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Question:What’s the best thing for period pain?

Best answers:

it’s a combination of heating pad; warm tea and rest. Breathing helps and worse case Advil Liquid gels. or Pamperin.

I get cramps real bad. And the only thing that works for me is heating pad in bed and Vicodin!! And sometimes that don’t work either so I sit and cry.

love.. only love and a warm hand of a loved one over tummy…it is free and priceless..

800Mg Ibuprofen is my lifesaver!! Also, hot shower/bath works wonders for abdominal cramps and back pains! For the headaches of PMS, Excedrin Migraine is GREAT! When in doubt, talk to your GYN!……Charla, PMS Survivor x17yrs and LPN x8yrs Lol

Bananas work for me. I start craving them a couple days before. I eat theming crazy – lots of Vitamin B in them.

Heat! Also, sit down in the tub, with the shower water really warm streaming straight on your belly. turn off the light. close your eyes. Feels like you are in a rainforest. Really helps me when it gets bad.

This is gonna sound wierd, orgasms. I’ve had really bad cramps for around ten years and it’s the only thing I have found that works well for me. And the best part about them is they’re free! (Next to the fact that they feel good.)

Once I get into bed I do not move for nothing or no one till they are gone. If I have to move then they come back stronger then they were before. So I do my best to stay still and try to go to sleep and take a nap. But if the kids are up then there is no time to rest I just cry through it. Midol is like candy for me it does nothing. Another thing that works great is the hot care patches that you put on the inside of your underwear.


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