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Should You Marry Him? Here Are 4 Questions That Will Help You Decide

Should You Get Married To Him Here Are 4 Questions That Will Help You Decide

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If you are seriously dating someone, do you feel peaceful when you think of marrying that person? It is a huge decision to commit your heart to someone. If you choose the wrong man, you may suffer years of heartache and end up being divorced or abused. However, if you select a partner wisely, you will enjoy an intimate love in your lifetime together.

Should You Get Married To Him Here Are 4 Questions That Will Help You Decide

Unfortunately, many couples rush toward marriage the moment they taste the early burst of romance. They may have dated for a few months, but their feelings make them think that they are destined to marry. In the midst of these extremes, how will you know the man to marry?

The Mystery of Love

Love is magical! When you get the man you want to have the rest of your life, you realize it. It is very hard to know whether your man is the one requires a lot of consideration and work. It is not something that you will instinctively know. The decision needs a lot of contemplation.

Whether because of lack of interest, need to preserve the mystery of romance or lack of interest, many couples don’t ask themselves tough questions that help build the foundation of a stable marriage.

The following four intimate and sometimes awkward questions are designed to help you determine if you are ready for marriage. They will give you a chance to know the real man he is before it becomes too late. Make them the starting point and you will make a good deliberation.

Does He Respect Your Life Outside of the Relationship? 

The time you spend outside of your relationship is one of the most important parts of your relationship. This is because it serves as way to be separate from your partner and indulge in your time.

The moments can help you to refresh, and make your relationship stronger. As they say ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ which is undeniably true. Sometimes men are needy and they do not respect our need for separation. In such situations, it becomes very hard to continue to nurture a healthy bond.

When you realize that this is argumentative in your relationship, consider that the marriage only magnifies this neediness level.

Do You Feel Secure With Him And The Relationship? 

Being in a relationship is a never worry-free life. However, some other aspects of it should be. Getting worried about where is your boyfriend and doubting his deeds are not the hallmarks of a relationship that is healthy.

The man you intend to marry should inspire confidence and not doubt. This should be evident through a commitment to your relationship.

Another factor of security is the exact feeling of safety. If when he is around you feel safe, that is a good sign that he is satisfying your need for emotional and physical protection.

Do your family and friends like him?

Away from your partner, your family and friends are the constants in your life. Therefore,  it is important that they get along with the man you are considering of marrying.

Think about it….

He will be with you during every party, holiday, and events you go to. If the man does not get along with the people attending and hosting these things, it will disintegrate your experiences. You have perhaps heard quite of in-law jokes, but the truth is that most men relate well with families of their partner.

On that note, you should create a good relationship with his family as well. Even if you might not see them every so often, men have a particularly sweet and sensitive spot for their mother.

Does He Help You To Grow? 

Couples do not start a new relationship with the anticipation to change. However, it frequently happens regardless. The people that we are always close with have a deep effect on how we develop and improve.

When you find that the man you are with helps and promote your self-improvement that is a good sign that he is the man to marry.

There is always something to the line ‘you complete me’ and while you should not expect him to solve the problems you have, he can work with you to address them in the best way possible.  If he believes in you apparently, you need to see a future together with him.

His encouragement may be done out of love, but it is also a sign that he wants the best for your life together.


There you have it! You are the only person who can tell if you are ready or not to marry him. It takes you that simple assessment. If you ask yourself the questions, you will be closer to answer the question of whether you should get married to him or not.

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