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Every second thousands of people help others to have a healthier and more positive life. We’re going to find and share some of your stories with others. The more you share, the more lives will be changed:

To share your stories you can go to forum section of our Facebook page or you can simply email us at positiveMed[at]gmail[dot]com…You can also comment on the bottom of this page.

Kidney Wishes: How a kidney can save a life? By Marina Gallagher

Because Of Social Networking: How social networks can help good people to save lives? By Bonnie Goldberg

Bonnie’s Story: A living donor’s story By Bonnie Goldberg

Losing weight vs. healthy and fit by Daniel Chidiac

The secret behind making home better: “LASH IT OUT!” By Kehinde S. Afolayan

Creating Balance in Everyday Life  By Dr. Arianna Sholes-Douglas

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