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What is Dermaplaning and Why Should You Try It?

Back in time, if a woman admitted to shaving her face, she would get some less than attractive stares. Modern shaving for chicks, however, is something totally different, great for anti-aging complexions and doesn’t involve bearded women. It’s a technique called Dermaplaning. Some of the loveliest celebrity faces are doing it along with the girl-next-door.

What is Dermaplaning and Why Should You Try It?

When you Dermaplane, you are performing excellent exfoliation for the skin. You’re also removing the peach fuzz that grows on women’s faces. Exfoliation is the removal of dull, dead skin cells. The process is key for maintaining a smooth, soft and radiant complexion. It unclogs the follicles to keep away trapped grime and bacteria.

Dermaplaning can reveal younger-looking skin for women of all ages. The technique results in a fresh layer of skin that allows anti-aging products to penetrate better. It allows makeup to glide on smoothly and your face to appear more evenly toned.

If you think you can take any regular razor to Dermaplane, you would be mistaken. The razor you use for your legs and underarms is constructed differently, reports

You want to use a single-edge blade to get to the root of the matter. It’s not as easy as it looks. That is why going to a professional salon for a Dermaplane session is recommended. These trained technicians know how to properly use a Dermaplane scalpel. They also know how to hold the small beauty device at the right angles. These aesthetic experts are skilled in not cutting your skin.

There are Dermaplane razors sold over-the-counter, so you can do it yourself. However, these blades will be less sharp. You will have to repeat the skincare routine more often.

AmericanSpa took a look at the popular salon treatment and its pros and cons. For one thing, if you have active acne or cystic breakouts, don’t Dermaplane. Also, the treatment doesn’t get rid of hair as long as waxing does. Results may be unique to every individual because our hair growth cycles are not the same.

Other than those minor issues, a Dermaplane procedure offers multiple benefits. It’s a treatment that can be performed frequently. There’s no big downtime or recovery. The shaving technique encourages the growth of fresh collagen. This creates firmer, glowing skin. It’s also a wonderful option for sensitive complexions. Pregnant women can get thorough facial exfoliation, too. A series of treatments can lighten slight acne scars.

Lots of women worry about one huge problem developing after Dermaplaning. They’re afraid their hair will grow back in darker and thicker. Skin care experts say that’s an old myth. Your hair will return as it was before. It will not change in texture or color.

Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were said to be secret Dermaplane fans. Stars like Taraji P. Henson have the treatment done before red carpet events. Henson’s makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff performs the treatment on her. If you, too, desire baby-smooth skin, reach for the scalpel and shave it, girl!

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Coffee Face Packs for Glowing Skin

Coffee is not only a popular and loved beverage since decades for its flavor and aroma but also as a natural beauty ingredient. Being a great exfoliating agent, coffee is used in various scrubs along with other natural ingredients to get a fresh and glowing skin. It helps in opening up the pores on the skin and reduces puffiness around eyes. Let us discuss a few more beauty benefits of using coffee and also three coffee masks which you can easily prepare at home.

Coffee Face Packs for Glowing Skin

Benefits of Coffee as a Beauty Ingredient

• Packed with a bundle of antioxidants and Essential Vitamins for Glowing Skin, coffee is great for your skin and face. It brightens your face, prevents wrinkles and lines and unclogs pores. Coffee gives a new and fresh look to your face, making you seem younger and more beautiful.

• Coffee is a great ingredient for puffed and swollen eyes. It helps in lightening your dark circles and preventing aging lines beneath your eyes. The caffeine present in the coffee helps in removing water from the lymphatic system and hence removes puffiness.

• It is a great exfoliating ingredient and helps in smoothening rough skin along with targeting cellulite. It infuses in the pores to give a bright look to the face and skin.

• Along with face, skin and eyes, coffee is also beneficial for the hair. Applying coffee in the form of a paste to the hair provides extra shine and boosts hair color.

Coffee Face Packs

Although there are a lot of coffee packs available in the cosmetic market, the best ones are those which are made at home with all the natural ingredients. They provide the best results within a less period of time unlike the chemically manufactured coffee packs.

1. Coffee and Cocoa Face Pack

Along with ground coffee, cocoa also has some properties which are beneficial for the skin and face.

You will need: 1 tbsp ground Coffee, 1 tbsp cocoa powder and 2 tsp honey

Method: First, take the Fresh coffee beans, grind it very fine. You can use any multi-setting grinder if you don’t have one grab one from highly rated grinders.  I use a Baratza encore. Then Mix all the ingredients into a fine paste and keep it to rest for five minutes. Apply on the neck and face gently with a circular motion and leave it on for 20 mins. Rinse off well with cool water and pat dry with a towel.

