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Easy Tips For Glowing Skin

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By Nima Shei MD/ MS

You are beautiful and you are awesome! So you need to protect your lovely skin, and you need to follow these steps carefully! I bet you’ll love your glow in your new skin.

1- You need to cleanse your skin regularly! How many times? Different skin types need different care. Most doctors suggest 1-2 times a day, but it really depends on your skin and the time you want to allocate!

What I suggest is doing a little experiment: Try cleansing your skin with different frequencies for 2-3 weeks and compare the results. After this period, you’d find your personal perfect frequency for your OWN skin. But remember after finding your own formula, be consistent and stick to your routin!

While there’re some popular brands for use on acne, you can find many other natural and cheaper ways for cleansing your skin. For those who prefer an organic method, lemon juice, dandelion sap, honey and cucumber are some of the most recommended choices.

Remember for cleansing your skin use mild cleansers and never use hot water. After finish gently rubbing the cleanser onto your skin, wash your face with cool water. You don’t need to dry your skin afterward.

2- Moisture: Dried skin is one of the main causes of wrinkles. If you have dry skin, you need to make sure that your face is getting the moisture it needs. Use a gentle moisturizer to keep your skin feeling soft and glowing. For more organic choices use coconut oil and almond oil.

coconuts by Dan Iserman (Flickr)

3-  Never sleep with make up on: Make up covers the pores of skin and causes the sweat buds to be closed. So it can cause Acne.

make up by Vancouver Film School (Flickr)

4- Wash your face with cold water, not hot (or warm) water and do it at least twice daily.

cold water by Kelley Neff (Flickr)

5- Make sure to drink lots of water. Your body and your skin needs plenty of water during the day to keep removing waste through the sweat from your skin. Although it’s a myth that “You should drink eight glasses of water a day.”, but drink as much as possible!

6- Exercise face expressions and smile often: Facial expressions including smile are very good tools to exercise your facial muscles. The reason behind formation of wrinkles is the loosening of facial muscles when we age. By these exercises we postpone aging of the muscles and make them stronger.

face expressions by pixieGraphy

7- Use Facial Masks: There’re manny different natural masks that you can use on your skin. Facial masks help your skin rehydrate and help to exfoliate the waste that is accumulated on your skin. Famous examples of facial masks are egg, cucumber and papaya:

A face mask made of fresh tomato and papaya pulp is loaded with anti-aging nutrients. Apply once a fortnight to keep your skin radiant! You can simply mash the fruit or mix it with milk or yogurt and apply it like a mask. Leave it on between 15 to 25 minutes No need to buy expensive chemical peels with designer labels to peel your facial skin!

face mask by Jonathan Morgan (Flickr)

Don’t touch your face obsessively. Many people have bad habits of messing with acne or leaning their face on their hands. Do not pop zits or mess with pimples. Just stay away from these habits and do not interfere with your skin. Also you should wash your pillow regularly to remove the oil-based wastes that are secreted from your skin during the sleep.

Protect your face from the sun by using sunblock every day. Ultraviolet (UV) rays gradually damage the skin over time and sunscreens help us to protect against UV damage. To learn more about sunscreens check out this amazing infographic.

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