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PositiveMed is a popular growing website with more than 3 million visitors per month. We’re currently the 2nd largest community in health and self-help in Facebook, as well as the fastest growing one. We routinely share posts from our website to our social media and the traffic on our website is dynamic and diverse.

If you have a service, product, website or social account that has a positive impact on others living, and if you want to promote it, PositiveMed is the perfect solution for you. We accept different forms of advertisements/sponsorships, such as:

Poster Sponsorship: Everyday we share couple of new posters in our website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. These posters have unique and positive messages. Beside health posters, we design and share many posters in different categories such as positive thinking, inspiration and fun.  By sponsoring these posters, we  include your brand in our design and  you will reach to tens of thousands of people around the world.

Blog Sponsorship: Since the visitors of the blogs are more interested in a particular topic, this is a good opportunity for advertisers to bring their product/service to their target audience.

Guest Posts: You can write a guest post in our blog. In this case, we have the write to edit the post before publishing; because we want to be sure about the reliability of the content that we advertise.

Banners Sponsorship: Banners with different sizes and locations are available for you on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. You can try these banners for one day and if you liked them, continue for a week or month.

As a startup, our rates are very competitive. Email us at [[email protected]] or [[email protected]] for more details.

Thanks for supporting us to spread our message.

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