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Onions Are Strong Cancer Killers: What Kind of Onions Should You Use!

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Onions Are Strong Cancer Killers: What Kind of Onions Should You Use!

Onions Are Strong Cancer Killers: What Kind of Onions Should You Use!

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” as everyone knows, but what about onions? Can eating onions make you healthier? According to researchers at Cornell University, these edible bulbs are chock full of health benefits. Furthermore, certain varieties have excellent cancer-fighting properties.

Anti-Cancer Chemicals

A study conducted by Cornell food scientists found high amounts of anti-cancer chemicals in shallots, pungent yellow, Western Yellow and Northern Red onions. The yellow varieties have the greatest effect on colon cancer cells. Along with shallots, they’re also effective against liver cancer.

Their strong antioxidant properties give onions a protective effect against cancer as well as bacteria, fungi and viruses. Antioxidants fight disease by destroying harmful free radicals and stopping the production of substances that damage normal cells.

Healthy Flavonoids

Onions are the richest source of flavonoids in the human diet, according to the Cornell study. Scientists associate flavonoids with lower risks of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Like antioxidants, flavonoids contain anti-cancer chemicals. They also have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties.

Although mild onions are popular, pungent and bitter varieties have more health benefits. Their effects are strongest when you eat them raw or lightly cooked. To reduce your risk of cancer and disease, slice some onions and toss them in your salads.

Other Cancer Fighters

Other natural cancer fighters stimulate your immune system to reduce tumor growth. They include garlic, broccoli, Brazil nuts, kiwifruit, citrus fruits, blueberries, artichokes, salmon and sauerkraut. Add some of these superfoods to your diet to keep cancer and other diseases at bay.

Steam the vegetables, eat them raw as snacks or add them to your soups and salads. Grill the salmon and rinse canned sauerkraut before eating it. The fruits and nuts are best eaten raw.

Cannabis and Cancer

Marijuana is a name for the cannabis plant, which grows wild in warm climates. Scientists have identified compounds in marijuana that can have medical uses, including cancer treatment. While cannabis cannot be prescribed or sold under United States federal law, medical marijuana is legal under some state laws. Scientists continue to study the effects of cannabis on cancer.

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