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Adventures in Low-Carb Days 2 & 3

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Adventures in Low-Carb Days 2 & 3

I gave into the cold virus and rested yesterday, I still ate low carb though, yogurt for breakfast with a few peach slices, baked fish and steamed green beans for lunch, and for supper I made my daughter a tuna melt, I took the rest of the tuna on a bed of lettuce, I had some soy nuts for a snack, and water of course. Yogurt was a happy find for low carb eating, I was checking online, and because of the active cultures it eats its own carb content, I guess, in unscientific language that’s what it amounts to. You can generally deduct at least 8 grams of carbs for Greek yogurt. I also discovered in a pinch a spoonful of chocolate natural peanut butter will reduce cravings, then I took some cold medicine and went to bed.


Today was better, still really tired and not able to focus much, but I did get my daily housework done and played outside with the grandbaby for a while, hopefully will improve more tomorrow and be able to focus more on writing again, I am not sure if its the cold virus or change in eating habits that has me so down but my money is the virus.

Had eggs again, lean hamburger steaks with mushrooms, onions, and peppers, and steamed broccoli, then lettuce with cottage cheese, celery and peanut butter for a snack. My online food tracker says I am not eating enough and will put myself in starvation mode, but I am satisfied and don’t feel a need for more food, still hitting around 900 calories a day.


My average is around 1200, or at least since I started keeping track about 4 years ago, when steroid therapy after a work injury caused a large weight gain in a short time, my doctor didn’t believe me so I showed her my food journals, I think it still did not convince her! My weight now says I should start at 1500-1800 calories to lose weight! I can manage 1500 pretty easily if I want ice cream or pizza, but I cannot eat 1800/day, I tried for 2 days just to see a few months ago.

I don’t think a 300 calorie cut is all that extreme, but tomorrow is carb nite per the experimental plan so will see what happens.

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