Benefits: Coffee and cocoa will help in anti- oxidant and anti- inflammatory benefits and honey will help in moisturizing the skin.

2. Coffee and Coconut Oil Pack

You will need: 1 tsp ground coffee and 1 tsp coconut oil

Method: Mix the ingredients well and apply on the face in circular motion. Avoid the eyes, nose and lips area. Leave it on for 30 to 60 mins and wash off with warm water. Pat dry using a towel.

Benefits: Coffee helps in exfoliating the skin and coconut oil brightens the face, giving it a glowing look.

3. Coffee and Oatmeal Pack

You will need: 1 tbsp ground coffee, 1 tbsp oatmeal powder, 1 tbsp yogurt and 1 tsp honey (optional).

Method: Mix all the ingredients until it forms a thick paste. You can add honey for consistency. Apply on the face and neck in a circular motion. Keep for 30 mins and rinse off with warm water.

Benefits: Coffee acts as an exfoliating agent and oatmeal and yogurt softens the skin. Honey helps in achieving glow.

Coffee alone rejuvenates the skin and gives a number of benefits but if mixed with other natural benefitting ingredients, it can work wonders for enhancing your beauty. There are other ingredients which you can use with coffee for good results such as lemon, olive oil, tea tree oil and apple. All work in a great combination with coffee to bring out the best in you. So, what are you waiting for? Time to use your coffee for beauty purposes along with awakening your senses!


Anti-Aging Secrets From Women Who Look Decades Younger Than Their Real Age (Video)

Anti-Aging Secrets From Women Who Look Decades Younger Than Their Real Age (Video)

Anti-Aging Secrets From Women Who Look Decades Younger Than Their Real Age (Video)

Did you know the fountain of youth is only a trip to the grocery store away? What if I told you that moving your body at least 30 minutes a day could help improve the quality of your life? Well, these 3 lovely ladies, all of whom are approaching the tender age of 80, are proof that a simple commitment to healthy eating and an active lifestyle can shave decades off your life.

Young Ladies Secrets

Each one of these women shares their secrets on how easy it is to tap into the fountain of youth, so to speak. Have you ever heard the concept, “Garbage in, garbage out?” Eating overly processed foods that are packed with unpronounceable ingredients, sodium, sugars, and carbohydrates, can make a person sluggish, cause weight gain, affect moods and emotions, and even dull skin. Who wants that? Not me and if you’re reading this, definitely, not you! They call it clean eating for a reason, people.

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Why didn’t anyone tell us eating fruits and veggies would possibly take years off our lives and appearances? Taking a trip along the entire outside perimeter of the grocery store is probably more cost effective than having any cosmetic work done.

The benefits of being active and eating clean are simple and proven. Eating healthy boost cell function, curtails fatigue, and even decreases the risk of health issues. According to the Office on Women’s Health, staying active has a number of health benefits, including helping to prevent depression, improving brain function, boosting energy, and most importantly helping a person live a longer, healthier life. You are only as young as you feel and these 3 women are proof of that.

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To find out what other benefits a healthy diet and active lifestyle check out this video:

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Anti-Aging Secrets: Learn How To Use Egg White & Egg Yolk For Your Beauty

Anti-Aging Secrets: Learn How To Use Egg White & Egg Yolk For Your Beauty

Anti-Aging Secrets: Learn How To Use Egg White & Egg Yolk For Your Beauty

Even though most of us generally use them as food, eggs can be an excellent beauty tool as well. Enjoy this informative segment on the anti-aging and healing properties of an egg white mask for your skin and a nourishing egg yolk mask for your hair. This video from Brazilian Girl Channel will take you step-by-step through the making of both masks.

Anti-Aging Secrets- How To Use Eggs For Your Beauty

Use Egg Whites As a Skin Treatment

When egg whites are whipped into a foam and applied to skin, the proteins and vitamins in the egg white tighten sagging skin, reduce pore size, and have a slight bleaching effect that reduces dark marks caused by acne scars. As the narrator in the video explains, egg whites can also help heal burns.

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Use Egg Yolk As a Hair Mask

Egg yolks, when mixed with a small amount of olive oil, can be a nourishing treatment for brittle hair. When left on the hair for a small amount of time, the oils and proteins bind to the hair shaft, sealing hair ends and leaving your hair gleaming and manageable.

