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Scientific Reasons Why Some Women Don’t Age

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Scientific Reasons Why Some Women Don't Age

Scientific Reasons Why Some Women Don’t Age

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While eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and taking care of your skin certainly help slow down the aging process, another factor that contributes to women looking younger is the Methuselah gene. Luckily for these women, they aren’t affected as severely by an unhealthy diet, minimal exercise, and smoking. Aside from looking younger on the outside, their insides are more resilient to aging and illness as well.

Scientific Reasons Why Some Women Don't Age

Protection Against an Unhealthy Lifestyle

People who have the Methuselah gene tend to not be as negatively impacted by leading an unhealthy lifestyle in comparison to those without the gene. For example, they don’t suffer from as many consequences that result from not working out routinely, eating too much junk food, and smoking. If you’ve ever wondered why someone stays slim and youthful despite not working out as much as she should, it’s possible she has the Methuselah gene.

Women Who Look Young Have a Unique Fingerprint

Some women who are considered exceptional skin agers have one thing in common: a unique fingerprint consisting of approximately 2,000 genes. One of those genes is the Methuselah gene.

The study (Multi-Decade and Ethnicity Study) that discovered this unique fingerprint that includes the Methuselah gene was directed by Dr. Alexa Kimball, a professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School. Other professionals in the skin biology and system biology industries participated in the study.

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Black Americans are More Likely to Have the Methuselah Gene

Another finding by the Multi-Decade and Ethnicity Study is one in five black Americans have the Methuselah Gene, whereas only one in ten white Americans have the Methuselah gene.

Longer Life Linked to the Methuselah Gene

The benefits of having the Methuselah gene are not solely physical. Longer lifespans are also linked to the Methuselah gene. One study of Ashkenazi Jews reported that Ashkenazi Jews were more likely to surpass their 95th birthday when they had the Methuselah gene mutation.

Research on longevity and why some women look younger than others their age has shown a connection between a youthful appearance and the Methuselah gene. Having this gene tends to make a person more resilient to an unhealthy lifestyle and elongate her lifespan.

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