recycled materials.

Nike Prosthetic Running Sole

Sara born in 1975 with a congenital disorder and lost her left leg above the knee when she was 7. Although it took her several years to learn how to run, but once she did, shewas she unstoppable: She ran for  10 years in US Disabled Track Team, including at the 1992 Paralympic Games. After that, she switched to road racing, running in dozens of half-marathons and seven full marathons before becoming a triathlete.

The stacked sole design of the ‘nike’ technology features a stretch rubber leash over a rubber waffle outsole, made from recycled materials of reused shoes.

The NEW Össur Flex-Run with Nike Sole


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