web geek


PositiveMed is an innovative startup in digital healthcare that helps people to educate themselves about medical conditions by simple graphic tools and encourage people to share their medical experiences. We are searching for a Tech/Web Geek to execute and optimize our web-based services.


Tech/Web Geek Position:

  1. Primary responsibilities:

This role requires someone that has a combination of excellent technical skills and team working personality. Since our team is small and passionate, we need our new geek to be like a dance partner with us. We want to succeed as a team and so everybody�s moves should be harmonic with the eachother. Therefore we need someone that:

  1. Has a creative mind and natural resonance for positive thinking
  2. Has a good taste of design and ability to create user-friendly interfaces
  3. Expects a bright future and do his/her best to achieve these goals



  1. Functional skills:
    1.                                                               i.      2+ years of web design/ web development experience
    2.                                                             ii.      Expert level of UI design
    3.                                                           iii.      Expert level of web development
    4.                                                           iv.      Expert level of data structures


If you feel interested in current open position, please email your resume and your finished creative jobs to our email at [email protected] We hope to see you here soon!