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Why Do Some Women Marry Much Older Men?

Did you know that 56 percent of women prefer dating much older men? That’s just one of the many takeaways found in the 2014 Current Population Survey. Women are drawn to older men who carry themselves well or can carry a conversation. There are many reasons why women date much older men.

1. Older Men are Worldy and Cultured

Older men age like fine wine. They get only better with age. Their life experiences taught them valuable lessons they can bring to a new relationship. They’re more mature and understand life the way that most younger men don’t.

Older men become more understanding with age. They know what they want because they grew into their skin. They’re overly confident and carry themselves well. They’re well-traveled so they know a lot about other cultures.

2. Older Men are Financially Stable

Most women date older men because they want someone who can support them financially. They don’t want to settle who makes less money than them. Younger men have less wealth and fewer assets to their name. They’re financially stable much later in life.

Women don’t want to depend on their partner financially. But it helps them climb the ranks of their social position or career. Women date older men that she can commit to and start a family with. Women think about the future as much as men do.

3. Older Men Want a Serious Relationship

Most men mature slower than women. When men reach a certain age, they want a stable and healthy relationship. This is the time when they think about their future and look for a commitment. Younger women can not only provide them with a commitment, but also with a family.

Women are tired of having short-term relationships with younger men. They look for a stable relationship with an older man who’s established in his career. Younger men are still at an age where they’re figuring themselves out. A woman who’s looking to settle down would date an older man instead.

4. Older Men Have Refined Tastes

Older men have better taste than younger men. They know what they want and that is good quality service and products. They enjoy the finer things in life when it comes to food, beer, wine, traveling, and clothing. They know what good quality is because they’ve been around the world.

They would rather eat a 5-star restaurant or stay at a 5-star resort. Older men are less insecure about their finances and their overall lifestyle. They spend money on fine dining and luxury goods. Women find this as a desirable trait.

5. Older Men Don’t Want To Party

Older men are over that phase in their life. They rather live active and healthy lifestyles. They think the party lifestyle that most men partake in is not good for one’s health. They want to enjoy the occasional drink with just a few friends, in casual social settings where interesting conversation often takes place. Other times, they prefer to have a quiet night in than a wild night out.

Women want someone who’s as mature as they are. Older men can provide emotional and financial maturity to a relationship. They can offer wisdom, mutual respect, and cultured tastes. Most age gap relationships benefit when it comes to species survival, according to Darren Fowler’s recent study. Women who date older men don’t have “daddy issues,” they just prefer someone who doesn’t carry baggage.

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7 Things Better For Your Happiness Than The Perfect Spouse

There is more to life than marrying and raising children. We have been taught at young ages to believe this is the big goal in life to be a perfect spouse. Parents want nothing more than to see their children raise their own families. That’s a pleasant idea but life has so much more to offer. We have options!

Here are just 7 of the many ways to boost your health and improve your life other than marrying.

8 Things Better For Your Happiness Than The Perfect Spouse.

Physical Activity

Exercise is a natural endorphin rush and the long-term benefits are easy to see: strength and muscle definition, increased stamina, your confidence increases, your body-image improves your self-esteem flourishes. The possibilities are endless and the best part is that you don’t have to go it alone. Many of these exercises can be practiced in classes with teachers to help and guide you!
Take a gentle walk or go for a jog
Hike a trail
Ride your bicycle
Practice yoga or pilates
Weight lifting
Water aerobics or swimming

Spend Time in Nature

Sometimes a breath of fresh air is exactly what you need to clear your mind and find a fresh perspective. There are countless ways to spend time outdoors. You can go sight-seeing! The world is here for you to explore and experience, from national monuments to breath-taking mountain views. Other ways you can spend time in nature are:

Hiking/Walking/Biking outdoors
Ready a book under a tree
Walking your pet or playing with them outside
Camping under the stars


Your brain needs exercise too! It is never too late to go back to school. If your schedule is busy and your funds are limited you must remember: Where there is a will, there is a way! Online school is becoming increasingly popular and not to mention, extremely affordable. All you need is a computer or tablet and an hour a day of study time and you are on your way to achieving the education you have always wanted.
Financial success

There really is nothing like the confidence boost of succeeding in a job that you love. Find a job that makes you happy and makes you money, whether it’s serving at a restaurant or managing your own business! Financial success from doing a job you love provides peace of mind. Don’t be afraid to try new areas of profession. You never know what might make your heart smile.


You can volunteer anytime, not just the holidays! To give is better than to receive and there will always be someone in need. Volunteering is a win/win situation. You help others, and helping others helps you!

You can volunteer at:

Soup kitchens and Food pantires
Animal shelters
Habitat for Humanity
Retirement Homes
National Parks
and many more!


There is no harm in giving your body the tender love and care it deserves. Spend the day at a spa or light some candles and enjoy a hot bath. Meditate in a quiet, cozy place to calm your mind and steady your breathing. Give yourself an oil massage. Take the day off work and go for a mini vacation of your heart’s choosing! Give your body the break it deserves unapologetically.

Sometimes life can get stale. A simple fix to this is trying new things and finding new hobbies. When it comes to discovering something new, the world is your oyster!

Join clubs

Joining clubs is an easy way to socialize and make new friends. There is a wide variety of clubs to join but if none peak your interest don’t be afraid to start your own club! is a great place to start.

Life is big and beautiful and filled with endless possibilities. You don’t need a spouse and children to feel complete. YOU can make you feel complete. Don’t be afraid to take a bite out of life, try new things, and experience the world!

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6 Expert Tips for Buying a Vintage Wedding Dress

Besides getting the best bachelorette party gift ideas, choosing a vintage-inspired wedding dress to embellish your big day is critical since it speaks volumes about you and your entire ceremony. But one beautiful thing about the wedding dress is its dynamic nature that swings back and forth between different dispensations. If you want to do something outside the box, you can go back and borrow a leaf from the golden history our mothers and grandmothers wrote by opting for the vintage wedding dress. If you value the adage that goes, old is gold, then this post gives you a golden opportunity to do that. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing the best vintage gown for your wedding ceremony.

6 Expert Tips for Buying a Vintage Wedding Dress.

Consider its condition

Since you are dealing with the golden masterpieces from the past, it can be a bit difficult to come across a perfect dress for your auspicious day. Therefore, before settling for a dress, you should look for any stains or weaknesses that it might have. It is also necessary to ask if the dress has been cleaned or restored. You should also look for any discoloration in the costume due to how it was stored over time.

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Don’t forget the fit

No matter how good the condition of the dress is, it will not help you if it cannot fit you well. The reason is that the gowns that were used in the previous days of our mothers and grandmothers were made to fit the wearer and needs of those days. Therefore, have an open mind so that you can accommodate any changes your dressmaker may suggest to make the dress fit you well. Also, you need to pay attention to the height and the seam allowances.

