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What Does Your Wedding Ring Say About Your Relationship

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What Does Your Wedding Ring Say About Your Relationship

What Does Your Wedding Ring Say About Your Relationship

Choosing the perfect wedding ring is not something that comes naturally to anyone. Just like a marriage, picking the right ring takes time, hard work, and effort. Also, when you find “the one,” you will be happy for the rest of your life.

Wedding rings

The Value of a Relationship

It is a fact that many people associate the value of a ring with the value of the relationship. Often, the idea is that pricier rings indicate a more serious commitment to the partner. This is not a one-sided affair; the couple will be responsible for paying for that ring once the marriage commences. In essence, when the ring is accepted, both partners are accepting responsibility to each other.

Emory University researchers have found that the value of a ring may be directly related to the longevity of the relationship, though not in the way many people believe. In fact, research has found that those who spend more on diamonds and gold may be putting a death sentence on their marriage from the outset. This is likely due to the financial strain that a high-priced purchase puts on a new marriage.

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Wedding Rings and Symbolism

The history of the wedding ring is thought to date to ancient Egypt. At this time, it is believed that the endless circle represented the eternal bond between the couple. Wearing the ring on the third finger of the left hand was also significant. It was thought that a vein carried blood to the heart from this finger. These symbols are still observed in much of the world today.

The Romans used wedding rings as a sign of ownership. A man would place the ring on his wife’s finger to claim her as property. Indeed, throughout most of world history, wedding rings were only worn by women. Male partners in the US did not begin wearing wedding rings until the mid-20th century, which is largely due to an effort put forth by the jewelry industry rather than an organic cultural shift. However, this change has now become expected in western culture. Prince William made waves when the Royal Family announced his plan to not wear a wedding ring after his vows with Kate Middleton. This caused many to question his motives though the future king made it clear he simply wasn’t a fan of jewelry.

The Psychology of a Wedding Ring

Much can be said about the couple by their choice of ring. It is thought that those who are most loyal to each other choose a traditional, circle-cut diamond or oval. Stackable rings are said to show that couples are able to work together to make plans that work. However, there is much more to psychology than style.

While few studies have been conducted on the psychology of the ring, some will say that women tend to find more meaning in the ring itself. In direct opposition to those Roman times, women are now willing to split the cost of the ring or even pay for it entirely out of their own pockets. On the other hand, men sometimes feel that the ring is more of a hassle than a joy. Men may choose not to wear rings because they guard their privacy or out of simple tradition. If a man’s father did not wear a wedding ring, he is less likely to choose one for himself.

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In the end, a couple’s choice of wedding rings symbolizes their commitment to one another. This is true whether the ring is simple or simply fabulous. Though the perfect wedding ring does not mean a couple will have the perfect marriage, it does serve as a daily reminder of the love and dedication they should put into their relationship every day.

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