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From the Blogs: Turbopulse

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From the Blogs: Turbopulse

(Author’s Note: This is a fascinating blog, when I started looking I could not stop! It’s also our first interview with a male, so that was fun! I hope you enjoy!)




Q: Turbopulse is an interesting name, how did you come up with it?

A: I’m a bit of an Internet geek and I actually reserved the domain name quite some time ago just because I liked it. As I started working with people on their health, it seemed to fit! It captured the passion, heart, and focus it takes to make a real life transformation.

Q: How did you get started?

A: background, blogging, health journey etc – A few years ago I found myself overweight, on medication for blood pressure, chronic back pain, and squeezing myself into my pants. I was told to start cholesterol medication. A true wake up call. As a dad with two little boys, I started to have concerns about my long term health and my ability to keep up with them as they got older. I started with P90X, then moved on to Combat, Asylum, and became a Certified Insanity Instructor and coach. I don’t need those medications anymore and lost more than 30 pounds of fat. I now coach people through these at-home programs and it’s been incredibly rewarding to see the life changes that can occur!

Q: What is your favorite fitness recommendation?

A: That’s tough! There is so much great info out there. In fact, there is so much info that people often get overwhelmed and don’t take ANY action. So, I think my favorite recommendation is to START. It doesn’t require a grand plan, a secret workout, the perfect organic diet, or a ton of equipment. Even if all you have is shoes and gravity, you can write a new chapter for yourself. But you must first BEGIN. Right after that, I’d say my favorite is to connect with a great coach or team for support and accountability. Even pro athletes need a coach and a team for support… trying to do all this by yourself is a huge mistake!

Q: Do you have any ideas for people with disabilities or chronic pain?

A: Start where you are and don’t worry about what someone else can do. It’s about being the best YOU. Even if that means you need to modify or skip some moves, that’s OK. Be the best you and give it YOUR best and celebrate your progress and successes.

Q: What’s new in health guidelines we may not know yet?

A: It seems there’s something new every day, doesn’t it? Thankfully, it all seems to come back to the basics. Like on the nutrition side, if we just ate what our great grandparents did, most of us would be better off! I think my favorite “new” concept is the focus on short, intense exercise duration. Getting fit and losing fat does NOT require long, boring walks or hours at the gym. This is now an accepted fact and is gaining popular acceptance thanks to HIIT studies and programs like T25.

I also am including a link to my favorite recipe from his page, I will be making it as soon as my ordered coconut flour comes!


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