Do your homework well

If you want to bring the flair and beauty of golden oldies, it is needful to take time and do your homework well. You will need to this for the following reasons:

To get inspiration of the available designs that will boost your chances of getting the best catch that fits you well. You can get this inspiration from social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. There, you can get the most stunning and inspirational photos to help you make the right choice

To get the best prices for the vintage dress you want to grace your big day

Know your wedding dress fashion history

Since vintage dresses have everything to do with legacy and history, it is necessary to factor in this feature before buying a vintage dress. For instance, you can get an idea of what you need by sampling the vintage dresses based on their decades. For instance, if you want to get a costume that is pleated, tailored with simple columns, elegant, and classic, it will necessary to go for the dresses of the 60’s. If, on the other hand, you want to explore the beauty and bliss of laces, satin skirts, and fabric that a big majority of this generation has never seen, then it is needful to go for the vintage dresses of the 50’s. If you are a bride seeking to enjoy a slip dress that is bodyconscious, then you should look back to the 90’s.

Don’t move with a closed mind

To get the best out of your search for that perfect, move with an open mind. This way, you will need to cast your net wide to get the best options for your search. For instance, you will need to sample your options so that you can get the best from the various decades. In addition, you can widen your scope of your choice based on the diversity of design, fabrics, and lengths. In addition, you should consider in other factors of your dressing code that the dress will affect. For instance, your gown will determine the kind of shoes you will use.

Consider your preferred style

Lastly, you need to consider a style that flatters your body figure and personality. For instance, if you find a good vintage wedding dress you love, and yet, it does not have a few elements you cherish, you can make a few adjustments on it. For example, you can make such adjustments by changing the hemline or neckline.

Weddings do not just need to be “contemporary” by sticking to the styles of the day. You also have a right to dig deep into the riches of the past and use a vintage wedding dress to infuse your ceremony with the golden memories of our fathers and mothers created on their wedding days. By using the tips we have shared in this post, you will be in a better position to choose the best vintage dress for your big day.

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6 Survival Tips for Working with Your Spouse

Due to competition in the job market and economic conditions, you can find someone is dedicated to their career. This may result to confusion between marriage and your work.  For instance, you may want to date a colleague, but sometimes your friends will probably tell you that is not a good idea. However, if you are working with your spouse, you need to know and understand how to perform your duties without ruining your marriage.

6 Survival Tips for Working with Your Spouse

There are various ways you can work together with your spouse without affecting your relationship. For example, you can work as colleagues, start a business together or one being a subordinate of the other. To work efficiently with your spouse, you need to follow various guidelines so as to have a healthy balance.

1. Separate home and work

In this case, you should act professionally at the place of work and most importantly leave your family issues away from work. Therefore, every work you do in the office should stay there, and there is no need of talking it with your spouse at home. That is, you should be married at home and work in the office to balance the two issues.

2. Have your own working space

If you have your own business together, you either work from home or working together it can be like walking from kitchen to bedroom with your spouse. Thus, you need to become more official with your working space.  This is vital both for your mental health and your job. It is significant to separate the working space from the place you live to enjoy life, particularly with your spouse.

This can be achieved by working on a different office or various segments of your business. To improve your working space, you can hold communication through use of e-mails or telephone. This will assist you to keep your working space professional.

3. Respect each other

For a successful relationship between your spouse at home and workplace respect must be observed by both partners. Couples should always show respect at work and treat each other like a co-worker. You should have a special way of communicating to each other both at home and working area.

Sometimes, you may have a conversation with your partner, always maintain the same level of dignity in your office as well as at home. This will avoid the feeling of getting few disagreements that turn out to be a major issue. Even when you have an understanding with your spouse, use a tone that is respectful and empathetic in your relationship.

In other words, you should not allow temper to flare your emotions towards each other. This will help you if one of the partners is junior to the other, so you need to maintain the same respect as for the other co-workers in the organization.

4. Decide on a common goal

You need to set a common goal. This is because no roadmap is developed without a destination in mind. If you agree to work towards a particular objective, you try to maintain it. Maintaining regular updates and open communication towards each other ideas will help you to avoid obstacles before they arise. The reason behind it is that not every time you will agree on the best agendas, but when you have a common objective, you will be able to arrive together at the same destination.

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5. Take time for yourself

Spending much time with your spouse might make you feel like you are constantly together. This is because mostly you work, sleep, and rest together, so you need to set your own time alone for self-reflection. During this time without your partner, you should be able to turn on your hobbies. You should also be involved in different activities such as jogging, poker games or drinking with your friends. You should passionately enjoy it.

6. Do not forget about love

Spending a lot of time together can easily reduce your romance. You have to work hard every minute to keep your love alive. This may help you to avoid boredom and monotony in your relationship. If you want to find more enjoyment in your marriage, start with your sex life.

You can also try dating to enhance your relationship. Dating has been found as one way of keeping the spouse happy either living together or married ones. Above all, you should always remember loving your partners comes first, and then work follows.


If you share a career with your partner, it should be as strong as your personal relationship. Thus, you need effort and time to lay down a strong mental foundation that will lead you to success. Above all, embrace each other, stay attentive, and support each other needs unconditionally by following the above strategy.

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Are Men Attracted To Women On Birth Control? Maybe Not, Study Says!

Some believe that men are attracted to women on birth control. The danger of getting pregnant and nullified is probably the reason this concept is widely believed. A study shows that birth control does not make women more attractive to men.

A woman’s menstrual cycle takes her on a roller-coaster of feelings and changes. Some women feel fatigued or have menstrual pain during their period. Most women experience an energy surge mid-cycle when their bodies are ready to get pregnant. Mid-cycle is the time when women usually feel they’re most attractive though the body is already preparing to start the whole thing over again.

Women do all sorts of things to reduce menstrual cycle-related symptoms. Some take pills and others brew ginger drinks, which helps reduce these symptoms. Getting pregnant is the one thing associated with the menstrual cycle that some women do not want to do deal with, and many take birth control pills.

Are Men Attracted To Women On Birth Control? Maybe Not, Study Says!

It seems that some women started believing that staying on birth control made them more attractive to men, but that is not true. Some aspects of the menstrual cycle involve attracting mates, even something as simple as the tone of a woman’s voice. The problem is that birth control causes hormonal changes that seem to have negative effects on a woman’s natural ability to attract mates.

A woman who is not using birth control naturally changes her voice during ovulation. During ovulation, a woman’s voice has a lower pitch, which men unconsciously recognize and are attracted to. A woman who is using birth control never experiences this change, making her slightly less attractive to men.

This unconscious but enticing voice is the direct result of estrogen levels being at their peak, which happens during ovulation. Women who use birth control usually have a voice closer to the voice change during the premenstrual phase. This voice is caused by a low estrogen level, which may subconsciously push men away.

Almost everyone is aware of the so-called sexy voice and just how attractive it can be. It is a voice that can seduce a man, but it seems like it is an evolutionary trait that women have developed to entrance mates. No one would have imagined that something this intricate and subtle could be jeopardized by birth control.

Heightened estrogen during the ovulation period gives women that edge they need to attract men with more than just the voice. Experts noted that men found a woman’s face more attractive when her estrogen levels were higher. It should be noted that estrogen helps the skin feel soft and look radiant.

This hormone also helps women feel and be more flirtatious, which helps them attract men. The combination of these and other subconscious cues makes men fall for women during their ovulation. This is lost the moment a woman decides to use birth control, which could make some women rethink usage.

