How to Activate FGF-21 Hormone That Makes You Live Longer

How to Activate FGF-21 Hormone That Makes You Live Longer

How to Activate FGF-21 Hormone That Makes You Live Longer

FGF-21 is a hormone produced in the liver and the pancreas that can help you live longer, lose weight, and improve your overall health. Its official name is Fibroblast Growth Factor-21.



Unfortunately, as we age, we produce lower levels of the T cells that are necessary for fighting disease. When the levels of FGF-21 are elevated in elderly patients, T cell production is increased. In 1934, researchers at Cornell noted that mice who were fed a low-calorie diet lived twice as long as mice who did not. This is because a diet such as this activtes the production of FGF-21.

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Weight Loss

The FGF-21 hormone may be the key to successful weight loss, as it manages overall metabolism and glucose levels. In “From Feast to Famine,” researchers Potthoff, Kliewer, and Mangelsdorf reported that pharmacolic administration of FGF-21 reduced the total body weight of obese animals. Another study out of the University of Texas found that FGF-21 actaully melts adipose white fat. Once this hormone is produced in larger amounts, appetite is suppressed altogether.

Other Benefits

Furthermore, studies have found that the FGF-21 hormone can protect the heart, and it may benefit those suffering from type 2 diabeties. In a study out of the Lilly Research Laboratories in Hamburg, Germany, researchers discovered that FGF-21 improved tolerance of glucose and stimulated the uptake of glucose. These same researchers also found that the hormone improved the conditions of mice affected by liver disease that had not beeen caused by alcohol. FGF-21 also lowers cholesterol levels.