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Hey All Positivemed Fans and Followers,

Oh boy do we have a surprise for you!

Starting today we are announcing our Mother’s Day Video Contest. All of you will have chance to participate in this amazing opportunity and win a Brand New iPad Mini!

positivemed video contest

The video you send in can be anywhere from 2-10 minutes, using the content of our website: www.positivemed.com any article any subjects such as fitness, home remedies, beauty and skin care and recipes can be used in the making of this video. The video has to be in English and you must mention PositiveMed as many times as you like.

All videos must be sent in by May 11th 2014 (Mother’s Day); we will carefully select the best videos ( our selection is based on sound and picture quality, the creativity and of course the level of fun and positive feel it has) we will then post the selected videos on Youtube, the video with the best feedback will be the winner of our contest. The winner will be announced on May 30th 2014 and will be sent a BRAND NEW IPAD MINI!

This is how it works:

1- Record you original videos and edit them.

2- Send your video to [email protected] by May 11th 2014.

3- We’ll upload the selected videos to our Youtube channel:

Here is the address to our Youtube Channel:


4- The video with the highest rank and page views is the winner.

5- The winner is announced on May 30th 2014.

Good Luck from all of us here at PositiveMed!

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