It is possible that the only reason men are unconsciously more attracted to women during ovulation is because of the likelihood of reproduction. This might not be something that women want to hear, but attraction is a precursor to intimacy. The body has developed all of these social cues in order to reproduce.

Women can now make more conscious decisions regarding birth control, knowing how it might affect them. Birth control is a solution, but it does come with consequences. Women can talk to a health professional for more information regarding family planning.

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How Often Do Married Couples Have Sex?

This is a fascinating question that its answers may shock you. What is the average amount of sex that married couples have? or how often do married couples have sex?

The simple answer is, it will depend on who you ask.

What Do Poll Findings Say?

There are a number of different polls out there that give different statistics. The following are some of the findings;

According to a Newsweek magazine poll, it found that couples who are married have sex about 68.5 times in one year. On average, this translates to a little more than one time in a week.

How Often Do Married Couples Have Sex.

The Study of the University of Chicago on the social organization of sexuality found that about 32% of married couples have sex two to three times in a week. 80% of married couples do have sex a few times or more in a month.

The study by David Schnarch, Ph.D., who studied about 20,000 couples, found that only 26% of couples have sex once in a week. More likely twice a month.

There is No ‘normal’

You may have noticed that there is a large variance of the poll statistics, and it will be easy to observe there is no ‘normal’. In many studies, therapists and researchers say it depends on the couple.

The sex drive of every person is different, the marriage of each couple is different, and their lives are different as well. Many factors are at play, and it becomes very hard to know what is ‘normal’. The best question to ask, what is normal for you and your partner? Or what would each one of you want ‘normal’ to be?

If both of you agree to have it once in a week or a month, it will not matter what other couples are doing it. However, if one or both of you are not happy, perhaps you can negotiate and agree on a new normal. In most cases, one person in a marriage wants sex more and they want it less. It will depend on how you will handle in order to satisfy both of you and make a difference.

How Much To Have Sex To Be Happy?

There is a study that focused on happiness as correlated to the amount of sex. Though it may appear as if the more sex, the better, there is an amount where happiness will level off. The study surveyed more than 30,000 couples in the US for about 40 years.

So, what is the levelling off the amount of sex when associated to happiness? According to researchers, it should be once in a week. Generally, more sex does help increase happiness, but it is not necessary to do it daily. According to the study, to do sex more than once in a week, does not have any significant rise in happiness.

The key thing is to communicate and get to know what works for both of you. Sex can be a good stress reliever. Therefore, if both of you want more, then go for it.

How To Improve Our Numbers?

Sometimes you may wonder how much sex other couples have. If you ever thought about it, your sex life in marriage might be having some problems. You may experience ups and downs in your sex life that can affect your numbers. Various ways can ruin or reduce your sex with your partners such as stress, illness, and new baby.

To curb this anxiety in sex life, you can consult and seek guidance from marriage therapists. They will get down to the root course why sex is an issue. The therapy might bring you together by offering an appropriate answer to your problems. Besides therapy, you can read together with your spouse the articles and books relating to sex and marriage. In these books, you can get the ideas that will help to reconnect with your partner.

Quality Versus Quantity

If you are having sex with your spouse, you need to consider the quality as opposed to quantity of your sexual activities. This will help you to determine ways you can do to improve how often you can have it. Many studies recommend scheduling as a priority to improve the quality among the couples. When the quality of sex is low, the quantity will be low as well. This is because sex is the bond that fixes the marriage.

When you experience sexual desire analyze whether it is due to undesirable attitudes towards your spouse, your marriage or even yourself. If you discover anything, at least spend time to do something positive about it. Thus, take responsibility for making things better and stop blame game.

There are some of the statistics that try to describe what a “normal “quantity of sex for married couples. But in reality there is no specific number, all couples are different.

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Should You Marry Him? Here Are 4 Questions That Will Help You Decide

If you are seriously dating someone, do you feel peaceful when you think of marrying that person? It is a huge decision to commit your heart to someone. If you choose the wrong man, you may suffer years of heartache and end up being divorced or abused. However, if you select a partner wisely, you will enjoy an intimate love in your lifetime together.

Should You Get Married To Him Here Are 4 Questions That Will Help You Decide

Unfortunately, many couples rush toward marriage the moment they taste the early burst of romance. They may have dated for a few months, but their feelings make them think that they are destined to marry. In the midst of these extremes, how will you know the man to marry?

The Mystery of Love

Love is magical! When you get the man you want to have the rest of your life, you realize it. It is very hard to know whether your man is the one requires a lot of consideration and work. It is not something that you will instinctively know. The decision needs a lot of contemplation.

Whether because of lack of interest, need to preserve the mystery of romance or lack of interest, many couples don’t ask themselves tough questions that help build the foundation of a stable marriage.

The following four intimate and sometimes awkward questions are designed to help you determine if you are ready for marriage. They will give you a chance to know the real man he is before it becomes too late. Make them the starting point and you will make a good deliberation.

Does He Respect Your Life Outside of the Relationship? 

The time you spend outside of your relationship is one of the most important parts of your relationship. This is because it serves as way to be separate from your partner and indulge in your time.

The moments can help you to refresh, and make your relationship stronger. As they say ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ which is undeniably true. Sometimes men are needy and they do not respect our need for separation. In such situations, it becomes very hard to continue to nurture a healthy bond.

When you realize that this is argumentative in your relationship, consider that the marriage only magnifies this neediness level.

Do You Feel Secure With Him And The Relationship? 

Being in a relationship is a never worry-free life. However, some other aspects of it should be. Getting worried about where is your boyfriend and doubting his deeds are not the hallmarks of a relationship that is healthy.

The man you intend to marry should inspire confidence and not doubt. This should be evident through a commitment to your relationship.

Another factor of security is the exact feeling of safety. If when he is around you feel safe, that is a good sign that he is satisfying your need for emotional and physical protection.

Do your family and friends like him?

Away from your partner, your family and friends are the constants in your life. Therefore,  it is important that they get along with the man you are considering of marrying.

Think about it….

He will be with you during every party, holiday, and events you go to. If the man does not get along with the people attending and hosting these things, it will disintegrate your experiences. You have perhaps heard quite of in-law jokes, but the truth is that most men relate well with families of their partner.

On that note, you should create a good relationship with his family as well. Even if you might not see them every so often, men have a particularly sweet and sensitive spot for their mother.

Does He Help You To Grow? 

Couples do not start a new relationship with the anticipation to change. However, it frequently happens regardless. The people that we are always close with have a deep effect on how we develop and improve.

When you find that the man you are with helps and promote your self-improvement that is a good sign that he is the man to marry.

There is always something to the line ‘you complete me’ and while you should not expect him to solve the problems you have, he can work with you to address them in the best way possible.  If he believes in you apparently, you need to see a future together with him.

His encouragement may be done out of love, but it is also a sign that he wants the best for your life together.


There you have it! You are the only person who can tell if you are ready or not to marry him. It takes you that simple assessment. If you ask yourself the questions, you will be closer to answer the question of whether you should get married to him or not.

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How to Find Balance in Your Relationship When You’re an Alpha Female

Dating can be a difficult experience that often feels more like a chore than a fun activity. Finding someone you can settle down with into a relationship can be nearly impossible. This is especially true for women who are considered to be alpha females. The best way to make a relationship last is through understanding, compromise, and balance. For an alpha female, practicing these qualities of a lasting relationship can be challenging. Creating a lasting relationship is not impossible. There are ways for an alpha female to balance her relationship.

