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We are going to identify 100 of the best stocks in healthcare with positive impact on our healthcare condition. Some of these companies are well-known large corporations with state-of-the-art facilities who have developed blockbusters and some of the selected companies are startups with a team and research plan that we think is going to make a huge positive impact.

The important factors for us to make this portfolio are as following:

1- Current managerial and scientific team and their ambitions, because finally it’s the people who make outstanding results

2- Ongoing research and development goals of the company, because we are looking for ambitious ideas that may eventually make a change.

3- Specific aims and hypothesis of each research. So we are going to study ongoing researches and assess the success probability, timing and eventual impact of these research plans.


As the result we have selected a pool of 100 healthcare-based companies and each month we select 20 of the top companies from the list. The list of best 100 healthcare companies with positive impact is going to be modified twice a year.


This service is going to initiate in January 2012 (after the christmas eve’s holidays) and we’re going to run the test-version during Spring 2012.


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