Pilates Butt Workout

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Pilates Butt Workout

butt exercise change everything

This 25 minutes workout is designed to reshape the glute muscles, lift the buns, and develop a toned, curvy backside through a combination of standing Pilates exercises and concentrated floor moves. You only need a Yoga mat for this workout that is great for all skill levels. Before doing this exercise we should warn you that you might not be able recognize your butt after a month of doing this routine!! It’s time to blast that BUTT 🙂

About Pilates: Pilates is a physical exercise routine that may help build muscle strength and flexibility in different areas of the body, such as arms, legs, abs and butt. The good part of the Pilates is that almost everyone can do these routines.

About Instructor: Cassey Ho is a Pilates instructor, YouTube fitness Guru, healthy living blogger, and designer of oGorgeous yoga bags.

[Last Updated on March 8th 2014]

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