How to Find Balance in Your Relationship When You’re an Alpha Female

1. Think Partnership, Not Power Struggle

As alpha females, we are used to blazing our own trails and following our own destinies. Control is the name of our game. This type of mentality can be challenging for a partner to deal with. It causes friction between two people who share a life together. A balanced relationship cannot exist while one of them is always trying to have majority control. Include your partner in more decisions. Ask your partner for their opinion on important matters. Let them know they’re a part of the relationship, too.

2. Let Him Care For You

Alpha females are the primary caregivers in a household and in a relationship. We refuse to be a damsel in distress. We refuse to appear weak, damaged, or not in control. We pride ourselves on our great strength and our ability to accomplish things even at great risk to ourselves. When we are in a relationship, it doesn’t have to be this way. Trust in your partner to care for you if you are sick or injured. Trust your partner to handle chores or duties if you’re tired or busy. As you share your lives, you should share your responsibilities as well.

3. Be Supportive Instead of Critical

One very common trait of all alpha females is that we are perfectionists. We are very opinionated. We are brutally honest. We will not shy away from correcting someone or telling someone what we think about them and their life choices. This personality trait allows us to give great advice, solve problems, and be a voice of reason. This can also be emotionally and mentally damaging to a partner. When you find yourself wanting to criticize your partner, try suggesting alternative options. If that doesn’t work, offer them support and encouragement even if you don’t agree.

4. Express Gratitude and Emotions

Alpha females tend to assume that everyone thinks and feels the same way that we do. We see the world in a certain way and expect the world to follow suit. Because of this, we also expect our friends and loved ones to know what’s in our minds and hearts. This is rarely true. If we’re feeling an emotion, we need to express it to our partner. They cannot read our minds. If we appreciate something they did, we should communicate that gratitude to let them know we notice their effort. This goes a long way in a relationship.

Alpha females are a gift to this world. We are the hustlers, the grinders, the caring touch, and the unyielding friend. We possess a powerful spirit and an attitude that can change the world. We are also human. We must remember that our partners are only human, too. This is how we find our relationship balance.

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Can Sex Really Replace Your Exercise Routine?

Sex is physical and it stands to reason that extended periods of sex can replace an exercise routine. If sex is vigorous, can it burn the number of calories as a regular workout? The experts agree that sex is definitely a form of exercise, but whether or not to replace exercise with sex is an idea many people have thought about.

Can Sex Really Replace Your Exercise Routine

How Many Calories Are Burned During Sex?

First of all, sex burns about 4 calories per minute. For an hour-long session of sex, that equals 240 calories burned.

Depending on your weight, that is more than amount of calories burned during one hour of walking. Of course, we all know that sex generally does not last for one hour. One study showed that the average session of sex was just six minutes. That would equal only about 24 calories burned. But the longer and more physically intense your sex is, the more calories will be burned.

What Are the Benefits of Sex as Exercise?

WebMD lists a variety of health benefits of sex. Sex lowers blood pressure and floods your body with chemicals that make the body and mind feel good. It also lowers your risk of heart disease and improves bladder control in women.

Other health benefits of sex include stress-relief and pain-relief. Sex is also helpful for getting a good night’s sleep. For men, it lowers the chance of prostrate cancer.

How Often Should You Have Sex for It to Match Exercise Benefits?

The Centers for Disease Control recommends two and a half hours per week of moderate intense exercise. This amount of sex is probably not the amount that the average person has. One study shows that couples in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, have sex two or three times a week.

In order for you to be able to actually replace exercise with sex, you would have to have that amount of physically intense sex. However, there are also other ways to make regular sex a part of your exercise routine.

One expert suggests having sex in the morning as an exercise warm-up to your regular routine. The reason this is a good idea is that men’s testosterone is highest in the morning. If your morning exercise routine needs an exciting warm-up, this is a great start.

Another idea is to use yoga poses in your sex session. Holding your core muscles is one of the benefits of yoga, and you can incorporate this while you are having sex. Another idea is to use the actual poses of yoga during sex itself. A yoga session will generally burn between 100-300 calories, so this is a creative way to combine the two.

Every woman should be getting some form of moderate exercise a few times a week or more. If you and your partner are the lucky ones having long, vigorous sex, this can definitely count as part of your exercise routine. Have fun and remember to drink plenty of water!

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Luxury Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Celebrate a milestone anniversary as a married couple or a special year together with these wedding anniversary gifts for her.

While dinner at a lovely restaurant may be enough to celebrate some anniversaries, certain years require a more elaborate wedding anniversary gift. Milestone anniversaries and anniversaries during years that have included the birth of children or other life-changing experiences are the perfect time to treat her to anniversary gifts she will remember for a lifetime.

Luxury Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her.

Share a Dinner Cruise for an Anniversary Present

A dinner cruise can be the perfect way for a married couple to celebrate a wedding anniversary together. A dinner cruise can include dinner, dancing, live entertainment and more. Instead of going to the same luxury restaurant and then a dance club or show, combine all those features by taking a dinner cruise.

For example, Cloud 9 Living offers evening dinner cruises in many cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago, San Antonio, Houston, Boston, New York, Phoenix, San Diego and Washington, D.C. Cloud 9 Living dinner cruises start at $110, depending on location, and there is a dress code. Other companies may offer similar dinner cruises on local rivers or lakes. To make the night special, schedule the dinner cruise in advance and plan ahead for babysitting if needed.

Spa Weekends are Great Gifts for Women

Take the standard gift certificate for a manicure or massage and upgrade it to a restful weekend at an exclusive spa and resort for an anniversary present. Married couples can attend a spa weekend together by getting similar services or a couple’s package. Or a husband may choose to enjoy resort amenities while his wife is relaxing with spa services.

For example, Rocky Gap Spa and Resort in Cumberland, Md., offers many different spa packages designed for men and women. A married couple may choose to celebrate a wedding anniversary with a couple’s massage that includes full-body Swedish massage in a room together or the King & Queen For a Day package. Spend the night in the resort that offers many different services, amenities and activities. Whether a married couple travels to a posh spa or shares a weekend at a local resort, spa weekends are great gifts for women.

Tiffany & Co. Offers Gifts Women Love

Not every married couple waits for the traditional 60th anniversary to choose diamonds as wedding anniversary gifts. Many married couples are giving diamond anniversary bands and other diamond jewelry for earlier milestone anniversaries (like 30th) or to celebrate a special year together. For husbands who want to pamper their wives, the Tiffany Celebration® ring may just fit the bill. With prices starting around $1,500, the Celebration ring is not a gift for any old occasion. Tiffany & Co. describes it as the perfect gift to celebrate a baby, anniversary or any important moment. A Celebration ring is a wedding anniversary gift she will treasure forever.

Look for unique gifts for women that make a wedding anniversary special when choosing luxury anniversary gifts for her. Share a dinner cruise on a local river or lake to celebrate a wedding anniversary together. Schedule a weekend at a spa and resort to get away and relax together. Or look to Tiffany & Co. for gifts women love and celebrate a milestone anniversary with a Tiffany Celebration ring.

