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Adventures in Low Carb Living Week 2

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Adventures in Low Carb Living Week 2

I am a couple days behind on this, but there has not been much exciting to say, unless you find the trek from my bed to the sofa fascinating… never get a bad disease, I mean it, this is ridiculous, I hate being sick and it seems I always am, so the computer gives me a migraine and I stay away from it when I am like this.


My mom was here for a day, the low-carb eater, I had made eggs with veggies for breakfast and she didn’t want any, we were going shopping so I reminded her and my daughter to eat something first and grabbed a package of raw almonds for myself, they were starving because they didn’t eat and hit a drive-thru, both of them had burgers, with buns, I had eaten my almonds so was not hungry, first success of the week!

My daughter is now doing low-carb with me, she lives next door and both of us live alone so we usually eat together besides breakfast, easier that way, I think she is not really loving it yet so am trying to be creative. We had mushroom Swiss burgers one night, no bun of course, but that is one of her favorite things and she liked it a lot, we had them with steamed broccoli.

I have GERD, have had it for years, by-product of so many years on pain medications, so we have had our evening meal without carbs for a long time, the biggest change is no bagels for breakfast and no sandwiches for quick meals, and never any pizza. My GERD is so much improved I was able to drop my evening dose of ranitidine, what a great change! I still drink peppermint tea before bed, it’s a treat I look forward to and good for my stomach.


The plan we are kinda following is based on a cheat night, but am thinking about how to change that. I want to be able to have some foods once in a while, but the next day is always hard, so am working on a plan. I keep telling my daughter its a science experiment, with improved health, we can stop anytime its not fun anymore, right now its still fun, even though I’ve been sick. The whole cheat night is too much for me as a philosophy, I don’t want to eat lots of carbs in one night, I just want to keep my options open, not more than once a week though.

I joined 3 online support groups for this type of eating, and stopped using my meal tracker for now, I can count 30 carbs in my head without problems and that’s my major concern. I ate beef once this week, but we have made meatless dishes work and its usually lean chicken or fish around here. I am in the process of looking for low-carb high-protein vegetarian dishes, if you know of any let me know! I like meat sometimes, but prefer it as an accessory, am wondering about a stir-fry over steamed cauliflower, I think that would be good.

My son made us all supper the night my mom was here, he made pasta, I brought steamed vegetables along and my mom and I had pasta sauce over the vegetables, it was really good, I think I liked it better!

Still learning a lot, and still losing weight, on the 2 week marker I was down 3 more pounds, a total of 9 in 2 weeks, and it did slow down, which is good. I have not been exercising a whole lot due to being sick, I have vertigo when I’m sick so walking is dangerous, just doing stretching exercises right now, but plan to up the exercise somehow this week.

Love and hugs!

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