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Hangover pill

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The FDA (Federal Drug administration) recently approved a new pill that instantly cures hangovers and its symptoms. The drug is called Blowfish and just arrived for sale in Amazon.com for 1$ (a box of 50 for 49.99$ or a box of 12 for 11.99$).

The pills contain 120 milligrams of caffeine—more than the average cup of coffee and 1000 milligrams of aspirin. Caffeine and an antacid sooth stomach and caffeine enhances the absorption of Aspirin. So the effects of the pills are like an Aspirin-rush.

Each Blowfish pill consists of two tablets that dissolve in a full glass of water and cures hangover symptoms after 15 minutes. It has lemon flavor and should be taken the morning after the alcohol consumption.

Source: khou.com

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