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3-Minute Facial Muscle Exercises To Stay Looking Young

3-Minute Facial Muscle Exercises To Stay Looking Young

3-Minute Facial Muscle Exercises To Stay Looking Young

Exercise is vital for all parts of our bodies. To keep ourselves healthy, fit and youthful, we spend at least a few hours a week engaging in some sort of physical fitness routine. We do this because we know that exercise benefits our blood circulation, muscle tone and overall health. Incorporating just 3 minutes of simple facial exercises into your routine can do wonders for your face and give you the same tone and restored feeling that keeps your facial structure firm, your skin tighter, and you look younger.

3-Minute Facial Exercises To Keep Your Skin Healthy, Fit and Youthful


Beauty at any Age

All the scowling, jowling, frowning, smiling, laughing and squinting over a lifetime, plus the effect of gravity, leave expression lines and sagging features upon your face. By toning and strengthening your facial muscles and improving blood flow and oxygen to your skin, you can beat the sag and those lines significantly. Best of all, it costs nothing but three minutes of your time. So before you put on that makeup each morning or last thing at night, look in the mirror, do these simple exercises, and soon that mirror will reflect a firm, radiant and relaxed face back at you.

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Anti-Aging Secrets: How To Use Olive Oil For Your Beauty

Anti-Aging Secrets: How To Use Olive Oil For Your Beauty

Anti-Aging Secrets: How To Use Olive Oil For Your Beauty

Olive oil is for more than just cooking and giving your salad some flavor. Olive oil has a handful of beauty and health benefits that will heal your skin and beautify your face. For example, did you know you can wash your face with a little olive oil and leave it over night for incredibly smooth and fresh skin? Olive oil is great for removing make up as well, even water-proof mascara. Best of all, olive oil is cheap and works for most types of skin! The Brazilian Girl Channel on YouTube goes more in-depth with what olive oil can do for you with this interesting beauty video.

Anti-Aging Secrets- How To Use Olive Oil For Your Beauty

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Of course olive oil offers benefits for than your face. It’s used to reduce cholesterol and promote a healthy heart. It’s high in saturated fats, which are actually healthy for our bodies. Not only that, but olive oil can also aid in hair regrowth. There’s a lot olive oil can do for you, both in beauty products and general physical health.

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This is What Happen to Your Body When You Stop Wearing High Heels!

This is What Happen to Your Body When You Stop Wearing High Heels!

This is What Happen to Your Body When You Stop Wearing High Heels!

If you’re a habitual wearer of high heels, putting your high-end shoes may be the last thing on your mind, but should it be? As fashion evolves, we’re seeing more flats and sneakers on the runway and it seems that some women are actually ditching their high-heels for good. Surprisingly, there are several benefits to retiring those stilettos and investing in supportive flats.

This is What Happen to Your Body When You Stop Wearing High Heels!

Relieve Pain

Regularly wearing heels puts strain on your knees. Because your center of gravity is off when you’re in six-inch stilettos, the tendons are under a lot of stress. After taking off your heels, you’ll notice a reduction in pain within several days, if it was caused by your high-heel wearing days.

Be advised, however, that the tension in the tendons of the feet might lead to heel pain for a couple of days after retiring your high-end footwear. Fortunately, your tendons will stretch back to their normal length and the pain will begin to subside.

Relieve Muscle Tension

While it may seem counter-intuitive, giving up your high heels may actually increase the length of your legs. According to the Journal of Applied Physiology, shelving your high heels may increase the length of your legs. Obviously, your legs won’t grow, but the calf muscles will begin to stretch out after you settle for a pair of flats.

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Improved Posture

Some women believe that high heels allow them to stand straighter. While this may be true in terms of the upper body, it is entirely the opposite for the lower body. Heels cause your pelvis to shift which causes lower back pain. In severe cases, this can lead to disc slippage. If you’re suffering from back pain and regularly wear heels, try flats instead and see if your pain subsides.

Become Balanced

If you wear heels regularly, you might have noticed that you seem a little off-balance even when you’re not wearing them. This is due to the different muscle build-up as a result of wearing heels. There is a difference in muscle strength on the sides and front of the feet, leading to instability. Taking off those heels and stretching those feet will lead to increased stability and balance.

You’re Safer

According to a study conducted by the University of Alabama at Birmingham, injuries caused by high heels continues to rise. Why risk your health for the sake of beauty?

We all know that high heels are not particularly comfortable, yet we continue to spend hours walking with our toes pointed forward and our heels back, only to breathe a sweet sigh of relief when we remove them at the end of the day. Instead of torturing yourself, throw those heels in the closet and try out a comfortable pair of flats—even if only for a few days.

