JumpStart Your Workout

A new study in the UK found that drinking a caffeinated beverage an hour before exercising can give more enthusiasm and more endurance for your workout with the caffeine group doing 38% more repetitions than their non-caffeinated counterparts. How much caffeine? The study says 10-15 mg per 10 pounds, so one cup of coffee for

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Pilates vs Yoga

I know several people who do both, I have leaned towards Pilates because there are less poses I just can’t do in my broken body, but now that I am looking at this poster I remember the calming effect of yoga when my kids were little and I think I will try to practice both…

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Amazing Coconut Oil

It’s amazing what this stuff can do! You can use it outside or inside, it’s good for skin, hair, digestion, weight maintenance… I think the only thing is doesn’t do is wash dishes! Check out this amazing poster, and let us know what else you use it for. Source:

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Weight Loss 101

Last Updated 10/23/12 Wow I love this! This poster has easy to read, simple information on what it takes to lose a pound of fat, and what it takes to keep it off. The formula is so simple even I can understand it! This is what keeps a person motivated, a great tool to post

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