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How Often Do Married Couples Have Sex?

How Often Do Married Couples Have Sex.

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This is a fascinating question that its answers may shock you. What is the average amount of sex that married couples have? or how often do married couples have sex?

The simple answer is, it will depend on who you ask.

What Do Poll Findings Say?

There are a number of different polls out there that give different statistics. The following are some of the findings;

According to a Newsweek magazine poll, it found that couples who are married have sex about 68.5 times in one year. On average, this translates to a little more than one time in a week.

How Often Do Married Couples Have Sex.

The Study of the University of Chicago on the social organization of sexuality found that about 32% of married couples have sex two to three times in a week. 80% of married couples do have sex a few times or more in a month.

The study by David Schnarch, Ph.D., who studied about 20,000 couples, found that only 26% of couples have sex once in a week. More likely twice a month.

There is No ‘normal’

You may have noticed that there is a large variance of the poll statistics, and it will be easy to observe there is no ‘normal’. In many studies, therapists and researchers say it depends on the couple.

The sex drive of every person is different, the marriage of each couple is different, and their lives are different as well. Many factors are at play, and it becomes very hard to know what is ‘normal’. The best question to ask, what is normal for you and your partner? Or what would each one of you want ‘normal’ to be?

If both of you agree to have it once in a week or a month, it will not matter what other couples are doing it. However, if one or both of you are not happy, perhaps you can negotiate and agree on a new normal. In most cases, one person in a marriage wants sex more and they want it less. It will depend on how you will handle in order to satisfy both of you and make a difference.

How Much To Have Sex To Be Happy?

There is a study that focused on happiness as correlated to the amount of sex. Though it may appear as if the more sex, the better, there is an amount where happiness will level off. The study surveyed more than 30,000 couples in the US for about 40 years.

So, what is the levelling off the amount of sex when associated to happiness? According to researchers, it should be once in a week. Generally, more sex does help increase happiness, but it is not necessary to do it daily. According to the study, to do sex more than once in a week, does not have any significant rise in happiness.

The key thing is to communicate and get to know what works for both of you. Sex can be a good stress reliever. Therefore, if both of you want more, then go for it.

How To Improve Our Numbers?

Sometimes you may wonder how much sex other couples have. If you ever thought about it, your sex life in marriage might be having some problems. You may experience ups and downs in your sex life that can affect your numbers. Various ways can ruin or reduce your sex with your partners such as stress, illness, and new baby.

To curb this anxiety in sex life, you can consult and seek guidance from marriage therapists. They will get down to the root course why sex is an issue. The therapy might bring you together by offering an appropriate answer to your problems. Besides therapy, you can read together with your spouse the articles and books relating to sex and marriage. In these books, you can get the ideas that will help to reconnect with your partner.

Quality Versus Quantity

If you are having sex with your spouse, you need to consider the quality as opposed to quantity of your sexual activities. This will help you to determine ways you can do to improve how often you can have it. Many studies recommend scheduling as a priority to improve the quality among the couples. When the quality of sex is low, the quantity will be low as well. This is because sex is the bond that fixes the marriage.

When you experience sexual desire analyze whether it is due to undesirable attitudes towards your spouse, your marriage or even yourself. If you discover anything, at least spend time to do something positive about it. Thus, take responsibility for making things better and stop blame game.

There are some of the statistics that try to describe what a “normal “quantity of sex for married couples. But in reality there is no specific number, all couples are different.

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