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What Every Woman Needs To Know About Married Men Who Cheat

Married men who cheat on their wives are not the kind of men women want to be with. Married men rarely leave their wives, they rarely want more from their mistress than just the fun that comes along with it, and they are very good at what they do. Married men who cheat are commonly serial cheaters. You are not the first, you will not be the last, and he is not in love with you.

What Every Woman Needs To Know About Married Men Who Cheat.

Men Who Cheat are Charming

This is how they get women interested in them. They are overly charming in a way that throws women off their scent. You know he’s married. He speaks highly of his family, and he even makes it a point to tell you how proud he is. He turns on the charm to throw you off, says all the right things, and you find yourself falling for him knowing he’s married.

He manages to convince you that you are his one and only and he married the wrong woman. It’s a fairy-tale type of romance you have, and he must leave his wife for you. You begin your dalliance thinking he will. He won’t. He will get what he wants, and that’s when his behavior is no longer charming.

Most Married Men Want it All

They want their picture-perfect family at home, but they want to have a good time when they’re not at home. It’s not enough to have it all. It’s not enough to have a job that’s good, a wife that’s beautiful, kids that love him. It’s never enough with men like this, which is why they tend to leave their mistresses as soon as they get what they want and it begins to feel like work. It’s never enough, and he’s always looking for more.

Many Married Cheaters Have More than One Mistress

He might not be with both of you at the same time, but he might already have another flirtation going on with another woman you don’t know about. He’s playing both of you so he always has someone to turn to. It’s likely men like this are highly insecure and unable to focus on anything other than feeling better about himself. He doesn’t have the self-confidence to be a good man. He must always have someone interested in him.

They’re Often Controlling

It’s all right for him to be with other people when he’s married, but it’s rarely all right for their mistresses to be with anyone else. Men who cheat often want their mistresses to sit down and wait for them to come calling. They cannot have a life of their own even though he has one of his own.

Not all married men cheat, and not all married men who cheat do it repeatedly. Most do, but the simple fact remains married men who cheat are working with insecurity, boredom, or even immaturity. Do yourself a favor and walk away from any married man who turns on the charm with you in a way that’s not appropriate.

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Understanding Obsessive Ex Syndrome

Obsessive Ex Syndrome is a condition experienced by people who tend to be violent in character. If you are so obsessed with your ex, your post-relationship-mortem can be very abusive.

Over time, domestic violence and narcissistic abuse become severe, long after discarded your partner if they figured out that the relationship cannot work. Narcissistic people are unable to let go or allow a recovering partner to move on with their lives like in normal breakups.

Understanding Obsessive Ex Syndrome

In reference to, there are revenge cases where the Obsessive Ex requires the leaving partner tormented or punished. The person who is obsessed does no longer love the ex-partner, but the obsession has everything to do with harming the ex-partner’s life. There are cases where the wrath spills over to their own kids.

An obsessed ex try everything to foster triangulation of their former partner’s love interests because they were abused and rejected. They can recruit narcissistic supply sources that harbor grudges and negative will against other people for the rest of their lives.

New Supply

It is common for an obsessed ex to attempt to find a new partner because of their jealous of an ex, while trying to convince the new catch how their exes were horrible. Such campaigning not only express the depths of betrayal, but also an obsessed ex will share with a potential partner.

Fear of Being Unloved

A person may develop the fear of feeling unloved. Some spark childhood emotional concerns and memories of being abandoned. They may feel neglected, insignificant, or as if no one is concerned with their fates.

The abuser will have the courage to tell them they are unlikeable and deserve to be tortured biologically through intimidation of social neglect with the assistance on their new partners. It can turn out to be a living nightmare for those who were abused physically or sexually during early childhood.

Breaking Confidence

An abuser will do his/her best to break the confidence of their ex. They may manufacture and share faked revenge porn videos or photos to tell those eager to listen about the personal life of their former partners. They make outrageous claims to taint the personality of their exes.

Abusers can claim how their victims were criminals, porn stars, child molesters, thieves, sex workers, drug addicts, drunkards, sex addicts, emotionally unstable, and schizophrenic.

It can be a truly crushing realization if a traumatized victim comes to know that a person they struggled to stay with for years in a loving relationship is staging a smear campaign. There is no simple way to run away from the wrath of a former obsessed partner who is out there to cause harm after a romantic relationship comes to an end.

Coping With The Problem

Have you been targeted for a long time simply because you have opted out of a loving relationship? Take heart if you have been a victim.

You should get mentally prepared early enough and block their attempts to come back because people who develop this attachment of causing harm keep resurfacing. If you are the target, try to stay away socially from your tormentor because will pop up any time. If you try to defend yourself, everything you say will be used to further attack you.

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Narcissists and psychopaths struggle to create and manipulate their trauma bonds. They fawn over love interests along with doing everything possible to psychologically destroy their exes. Any person suspected to have personality disorder should be closely watched through friends, family, and social connections to check for any signs of smear campaign.

Although an Obsessed Ex aims at sadistic pleasure, they may also do it for other reasons. For instance, they may feel that the ex harbors an affection in an attempt to win back the heart of their ex who rejected them due to their terrible characters. If you are self-respecting, you don’t have to express any interests or attempts in trying to win them back.

Narcissistic Abuse

Sharing one partner’s personality details is Narcissistic Abuse. A smear campaign aims to socially invalidate and humiliate a former love in an inhuman and immoral manner. Shaming victim and socially destroying your former are the main intentions of obsessed exes.

 Legal Action

If possible, carefully keep all the emails and other contacts where you receive abusive messages. In case you don’t have financial resources to move away, tell a judge write a straining order or no contact order. The abuser will be cautioned against using third parties to do things like cyber bully, get into contact with you against your will, or show up at places you frequent.

You should not hesitate to find an aggressive attorney who supports abuse victims. Strive to stay calm without letting your heart break. There are plenty of people willing to restrict an abuser under oath in a court of law all over the United States.

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Living with an HIV-Positive Partner when You’re HIV-Negative

Living with an HIV-Positive Partner when You’re HIV-Negative

Testing positive for HIV is no longer an automatic death sentence. In fact, medicine has made stunning advancements enabling today’s patients to live with normal CD-counts and enjoy the same life expectancies as their HIV-negative friends.

This same feeling of normalcy rings true for intimate relationships regardless of HIV status. If you test negative and have a partner who’s positive, it’s crucial to educate yourselves on your individual therapy options to bring peace of mind and lasting health to you both.

Your Partner’s Therapy Matters

Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) is a cocktail of medications that impede HIV at several points, from infection to virus replication. This treatment turned HIV into a chronic illness instead of a potentially fatal one. The higher your partner’s CD-4 count, the lower the chance of transmission, but those with an undetectable viral load aren’t necessarily completely free of virus particles. CD counts can be quite unpredictable. Temporary “blips” or spikes in the virus can happen, and they don’t always come with symptoms. As with all therapies, there is no such thing as 100% effective, so you need to use several security measures at once. The CDC’s position is that transmission risk is never zero.