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Scientists Claim Drinking This Amount Of Water Before Meals Will Help You Lose Weight

Scientists Claim Drinking This Amount Of Water Before Meals Will Help You Lose Weight

Scientists Claim Drinking This Amount Of Water Before Meals Will Help You Lose Weight

If you’ve been taking steps to a healthier life, you may have eliminated soda and other sweetened drinks from your diet and replaced them with water. It is well known that water is essential to our health as it transports oxygen as well as other nutrients to cells, rids toxins from the body, and lubricates the joints, among several other functions. While drinking additional water is an excellent step towards better health, it may also be an easy way to shed a few pounds.

Drinking A Pint Of Water Before Meals Will Help You Lose Weight

A recent study, performed at the University of Birmingham, followed 84 obese adults over the course of 12 weeks. The first group, comprised of about half the participants, was required to “pre-load” with a pint of water (approximately 16 ounces) about half an hour before each meal of the day. The other half of the participants were told to simply imagine that they were full prior to beginning their meal. Members of the study who stated that they pre-loaded with water before all three meals reported a loss of 9.48lbs (4.3kg) over 12 weeks. However, those who only pre-loaded with water once a day or not at all only reported a loss of 1.76lbs (0.8kg) on average.

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The participants were encouraged to drink plain tap water as sparkling water, sodas and juice drinks were not allowed in the study. To ensure that the participants were following the plan, they were regularly surveyed by researchers and had their urine tested to confirm the amount of water they were truly consuming was consistent with the amount required for the study. Researchers at the University of Birmingham stated that this simple habit can be tremendously beneficial and easy to apply to busy lifestyles.

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Dr. Helen Parretti, NIHR Clinical Lecturer at the University of Birmingham said, “The beauty of these findings is in the simplicity.” She continued to explain, “Just drinking a pint of water, three times a day, before your main meals may help reduce your weight.”

The results of this study will need to be further confirmed in a larger trial, however, this data remains an interesting finding that may benefit those who find losing weight to be difficult. The researchers hope to gain support for a larger trial with more participants and a longer trial period in order to authenticate their findings in this study.

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After You See What These 6 HERBS May Do To Your Breasts, You Will Never Stop Using Them!

After You See What These 6 HERBS May Do To Your Breasts, You Will Never Stop Using Them!

After You See What These 6 HERBS May Do To Your Breasts, You Will Never Stop Using Them!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so the saying goes. However, some cultures recognize a very specific standard of beauty for women which includes desirable breast size. Women who have smaller breasts because of genetics, pregnancy and nursing or other reason may find themselves frustrated with their bodies for social reasons, or because they want to feel more feminine or fit into clothing better.


Any of these reasons can influence women to seek out cosmetic surgery for breast enhancements which can carry significant medical risks. Fortunately, there are natural alternatives to increasing breast size using several different herbs.

Pueraria mirfica

This plant is cultivated in Thailand and has been used for years in that area. It is available as a supplement and reported to have beneficial compounds that may help to increase breast size. Other uses are for relief of menopausal symptoms, youthful skin, low libido and weight loss. It can be taken by mouth or topically.


Anise is a flowering plant that is grown in many parts of the world, has a licorice-like flavor, and related to carrots, cumin, and dill. Anise seeds are most commonly used and contain natural chemicals that act strongly like estrogen in the body (called phytoestrogens), which is why this herb may be successful in increasing breast size. It can also increase love-making drive and milk flow in nursing women. Anise supplements are available in capsules or liquid extracts.

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The seeds of this herb have been used traditionally to treat a plethora of health conditions, to induce childbirth and to stimulate milk production. It is said to have an estrogen-increasing effect on the body, which in turn may result in an increase in breast tissue. As with most herbs, fenugreek can be taken as a pill or a liquid extract.

Fennel (also known rezene)

Fennel seeds contains an abundance of phytoestrogens and have a wide range of uses for health and illness, including milk production and increased love-making drive. Fennel seeds and oil have been used by some women to increase breast tissue growth.

Licorice (also known as sweet root)

Similar to the other herbs, licorice can act as an estrogen in the body leading to more breast tissue growth. It also has many other medicinal properties. Typically, the root of the plant is used in liquid extracts, capsules and teas.

Many women have testified to the success of using herbs to increase breast size. Herb can be safe when used correctly and have many fewer side effects than resorting to conventional breast augmentation surgery. It is important to do your research and speak with a qualified health professional before taking herbs for any health condition.

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They Bullied Her as A Child Because of Her Skin. Today Her Skin Made Her Famous!

They Bullied Her as A Child Because of Her Skin. Today Her Skin Made Her Famous!

They Bullied Her as A Child Because of Her Skin. Today Her Skin Made Her Famous!

