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Sweet Valentine Love [contest]

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Photo via Pinksherbet (Flickr)

Valentine is approaching and most of us are looking for “the perfect” gift for our loved one. Here’s our Valentine’s contest and the winners will receive a beautiful heart pendant. All you need to do is to share your creative idea for the perfect gift for her/him. Everyone will vote and the top 3 ideas with the highest scores are the winners [hint: You may want to upload some photos or ask your friends to vote for you to win].

[Contest ends at 10 PM February 14th 2012 -Eastern time- and the winners will be announced on February 15th in our Facebook page]

Note: We’ll ship your gifts to anywhere in the world!

Here are 3 EASY steps:

1- Create an account. It’s easy and only requires your email address.

2- Post your idea for best Valentine’s gift as a comment here (If you want to participate in the contest)

3- Vote to others comments by giving them STARS.

The Winners are:

1- SaraBear

2- Diana

3- UniquePhoenix


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