Pre-Exposure Care

HIV-negative partners can reduce their risk of transmission with a once-daily pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). If you’re wondering, “What is PrEP?” it’s a blend of two medications that prevent the virus from replicating. Used regularly, it reduces transmission by at least 92%. It’s recommended for those who have multiple partners or an HIV-positive partner. PrEP rarely causes side effects, although some people do experience some minor nausea that dissipates after three weeks. Those who use it will need a kidney function test to make sure they can handle the medication. Bear in mind that PrEP doesn’t protect against HPV and other STIs. It isn’t a replacement for barrier methods of contraception.

With PrEP it’s crucial to have regular conversations with your doctor and frequent lab testing. Due to social stigma, although rapidly evolving in a progressive direction, some might not feel comfortable talking to their doctor about PrEP. Don’t let fear stop you from taking control of your health. There are plenty of informed world-class doctors happy to assist you with your PrEP needs. Forward thinking providers, like PlushCare, are perfect for those looking to begin or continue PrEP therapy.


Even if you’re taking prophylaxis and your partner has a low viral load, frequent testing still remains critical. In addition to regular HIV tests, you should also screen for:

  • HPV if you’re a woman, along with an annual pap smear.
  • Herpes simplex virus two if you’re high risk or trying to get pregnant. You must specifically request this test as it won’t be offered along with a routine STI panel.
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, which require swabs or urine samples. These are easily treated as long as you don’t have an antibiotic-resistant strain.
  • Hepatitis
  • Syphilis and trichomoniasis, which are tested for with a sample, swab, or blood test.

The Importance of Treatment Compliance

A study of some 3000 HIV-positive individuals revealed that sexually active couples have transmission rates of only 3.4% every 100 years. That number will only stay low if your partner takes their ARVs regularly and has frequent doctor’s visits. Viral loads also need to be at rock bottom for a full six months to achieve those rates, but most importantly, neither partner should have another STI because this can increase transmission rates.

Barrier Methods

Barrier contraceptives become ineffective if they’re exposed to oil-based lubricants like oil, lotion, and petroleum jelly. Only silicone and water-based lubricants should be used.

Getting Beyond Stigma and Shame

If you had diabetes or the flu, you would probably not be ashamed, and yet HIV is often viewed as taboo to even discuss. The stigma lies in the mode of transmission, with fear and ignorance helping to create even more shame. It can be difficult to get beyond these issues, especially among those who were adults during the initial AIDS crisis of the Eighties. Some people make the mistake of assuming that those with HIV are promiscuous, which further contributes to the problem.

HIV should be approached like any other manageable condition, but getting beyond the stigma is challenging. Victim blaming not only happens but prevails, with ableism replicating like a virus in today’s society. These attitudes are toxic, but the more you know about the disease, the more you can combat the stigma. If you’re HIV positive, educating your loved ones is an excellent beginning to changing the world’s noxious attitudes towards this disease.

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7 Stages Of Marriage: What’s Your Stage?

Every marriage moves through different stages as the years pass. From the excitement of the early days of being married right to the day when you’re both retired, your marriage will keep growing and changing.

Understanding the different stages of marriage helps you analyze where your marriage is at right now. Read on to figure out which stage of marriage you’re in, and read these tips on how to navigate through each stage.

7 Stages Of Marriage What’s Your Stage

Stage 1: Excitement

Stage one happens at the beginning of your marriage. You’re newly married, perhaps even just back from your honeymoon. You’re setting up your new life together and your passion for each other is at an all-time high. This is a fantastic stage to be in as there is usually low conflict and lots to be excited about.

This is also the perfect time to start laying a strong foundation for the rest of your marriage. By building healthy habits now, you can prepare to navigate all the following stages with grace.

Risks: Getting too caught up in the passion and fun could give you a shock when you hit the next stage (reality check).

Tips: Start laying a solid foundation for your life together. Get into good financial habits, figure out how to divide chores, and start making long-term plans to achieve your shared goals.

Stage 2: Reality Check

This is when reality kicks in. As you settle into a routine of being married, you start to learn more about each others strengths – and weaknesses.

To be honest: This is the stage where you learn all the ways in which you annoy each other. If she never loads the dishwasher or he is a chronic procrastinator, it’s likely to come out during the reality check stage.

Seeing the reality of your life together can be disappointing after the first flush of stage one, but it’s also a good opportunity to learn more about each other and practice healthy communication.

Risks: Focusing on what annoys you instead of seeing all your partner’s positive traits.

Tips: Learn the art of good communication. Practice listening with empathy and kindness, and expressing your feelings and needs in a non-accusing way.

Stage 3: Rebellion

Rebellion is a tricky stage. This is where your interests start to conflict with your partner’s, and your marriage feels like an impediment to your goals. Maybe you want to travel but they want to settle down. Maybe you both want to build your career but resent the other for building their career instead of supporting you. The rebellion stage can quickly become rife with conflict.

Risks: Keep an eye on your thoughts and behavior so you don’t start to blame your partner for holding you back from what you want.

Tips: Practice open, loving communication. Talk to each other about your hopes and dreams and figure out where you can support each other instead of fighting. Be prepared to compromise and get savvy about figuring out what really matters to you, and what you can let go.

Stage 4: Business-like

This stage happens around the time when promotions appear at work, kids arrive on the scene, and personal commitments just keep growing.

You’re both so busy managing life and keeping your household running that your marriage starts to feel like a business arrangement. Most of your communications are about what is happening with your children or at work, or which appointment is next on the calendar.

Risks: This is a busy stage, and if you’re not careful your marriage could take a back seat to everything else happening in your life.

Tips: Make time for each other no matter what is going on. Check in with each other every day, and set aside a weekly date night to just be together and remember why you got married in the first place.

Stage 5: Reunion

The kids are grown, your careers are established, and your finances are looking stable. This is a settled period in any marriage, where life is ticking along nicely with less stress and often fewer commitments than in early stages.

This can also be a time of dissatisfaction. If one of you is feeling bored with your lot in life, disillusionment can soon set in.

Risks: Your everyday routine can start to feel a bit like groundhog day, with a distinct lack of connection to each other.

Tips: Inject new life into your marriage by having some fun together. Take a class, or take a trip. Talk openly about what you both need from your marriage now, and figure out how to achieve it.

Stage 6: Explosion

Explosions can happen at any stage of marriage, but they get more likely as you enter middle age. Job loss, a major health scare, the death of a parent or financial troubles can shake the foundation of your marriage.

An explosion leaves you both feeling raw and stressed. Your marriage can be a source of solace or further frustration.

Risks: It’s easy to lash out at your partner when the going gets rough. Getting older isn’t always a smooth ride, and facing up to that is hard.

Tips: Be there for each other. Take the time to just be with each other and offer support. Tackle difficult situations together as a team.

Stage 7: Completion

Once you’ve made it through the ups and downs of a long married life together, you reach the completion stage.

This is often one of the happiest stages in a marriage. You know each other well, and you’ve established a life you both find fulfilling. You’ve fought plenty of battles together, and you still side by side.

Risks: It’s easy to get complacent at this stage and forget to appreciate your partner every day.

Tips: Recapture the joy of stage one by spending plenty of time having fun together and embarking on new adventures. Appreciate each other’s good qualities and make sure your partner knows what they mean to you.