Winnie Harlow is a gorgeous, strong woman of color. Many beautiful colors, in fact, because Winnie has a skin condition called vitiligo. Data from the American Vitiligo Association suggests that the condition affects 1 – 2% of the world population. While it’s no more common among people of African descent, the pale patches of skin are more visible against darker skin tones.There are three types of vitiligo. These include:

She Overcame Brutal Taunts About Her Skin. Today Her Skin Made Her A Star

1) Generalized vitiligo: This type of vitiligo causes the pale patches to progress similarly or symmetrically on the body.
2) Segmental vitiligo: This type of vitiligo appears only on one side of the body. This type tends to impact younger children. The pale patches progresss for a short time, then stop.
3) Focal vitiligo: This type of vitiligo affects only a few areas of the body, but doesn’t progress symmetrically.

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Vitiligo is thought to be an auto-immune disorder in which the immune system attacks the melanin present in skin. While it is not dangerous, it can cause people to feel discomfort if it impacts their appearance. Lack of information among the general public regarding the cause of the condition increases the sense of isolation among those with the condition.Winnie’s vitiligo started to affect her appearance when she was four years old. The teasing she endured in school forced her to grow a very thick skin.

She was determined not to be destroyed by the brutal taunts heaped upon her by her classmates, the most common of which was “zebra.”Winnie has used her striking beauty to build a career as a well-known model. From that lofty perch, she has been able to use her new fame to promote vitiligo awareness and aid others who suffer the condition. Her work on behalf of others who suffer the isolation of being ostracized for looking different is inspiring and impressive. Her 2011 video “Vitiligo: A Skin Condition Not A Life Changer” has done a great deal to shed light and information on the condition and to raise awareness.Ms. Harlow has done a great job of reminding all of us that beauty, like people, is unique.

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7 Brilliant Uses for Cucumbers You’ve Never Considered!

7 Brilliant Uses for Cucumbers You’ve Never Considered!

7 Brilliant Uses for Cucumbers You’ve Never Considered!

Everyone knows that fresh vegetables are a necessity for a healthy body on the inside. Not many people realize that these same vegetables can be used as an addition to a beauty routine. These seven uses of cucumbers in a beauty regime will amaze you.

7 Brilliant Uses for Cucumbers You’ve Never Considered

1. Diminish the signs of cellulite or wrinkles by rubbing the target area with a few slices of cut cucumber. There is a phytochemical in the cuke that causes the collagen in the skin which causes it to tighten. This decreases the amount of cellulite that is visible in the outer surface epidermis.

2. To create an aroma therapy type session without visiting the spa, cucumbers are a great reliever of stress in place of a spa treatment. Simply put a sliced cucumber in a pan with boiling water. The steam created will contain nutrients and chemicals that have shown to reduce stress levels in college students during testing and in mothers who have recently given birth.

3. Cucumbers can help to remove bad breath after eating. A slice pressed for 30 seconds to the roof of the mouth will release enough photochemical into the mouth to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.

4. Consuming cucumbers as a snack to curb the appetite is a popular option for many who are watching their weight and looking to eat healthier. This filling snack will keep the hunger away with no fat.

5. Eat a cucumber before going to bed at night to avoid the effects of excessive alcohol, known as a hang over, and wake up pain free in the morning. The nutrients and the water in the cuke will replenish the missing elements in the body caused by dehydration from alcohol consumption.

6. Cucumbers are a tremendous source for vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, magnesium, iron, folic acid, potassium, zinc, and phosphorus. One cucumber is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that are essential to the health and beauty of a body.

7. Use slices of cucumbers placed over closed eyelids to reduce puffiness in the eye area. The enzyme cyclo-oxyenase in cucumbers prevents the excessive production of inflammation causing nitric oxides. The cool moist properties of the cucumber offer the user a cooling and relaxing experience for stressed eyes.

Uses for Cucumbers That Will Amaze You

Whether in a salad, placed on puffy eyelids, or used to reduce the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles, cucumbers are one of the great wonders of the garden. The versatility of this vegetable can take the stress out of your day and replenish essential nutrients with no adaptations required. Cucumbers are amazing whether they are straight from the garden as a meal or as a beauty enhancer.

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5 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks For Women of Color

5 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks For Women of Color

5 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks For Women of Color

It’s a fact that women are beautiful the world over. However, some women of color may find it difficult at times to find a suitable cosmetic when shopping at some department store makeup counters. Some makeup lines simply do not carry foundations that are dark enough. Others may lack the color foundations that can easily show up on darker skin. The following beauty hacks can help African American women achieve the ultimate beauty look.

5 Life- Changing Beauty Hacks For Women of Color

Hack #1. If you have a darker complexion, avoid wearing makeup that’s too light. Yellow-based foundations work best for darker skin. The best applications apply when there’s no physical boundary between your skins and its makeup. When there’s difficulty finding the right color, mixing a lighter skin and darker skin color together may be just what’s needed. Brown and copper bronzers complement African American skin tones extremely well.

