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Today we found a website for moms and kids, full of cool stuff with bargain prices. I personally purchased couple of items with bargain prices and got an email that they’ll give us $15 credit for every person that join their website with the following link:


Joining the website is free and if you place an order within 30 days, they’ll give us 15 Dollars Totsy credits. Now here’s what we’re going to do with this money:

We plan to purchase kids items for total money we receive from Totsy and donate it to cancer children. Often the families of cancer patients are under financial pressure and many times they can’t afford to purchase new clothing. This is an excellent opportunity for every one of us to bring a little happiness to these beautiful angels.

Also if you know any kid with cancer, you can introduce them to us and if we earned any Totsy credits, we’ll buy an item for him/her and ship it to her.

Here’s our email address: [email protected]

Thank you for your shopping and doing good.
PositiveMed Team
May 3rd 2012
P.S: We’ll update you everyday about the progress!
May 4th: Until now, 3 people have opened accounts. But there hasn’t been any purchases. So $0 is in the account!

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