Every stage of marriage has its challenges. Stay committed to each other and to your marriage and use each stage to strengthen your foundation and set yourself up for a loving, supportive future together.

Author Bio:- Sylvia Smith is a relationship expert with years of experience in training and helping couples. She has helped countless individuals and organizations around the world, offering effective and efficient solutions for healthy and successful relationships. Her mission is to provide inspiration, support, and empowerment to everyone on their journey to a great marriage. She is a featured writer for, a reliable resource to support healthy happy marriages.

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We’re Human Too: What Men Really Want in a Relationship

It may seem like men are from mars but when you get beyond the grunting and scratching, you come to realize that men are human too. Not all men are insensitive womanizers. In fact, most men want the same things that women want out of being together. Read the following for an eye-opening view into what men really want from a woman.

We're Human Too What Men Really Want in a Relationship.


Men need and want a challenge, a partner that is assertive and helps their man strive to be a better version of himself. Like a video game you’ve completed or a math problem you’ve solved, any experience grows stale without a level of challenge. With challenge comes respect. You can’t respect someone who doesn’t challenge you or blindly accepts you no matter what.


It’s important to have a home team, a place to go and feel empowered and at peace. Men want stability in their lives. Sure, if you overhear a table full of guys at a bar, you may glean mention of bikini models and girls they dated when single, but men want the one special girl they can rely on each day. The thought or adventure of dating a variety of people may seem alluring, but it often leaves one feeling empty and ultimately alone.


Men want to see their young grow old and wise. Our species could not survive without the union of a man and woman. A family is a natural evolution of that initial attraction and connection. It may not seem cool to be ‘tied down’ to one woman or to a family, but that’s really the end goal of all of those nights going out and hoping to meet someone. As a man grows older, he wants to cultivate his own family and ensure a continued legacy.


In an era when there are websites devoted toward infidelity, it’s nice to have a partner you can trust. Who wants a broken heart or even worse, an STD from an unfaithful partner? It’s a typical male fantasy to have sexual relations with every attractive woman in the world, yet most recoil at the thought of being with a woman who has had many sexual mates or who cannot be trusted to remain monogamous. Men may have roving eyes but don’t be fooled; they can really appreciate being in a committed relationship.


Guys develop good relationships, which are often different from girl to girl relationships. However, over time, guys usually drift away from friends due to proximity, marriages, etc. Men often lose out on good male bonding relationships and are left with a void. Males can appreciate their girlfriends and wives filling that void. It’s a nice supplemental facet to the overall relationship. As often observed, those who start out as friends first, often develop solid intimate relations. Read more at A New Mode.

Coed Network

Guys can be awkward in making new friends as adults. Beyond friends made during their school years, it can be difficult for guys to bond. Therefore, meeting other couples allows guys to meet other guys in a more natural way. It allows them to have ‘guy time’ with other males while identifying as one-half of a couple. It’s a great way to remain social as one gets older. Otherwise, a single person could feel abandoned by married friends or alienated in trying to make friends with younger people.


Who wants to be alone as they age? Isn’t the thought of coming home to someone special a lot better than that of being alone or not knowing what lies ahead? Men like the sense of security that a healthy, committed relationship provides. Otherwise, a man can feel unsettled about the future. No one knows what the future holds yet being in a relationship provides peace of mind and a more secure feeling about the future.


Sometimes, we’re so close to ourselves to that we’re naive about the things we should improve or be proud of. Men need a good woman to make them more self-aware. Men want a woman to call them out on their bad habits while commending them on the things they do well. As the saying goes, ‘behind every great man, there is a great woman.’ Some people are better at self-reflection, yet it’s a great benefit to have someone close to you who loves you to illuminate your good and bad points. Men need a woman to serve as a supportive and perceptive mirror.

Thomas Goddard is a relationship therapist who enjoys writing articles that get things out in the open from a guy’s point of view when it comes to love, lust and long-lasting relationships.

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What Your Pillow Talk Reveals About Your Relationship

The bedroom affair is one of the most researched topics you have probably come across. Precursors of lovemaking, what actually happens during pillow talk and between the sheets, and how often couples roll in bed are some of the things people look out for. However, there is little research on what happens soon after a couple enjoys their conjugal right. This article tries to find out what actually ensues and what it reveals about your relationship.

What Your Pillow Talk Reveals About Your Relationship

Post-Coital Affection

Daniel Kruger and Susan Hughes conducted a research in 2011 with the interest of finding out what happens during the “post-coital time interval.” They discovered that while most people claim that men usually fall asleep first after a lovemaking session, there is no proof of a gender difference. Contrary to what most people believe, their evidence suggested that both women and men can be the ones demanding for more bonding after a sexual activity. They also demonstrated that whichever person falls asleep first is inclined to report wanting more post-coital affection.

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Gender Differences

Other gender differences have already been documented. For instance, according to Kruger and Hughes, men usually initiate kissing prior to lovemaking while women initiate kissing after the game is over. Women are also more likely than men to engage in bonding actions such as talking and cuddling after rolling between the sheets, the study found. Additionally, men prefer engaging in rewarding activities, such as smoking, snacking or other actions that might ignite another lovemaking session.

Relationship Satisfaction

Affectionate post-coital behaviors appear to enhance the health of a relationship. A Muise et al research which was conducted in 2014 found out that couples who prefer engaging in a longer duration of post-coital affection, such as caressing and snuggling, enjoy greater $exual satisfaction. This translated to a higher rating of relationship contentment. The duration of post-coital affection appears most crucial for couples who have kids. This could be due to the fact that their time for intimacy is at its peak, which makes theses behaviors generally vital.

Post-Coital Talk

Apart from what happens, let’s see what people say and who wants to talk soon after making love. At this time of heightened emotion, vulnerability, intimacy, you can figure out how some people might yearn for an intimate chat, while others are not in the mood to converse.

Post-coital pillow talk has gained popularity as a crucial field of research. Women who attain an orgasm are inclined to self-disclose after a lovemaking session, according to a 2014 study by Denes & Afifi. They enjoy an intimate talk, disclosing deeper and more personal details to their partner. Researchers suggest that this can be attributed to the oxytocin which is released during sexual activity. This hormone is usually associated with trust and bonding. It can be suppressed when testosterone levels are higher. But can higher testosterone levels foresee less intimate post-coital pillow talk? This notion adds weight to a physiological theory of social bonds that acknowledges the important role of testosterone, oxytocin, and vasopressin in human bonding.

A Recent Study

A 2016 study by Denes and colleagues sampled about 250 hetero$exual Caucasian female participants most of whom were single or unmarried. The researchers gathered saliva samples to compute testosterone and then requested the participants to fill a diary of their sexual activity and post-coital behaviors. The participant accounted on communication post-coital, also sharing their experiences about the benefits and risks of disclosing their personal information after lovemaking.


Their post-coitus chatter revealed that participants who prefer to talk appear to be the ones who indulged in oxytocin.  Those with higher testosterone levels, which suppress oxytocin, were less likely to experience the benefits of engaging in conversations after sexual activities. In fact, they deemed it as riskier, and they were inclined to engage in less positive disclosures, with a little will, soon after enjoying their conjugal rights with their partner. Whereas testosterone is usually linked with risk-taking adventures in other contexts, the kind of intimacy and vulnerability facilitated by post-sex communication takes a different angle. In addition, people with higher testosterone don’t find it necessary to converse after rolling between the sheets.