Hack# 2. Neutrals, earth tones, dark burgundy, and pinks are complementary colors that work well with darker skin. A little lip gloss brings it all together.

Hack #3. The darker your skin, the easier it is to use bright colors. Eyes can be accentuated with either brown or black eyeliner along with black mascara to help the lashes stand out.

Several popular makeup lines that African American women favor include IMAN Cosmetics, Cover Girl’s Queen collection line, M.A.C, Black Radiance and Fashion Fair. Combine these lines for the best beauty results.

For Beautiful Skin

Apply cocoa butter to help moisturize your skin. Proper moisturizing prevents itching and scratch which can leave a dry, flakey look. Many black women already believe they have beautiful skin, so there’s often a minimal attempt to correct or enhance it. There’s also less worry of sunburn due to a heavier coat of melanin.

For Beautiful Hair

African American women, like every culture in the world, have numerous hair types that include extremely curly, coarse, straight, thick and thin. Hair that is dry needs lots of moisture. Controlling your texture and style can be accomplished with oil treatments, conditioners, hair masques and DIY treatments in wrapping your hair in a steamed towel.

Reducing the use of chemicals reduces the chance of weakening your hair. Certain chemicals and relaxers, along with heat, can damage and dry your hair. Embracing one’s hair as is can be a celebration of ethnic heritage. More and more African American women are choosing this route and identifying with their own concept of beauty.

Source Source Source

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A Sure-fire Beauty Tip That Won’t Cost You a Penny

A Sure-fire Beauty Tip That Won’t Cost You a Penny

A Sure-fire Beauty Tip That Won’t Cost You a Penny

If you’re someone who wants to be more physically attractive but doesn’t have a lot of time or money to devote to it, you’re in luck. Research shows that instead of looking to pills, potions, and makeup to beautify yourself, you should be focusing on developing your personality.

A study by Kniffin and associates explored this issue in three ways.

First, they asked participants to rate pictures of their high school classmates according to four variables: familiarity, liking, respect, and physical attractiveness. Then, strangers were asked to rate the same pictures for physical attractiveness.

The researchers reasoned that if looks were the only factor that played a role in our assessments of others’ attractiveness, then the ratings by classmates and strangers should be about the same. This was not the case, however, as the data showed that physical attractiveness was particularly influenced by liking and respecting the person being rated. In other words, the more the participant liked and respected the person in the picture, the more likely their ratings were higher than the strangers.

In their second study, the researchers asked male and female members of a rowing team to rate each other on talent, effort, respect, liking, and physical attractiveness. Then, using the same methodology from the previous study, they had strangers rate how physically attractive they found the athletes. Again, likability and respect had a greater influence on how the participants rated one another’s attractiveness than did physical characteristics (as assessed by a stranger).

In addition, perceived talent played a role in how they were rated (e.g. a slacker was perceived as much less physically attractive than someone who was hard-working, even though the strangers did not perceive this difference in attractiveness).

In the final study, the researchers had students in a 6-week archeological experience rate each other at the beginning of the program, in the middle, and at the end. In this instance, they rated each other on familiarity, intelligence, effort, liking, and physical attractiveness. (For intelligence, effort, and liking, they made predictions about how smart, hard-working, and likable they perceived the person to be since they didn’t know them well enough to make informed ratings).

As was the case with the other studies, likability played an important role in how attractive they were rated to be at the end of the study. In fact, ratings of physical attractiveness changed for better or worse, depending on how likable people in the class proved to be across time.

The takeaway? To be perceived as more physically attractive, work on being likable and respected. Wondering how to accomplish this? Read on for some simple strategies to get you moving in the right direction:

Be upbeat – The stereotype of the person who is annoyingly nice is a myth. People are drawn to happy and positive people. To be seen as more likable, cultivate a positive outlook and give others the benefit of the doubt.


– Genuine smiling will help you to be seen as more likable. Why? When you smile, it encourages others to do the same. And, smiling creates a chain reaction in our bodies that boosts our moods. So, when you smile, people will literally be put in a better mood in your presence.

Listen with interest

– Everybody wants to be valued, and when you show a sincere interest in the other person, it is a validating experience. So, engage in active listening. And, when the other person shares something positive with you, be sure to reinforce them and ask questions.

Be a little vulnerable

– When we share a personal secret or are a little vulnerable with others, they are more likely to trust us. So experiment with self-disclosing, and enjoy deeper connections with others.

Try out these approaches and watch your relationships (and your perceived physical attractiveness) bloom!


