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Unusual Ideas That Will Help You to Live a Long Life

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Unusual Ideas That Will Help You to Live a Long Life

Unusual ideas that will help you to live a long life.

There are many methods to promote your longevity, besides having a good diet, exercising, and of course keeping away from bad habits such as smoking and over-drinking.

We have a few effective, albeit unusual, strategies that can help you promote a long life, here are some crazy ideas you may want to try:

The first one may sound a little crazy, but it is effective: Starve yourself, yep it has been shown that as long as the essential nutrients are given, animals live longer on a diet that keeps them hungry, yet alive, and humans have  been trying it for themselves. People who made this diet had exhibit many anti-aging effects, like lower insulin resistance and reduced blood pressure.

starvee yourselfe 2

If it sounds too crazy maybe you can try learning another language, a well-functioning brain is the key to a long and happy life that will provide you the capacity to make good decisions creating a greater brain reserve.

Go live on a mountain, this will make half of your walking uphill, this will give you a good workout everyday, not to mention you’ll have an amazing panoramic view.


Finally, go outside and do some good, one of the best ways you can help yourself is to help the others. Volunteering actually increases your life expectancy significantly.

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