Top Five Surprising Facts about Stevia


It was around the kickoff of last summer that I first glanced over what my body had gotten to be. Just as the winter was refusing to wither away, so was my mammal organism stubbornly holding onto the fat deposits it had gathered to resist the cold. No more, I decided right away. At the […]

Onions Are Strong Cancer Killers: What Kind of Onions Should You Use!

Onions Are Strong Cancer Killers: What Kind of Onions Should You Use! “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” as everyone knows, but what about onions? Can eating onions make you healthier? According to researchers at Cornell University, these edible bulbs are chock full of health benefits. Furthermore, certain varieties have excellent cancer-fighting properties. […]

Did You Know By Doing This You Can Get Rid of Up to 16 Pounds?

Did You Know By Doing This You Can Get Rid of Up to 16 Pounds? The health of the colon directly determines the health of the whole body. It may sound surprising, but there is more than just digestion happening in the dark and mysterious cellar of the colon. Nearly everything we consume passes through […]

7 Foods To Help You Detox, Naturally

7 Foods To Help You Detox, Naturally We’ve all seen those pricey juice cleanses at the store, promising to help people detox and become healthier through the process of eliminating harmful chemicals in your body… except nutritionists say that doesn’t actually make any sense. Organs like the liver, intestines, and kidneys already remove harmful toxins […]

Can a Simple Milk and Tea Drink Help You Shed Pounds?

Can a Simple Milk and Tea Drink Help You Shed Pounds? Green tea has long been touted for its many health benefits, including improving heart function and managing blood sugar issues. Studies have also shown that caffeine and other natural substances in green tea aid in weight loss by increasing metabolism and burning fat. However, […]

Adventures in Low Carb Living Week 2

I am a couple days behind on this, but there has not been much exciting to say, unless you find the trek from my bed to the sofa fascinating… never get a bad disease, I mean it, this is ridiculous, I hate being sick and it seems I always am, so the computer gives me […]

From the Blogs: Turbopulse

(Author’s Note: This is a fascinating blog, when I started looking I could not stop! It’s also our first interview with a male, so that was fun! I hope you enjoy!) Q: Turbopulse is an interesting name, how did you come up with it? A: I’m a bit of an Internet geek and […]

From the Blogs: Peace, Love, and Low Carb

Author’s Note: Great stuff from an inspirational blogger! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! I cannot wait to try the recipe… If you know of a blog you think we should feature please let us know. Twitter: Pinterest:     1) Those are some amazing before and […]

Adventures in Low-Carb Living, Finishing the Week

As an experiment this has gone well, I have noticed increased energy although I had a virus, was not flat down for as long as usual, also my lower extremity edema is greatly decreased. I think I will continue to do this for a while longer at least, but post on it once a week […]

Adventures in Low-Carb Days 2 & 3

I gave into the cold virus and rested yesterday, I still ate low carb though, yogurt for breakfast with a few peach slices, baked fish and steamed green beans for lunch, and for supper I made my daughter a tuna melt, I took the rest of the tuna on a bed of lettuce, I had […]

From the Blogs, Gluten-Free Rosie

A new feature here at PositiveMed is a section with questions and answers from some of our favorite blogs. If you know of a blog you think should be featured send us an email and we will check it out! (Author’s note: I liked Rosie’s answers so much I left them as is, no changes, […]

Breathing Problems: Causes, Tests, and Treatments

Breathing Problems: Causes, Tests, and TreatmentsBy Stephanie Dawson There is no worse feeling than trying to breathe and feeling like your lungs just can’t get air. This happens on an everyday basis for those with severe asthma, COPD, and other respiratory disorders. Others get along fine most days, but when it’s hot and humid, or […]

Weight Loss Secrets From Around the World

Weight Loss Secrets From Around the World: The world is much smaller than it used to be, technology has brought us closer together and made it easier to share our knowledge and personal experience through social media and online blogs. There are many websites that share secrets on how to effectively lose weight. Here we’ve […]

Top 5 Foods for Summer

Top 5 Foods for Summer By: Dr. Peter Abaci, founder of Well, it’s summer—which means the sun is out, the days are longer, and we all should be getting out more to exercise, walk, bike, and just goof off. This is a good time to loosen up those joints and tight muscles and start […]

Caffeine Content

If you are looking to switch your morning coffee to tea, or think you are getting less caffeine in a cola than in tea, you may be surprised by some of the numbers. This poster has all the facts about caffeine, the amounts in different teas, various coffees, and many types of soda. A little […]

Top Uses for Chia Seeds

By now you have probably heard that these little black seeds are full of fiber, healthy Omega 3’s and 6’s, calcium, micronutrients, etc. Maybe you have even bought a bag if they carry it in your area, or ordered one online, but now what? You are perfectly willing to try these nutty little wonders, if […]

Chocolate Facts

Chocolate is sweet, delicious, and a treat for so many occasions. Major holidays, minor holidays, Tuesday, etc. Chocolate has, for years, gotten a bad rap, with people saying it causes acne, ruins your teeth, and makes you fat. Others say it’s healthy, whitens your teeth, and it’s part of a balanced diet. What’s the truth? […]

Eat With Your Hands!

Not literally, not for everything, that could get quite messy! Look at your hands when making your plate of food. Your palm is about the right size for a serving of protein. Make a fist, then make another one, that is about the right size for your servings of fruits and vegetables. Make a fist […]