10 Beauty Secrets from Nature

10 Beauty Secrets from Nature

10 Beauty Secrets from Nature

Empty and accurate promises are made all over the bottles and sprays in every cosmetic aisle, both in malls and retail stores. According to YWCA, women spend $7 billion per year on cosmetics products. But one has to wonder why a woman would spend $6 or $7 on a bottle of aloe vera lotion when she can just buy a plant that does the same thing. Check out this tip and nine others for 10 beauty secrets from nature.

10 Beauty Secrets from Nature

Aloe vera plant for burns/moisturizer: Curling iron burns are the worst, and they usually end up on the neck, the forehead or along the temple area. Cold water and cosmetic cream may do away with the burn. But for gardeners or occasional plant enthusiasts, cracking open the leave of an aloe vera plant will get the same results. The aloe vera also doubles as a moisturizer and a healing ointment for insect bites.

Avocado for puffy eyes: Slice a couple of avocados into moon-shaped pieces, and place them directly under the eyes. They’re also a great moisturizer for dry skin.

Bananas for facial moisturizer: For someone who doesn’t eat bananas on a regular basis, it’s too easy for extra bananas to turn black before they can be consumed. Try using overripe bananas as a face mask.

10 Beauty Secrets from Nature banana

Cocoa butter for fragrances: Name one person who doesn’t like the smell of chocolate chip cookies. Rubbing cocoa butter on the skin is a natural moisturizer and smells delightful.

Coconut oil for cuticle treatment: The point of cuticle oil is to moisten the skin around nails enough for them to be able to grow. Coconut oil does just that and smells pretty good, too. It’s also used to prevent wrinkles, treat acne, repair damaged dry ends for hair and to help get allergies under control.

Cucumbers: By now it’s pretty commonly known that cucumbers are good for removing bags under the eyes. They’re also good for the insides of eyes, too. Vitamin A in cucumbers helps improve eye health.

Flaxseed for skin healing: The Omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed help fight against acne and dermatitis.

Green tea for sun protection: Green tea doesn’t necessarily block UV rays. What it does is stop free radicals and protect against inflammation from being in the sun too long.

Shea butter for hair moisturizer: Shampoos and conditioners promise to make hair less dry and help avoid dandruff. Shea butter (a fat from the African shea tree) has a similar aroma to cocoa butter but is a bit thicker. Although it is too greasy for someone who doesn’t have exceptionally dry skin, it is the perfect hair oil for a dry scalp.

Water for youthful skin inside, outside: While it may seem tastier to drink sugary beverages, water is always the best selection for everything from cleaning the digestive system to youthful, clear skin.

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Look Smarter With These Dressing Tricks

Look Smarter With These Dressing Tricks

Dressing Tricks That Make You Look Smarter

Looking smart is important in today’s competitive environment. How you appear to others can say a lot about your IQ. You should look intelligent in all activities; business meetings, group discussions, or a conversation with friends. Here are a few things you can try to look smarter:

• Dress well
It’s important to dress properly. Avoid wearing informal clothes at the office and in meetings, this can leave a bad impression on others. Being well dressed makes you look more intelligent per a 2008 study at the University of Wisconsin. The study comprised examination of pictures of women wearing various attire; tank tops, short skirts, polo shirts, and jeans. They found that when the same woman was dressed in a ‘preppy’ fashion she seemed significantly more intelligent.

Dressing Tricks That Make You Look Smarter

• Choose a Collar
Wearing a stiff neat collar makes you look smart and fresh the entire day.This may be because most universities and schools have collared uniforms therefore collars are linked with academia. Maintain a feminine touch by pairing your collared shirt with a knee-length skirt and a narrow silk tie. This makes you look intelligent and attractive.


• Opt for Neutrals
Avoid eye-catching colors, you want people to focus on your work not your clothes. If you want to look smarter wear clothes with neutral colors that don’t distract from your competence or polarize people. You can mix them with different shades to add personality.


• A Blazer or Jacket
Have you ever noticed military uniforms? If you have then you have seen a well-structured blazer in its sartorial armor. Square shoulders indicate strength and authority while clean tailored apparel signifies discipline and commands respect. Blazers have the ability to instantly make your casual look smarter. Wear it with a soft shirt or t-shirt and a slim-fit pant. You can add appropriate jewelry.


• Go Classic
You don’t need to blindly follow the latest fashion trends, choose clothes that are never out of fashion and are smart and sophisticated. Wear diamonds, they raise your standards.


• Polish Your Shoes
Some believe that if a woman can’t look after her shoes, she can’t look after her life. It is also said that a person’s soul is determined by his/her shoes. Step out with well-polished and maintained shoes, this shows you are keen to every detail.


