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A Traditional Japanese Breakfast in Winter

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Amazing post from Marina’s Tokyo Cafe:

There is nothing more relaxing than waking up with the sun, soaking in an onsen, then heading down to be served a beautiful healthy breakfast.

A table of Japanese Traditional Breakfast

One of the highlights of staying at a traditional Japanese inn is the food. Like many places in the world, the Western fast food lifestyle has become the dietary norm. Tokyo is no exception. Most Tokyoites eat their breakfast on the go, at a fast food shop, or make do with an onigiri (rice ball).

Japanese Breakfast Side Dishes

Nozawa Onsen presented us with a nice opportunity to enjoy a slow breakfast.

Traditional Japanese breakfasts are simple. Each morning meal is made up of several small components including a bowl of miso soup, a side dish of tofu, some vegetables, rice, and a small piece of fish. The portions are petite and the ingredients are kept to a minimal. Contrastingly, the meal itself  looks extravagant.

Umeboshi Apples
Tofu in Nabe

Japanese meals place a lot of focus on the presentation. Instead of using one plate for all the food, each ingredient is celebrated by being placed inside a unique bowl or saucer. Each dish has a unique style and as a whole, the set up if stunning.

Onsen Egg, Nozawa Onsen
Miso Soup, Breakfast
Steamed Kabocha Squash

Today I enjoyed being served and got to take a break from cooking. The next time I show you breakfast, I promise it will be from my own kitchen.

What country or area do you come from? What are the traditional breakfasts foods ?

Have a great day!


Marina Solovyov graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is now a holistic health coach based in Tokyo, Japan. She writes about Japanese cooking, traditions, and recipes on her website Marina’s Tokyo Cafe.


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