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How to Find Balance in Your Relationship When You’re an Alpha Female

How to Find Balance in Your Relationship When You’re an Alpha Female

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Dating can be a difficult experience that often feels more like a chore than a fun activity. Finding someone you can settle down with into a relationship can be nearly impossible. This is especially true for women who are considered to be alpha females. The best way to make a relationship last is through understanding, compromise, and balance. For an alpha female, practicing these qualities of a lasting relationship can be challenging. Creating a lasting relationship is not impossible. There are ways for an alpha female to balance her relationship.

How to Find Balance in Your Relationship When You’re an Alpha Female

1. Think Partnership, Not Power Struggle

As alpha females, we are used to blazing our own trails and following our own destinies. Control is the name of our game. This type of mentality can be challenging for a partner to deal with. It causes friction between two people who share a life together. A balanced relationship cannot exist while one of them is always trying to have majority control. Include your partner in more decisions. Ask your partner for their opinion on important matters. Let them know they’re a part of the relationship, too.

2. Let Him Care For You

Alpha females are the primary caregivers in a household and in a relationship. We refuse to be a damsel in distress. We refuse to appear weak, damaged, or not in control. We pride ourselves on our great strength and our ability to accomplish things even at great risk to ourselves. When we are in a relationship, it doesn’t have to be this way. Trust in your partner to care for you if you are sick or injured. Trust your partner to handle chores or duties if you’re tired or busy. As you share your lives, you should share your responsibilities as well.

3. Be Supportive Instead of Critical

One very common trait of all alpha females is that we are perfectionists. We are very opinionated. We are brutally honest. We will not shy away from correcting someone or telling someone what we think about them and their life choices. This personality trait allows us to give great advice, solve problems, and be a voice of reason. This can also be emotionally and mentally damaging to a partner. When you find yourself wanting to criticize your partner, try suggesting alternative options. If that doesn’t work, offer them support and encouragement even if you don’t agree.

4. Express Gratitude and Emotions

Alpha females tend to assume that everyone thinks and feels the same way that we do. We see the world in a certain way and expect the world to follow suit. Because of this, we also expect our friends and loved ones to know what’s in our minds and hearts. This is rarely true. If we’re feeling an emotion, we need to express it to our partner. They cannot read our minds. If we appreciate something they did, we should communicate that gratitude to let them know we notice their effort. This goes a long way in a relationship.

Alpha females are a gift to this world. We are the hustlers, the grinders, the caring touch, and the unyielding friend. We possess a powerful spirit and an attitude that can change the world. We are also human. We must remember that our partners are only human, too. This is how we find our relationship balance.

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