• Wear Glasses
A study in the UK telegraph states 1/3 of Britons think that glasses make people look more professional, and 43% think that wearing glasses makes you look more intelligent.


8.Wear Heels
According to an Australian study taller people make more money and are perceived as more intelligent and powerful. They found that a person 5’10” can earn 950% more every year by appearing 5″ taller. Height can lead to profitable situations.


Sources Sources Sources :

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Lips: Celebrity Makeup Made Easy

Lips: Celebrity Makeup Made Easy

Lips: Celebrity Makeup Made Easy

Today having big lips is popular, but not all of us are blessed with them. In the video above Kerie Ann London, Celebrity makeup artist, shows you how to properly do lip makeup, and tips to apply your lipstick to correctly create the perfect pout.

There are different types of lips; fuller or bigger lips, and smaller or thinner lips, fuller lips are said to be more attractive on a woman. Whether small lips are more attractive compared to big lips is a question that has many opinions, it depends on the individual and their personal preference.

Have you ever wondered what your lip shape says about you? According to a recent study:

Full Lips: Courageous and Self-assured

Wide Lips: Lively and have a large circle of friends with many different interests

Round Lips: Interested in exploration and a little bit rebellious and flirtatious

Thin Lips: You are sweet natured but it can come off as being shy and reserved at times

Bow-Shaped Lips: Independent, Seductive, and Expressive

Downward-turned Lips: Exotic and Quick-witted


First shape the lips with a lip liner, then apply color to the lips and to top it all off add a shiny lip gloss. This lip makeup will make your lips simply perfect and irresistible!


lips makeup


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Celebrity Makeup Made Easy (Basic Foundation)

Celebrity Makeup Tutorial- Basic Foundation

The video above is the first video of celebrity makeup tutorials by PositiveMed. The video will show you how to create the perfect foundation for your face!

What is foundation? Foundation is skin-colored makeup applied to the face to help cover up minor blemishes, create a uniform complexion and, sometimes, to slightly alter the shade of skin.

Foundation can make your face look flawless and air-brushed, or it can add years by creating a visible mask on your face! If you look at it like your about to start creating a painting, you know you’re going to need good quality and clean canvas!

To better choose your products you must understand what skin type you have. Do you have Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination or Sensitive skin?

The way you apply your makeup is important, and usually the way you feel most comfortable will turn out looking the best! Some choose to apply with a sponge or brush while others choose to use their fingers.

About the Makeup Artist: Karie Ann London is a celebrity makeup artist currently based in Miami FL, originally from the UK (London) with over 10 years experience, she has worked with many celebrities and her work has been featured in many famous national magazines and popular TV shows!

celebrity makeup tutorial basic foundation

She starts off by finding a good match for our model’s (Sara) skin in foundation color  and prepping the skin. She begins by applying a primer on the skin with a buffer brush, using circular motions to apply evenly on Sara’s skin. Once the primer is distributed evenly they get the foundation, she chooses a foundation with a matte finish. Be careful when choosing foundation color, it must blend naturally with the skin, going too dark or light will have a significant effect on the way your face will look, all these steps can be done with the same buffer brush. Then she uses a powder for the finishing touches to further mattify the skin.

celebrity makeup tutorial before after

For more videos and tutorials, please visit our new Youtube channel.


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Amazing Beauty Hacks

Amazing Beauty Hacks

Amazing Beauty Hacks

We are all looking for Fast, Fuss-free ways to become beautiful without breaking the bank.

These 6 items which most of us have in our Bathroom cabinet, Kitchen or Makeup kit will show you how effective and versatile ordinary stuff laying around the house can be:


  • Vaseline:Vaseline is a lot like baking soda; it’s cheap, plentiful, and has a variety of uses! In this infographic you can find just a handful of the beauty benefits Vaseline can provide. We have a full article about beauty uses for vaseline.

  • Apple Cider VinegarApple cider vinegar is a completely natural product: apple juice is fermented to hard apple cider, which is fermented a second time to apple cider vinegar, which has a huge range of uses from personal self-care to household cleaning; apple cider vinegar can do pretty much anything–for your skin, your hair, your house, and even your pets. Take full advantage of this amazing household product.

  • Coconut Oil: We’ve shared various real life stories of people who transformed their look using coconut oil. This wonderful oil has too many benefits for your hair and skin. You can find a useful article about how to use coconut oil for dry hair and dandruff here.

    You can also find a useful article about DIY Brown Sugar and Coconut Oil Face Scrub here.


  • Lemons and Acidic Fruits
  • Eggs


Amazing Beauty Hacks