 Hormonal Influence

This is a clear indication that reveals the connection between our post-coitus behaviors and hormonal influence. In some people, hormones can motivate the need for a bonding activity. It can be exactly the opposite in others. According to Denes and colleague, an orgasm can play an important role in determining our behaviors after the great moment in bed. People with high testosterone levels hardly orgasm during sexual activity and are less likely to engage in post-coitus conversation.


It is apparent that there is a lot to learn about the events that take place after a great moment in bed with your partner. They are the heightened moments that reveal the qualities of a couple, including hormonal roles as well as couple factors like relationship and satisfaction in bedroom affairs. These heightened emotional moments can be helpful in other areas. It gives us a clearer understanding of how we can use the post-coitus time interval to make our relationship stronger and resolve our opposing ideas.

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Wife Still on the Run After Admitting Giving Husband Boric Acid to Slay Erections

Wife Still on the Run After Admitting Giving Husband Boric Acid to Slay Erections


It wasn’t his lucky day after that happened.

Authorities are now running after Andrea Heming after lacing her then-husbands bowl with her lucky charms.

A judge has issued an arrest warrant for the 49-year old woman after she failed to attend her sentencing on a poisoning charge earlier this week.

According to prosecutors, Heming poisoned her husband by lacing boric acid into his cereal, Miracle Whip, and energy drinks at their home in Spring Valley in 2015.

Hemming told the court that her intention was not to kill him but rather wanted to make him impotent. This is because his husband used to have unwanted sex with her when she was asleep at night.


According to police, Andrea said that she wouldn’t use that much to slay her husband but just enough to make him not attain an erecti0n. Andrea also stated that she could not have used that much to kill because she was about to become an American Citizen.

Boric Acid

As an insecticide, boric acid is commonly used to kill termites, cockroaches, and scorpions. However, when taken in high doses, boric acid can be lethal to humans.

Ralph Heming reported to police that he had diarrhea each day for up to six months. He also experienced other symptoms including nosebleeds, red face, fever, and lethargy.

According to prosecutor Hetty Wong, authorities could not find evidence to authenticate the sexual claims. Until she was arrested, Andrea Heming had not reported being raped. Initially, she was charged with attempted murder. In December, she pleaded guilty to a single charge of poisoning or contaminating water, food or medicine.

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According to a police report, Ralph Heming, who specializes in camera installations, had installed several throughout the couple’s home. Andrea didn’t like the idea of camera installation around their home, particularly in the kitchen, her husband told the police. And that what helped prosecutors in proving the charge against her. Andrea Heming was shown to tamper with her husband’s food and drink for three days in video footages.

According to the video description, Andrea could be seen opening the box of General Mills cereal Lucky Charms and pulls a cup. She could then pour the powder inside the box and starts to mix it. She could then close the box and put it back into the pantry cabinet.

The police said that Andrea also reported to pouring boric acid into the energy drink, Miracle Whip, and a box of Kelloggs Corn Pops.


Ralph could not believe that his ex cannot be reached. He thought authorities had a better system of keeping track and holding people responsibly.

Authorities are yet to track Andrea after she declined to attend her sentencing hearing. They believe that she is probably hiding in her native Mexico.

If arrested, Andrea Heming risks 15years in prison.

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The Most Searched Sex Positions by State: Study Reveals

A recent study of Google data by AskMen has divulged the most common $ex positions by state. Nationally, the doggy-style ranked at the top though analysis found other several strange trends across the United States.

There are plenty of studies and surveys trying to address the most popular positions when it comes to bedroom affairs. Researchers have found that geography plays a significant role in determining what most people like to watch in p0rn.

The Most Searched Sex Positions by State Study Reveals

“Bedroom” Positions and Geography

The original study combined P0rn and the actual bedroom matter to find out what people like to do depending on their geographical locations. They mined Google AdWords data in every state and broke it down using a predetermined list of $ex positions. From their analysis, the researchers were in a better position to determine how Americans like to make love and how they go online for inspiration.

Google $ex positions for Americans stands at a rate of 4.5 searchers per 1,000 residents on average. According to the findings, the least populous states have higher search volume. For instance, Wyoming is the least populous state in America, and yet it has 9 searches per 1,000 residents. This is about twice the average national searches.

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Population Diversity

This trend where the least populous states emerge with higher searches may have something to do with population diversity. Put differently, the more populous states have a certain group of the population more knowledgeable about $ex positions. They are also less likely to be interested in learning about these positions, unlike the sparsely-populated locations.

Though Washington DC is not a state, it is difficult to tell what is happening there. Roughly, they have 100,000 more residents than Wyoming, and the city is politically, ethnically, and economically diverse. However, their 18.7 searches per 1,000 residents is way too high than the average national searches. Indeed, it is approximately four times the national average. This deviation appears abnormal and may be attributed to the conservative old population being freaks when it comes to bedroom affairs.

State Level

At the state level, the findings become even more exciting. The most searched position countrywide is doggy style. It happens to be the most searched position in 29 states. However, if you move down another level, some clear divisions come out. According to Megan Drillinger, a Thrillist colleague, this animalistic position is preferred by most people because of how it hits the G-sp0t and adds a tasteful level of raunch.

“Woman on top” is also among the most commonly searched position in 18 states. The position emerged at the top in western, southern, and northeastern states. Apart from being popular everywhere, doggy-style was buoyed in part by various groups in the mid-western states which were divided between the woman on top and the doggy-style. Anyway, it has come to our attention that people living in Massachusetts and New Jersey are assertively kind lovers with their “face-sitting” being their favorite, while our folks in Missouri have chosen to be unique. Missourians said they love something called “crisscross.” For the curious kind, this is a spooning style where the male lies on his left with a pillow under his head with the woman lying on her left side with her body perpendicular to that of the man.

Surprisingly, Indiana is the only state that called the “69” position its favorite.

True weirdness

Such studies will hardly be inclusive without some true weirdness. Some terms are not common in most states but emerged popular enough in several places to make one wonder what they were talking about. To be frank, one would think that these positions are discoveries of teenage boys who might have never found a chance to try them, but it seems couples in America have adventured to the extremes. Taking Wyoming as an example because there is very little to discuss, they are extremely fond of BDSM position. If you search reluctantly, you will discover that this position is friendly to pregnant women. It is a trending style for North Dakotans who have invented that family planning and carnal pleasures are inseparable.

Something strange is also happening in West Virginia, Delaware, and other cohort states. Not even Overpass or Fire Hydrant seems to offer any form of advantage when it comes to bedroom positions. Seemingly, this may not be possible for people who are deficient in flexibility and balance.


Generally, Americans have an interest in inventive parental positions that is diverse and varied just like its population. It’s worth noting that the Missionary was not the most popular position in any state. Probably we could have made noticeable progress in this great country if we had shared interests in $exual explorations. Let’s hope we have all learned something from this data about how American Google $ex positions in different locations. Most importantly, you should romp the way your partner feels comfortable.