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Celebrity Makeup Made Easy (Basic Foundation)

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Celebrity Makeup Tutorial- Basic Foundation

The video above is the first video of celebrity makeup tutorials by PositiveMed. The video will show you how to create the perfect foundation for your face!

What is foundation? Foundation is skin-colored makeup applied to the face to help cover up minor blemishes, create a uniform complexion and, sometimes, to slightly alter the shade of skin.

Foundation can make your face look flawless and air-brushed, or it can add years by creating a visible mask on your face! If you look at it like your about to start creating a painting, you know you’re going to need good quality and clean canvas!

To better choose your products you must understand what skin type you have. Do you have Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination or Sensitive skin?

The way you apply your makeup is important, and usually the way you feel most comfortable will turn out looking the best! Some choose to apply with a sponge or brush while others choose to use their fingers.

About the Makeup Artist: Karie Ann London is a celebrity makeup artist currently based in Miami FL, originally from the UK (London) with over 10 years experience, she has worked with many celebrities and her work has been featured in many famous national magazines and popular TV shows!

celebrity makeup tutorial basic foundation

She starts off by finding a good match for our model’s (Sara) skin in foundation color  and prepping the skin. She begins by applying a primer on the skin with a buffer brush, using circular motions to apply evenly on Sara’s skin. Once the primer is distributed evenly they get the foundation, she chooses a foundation with a matte finish. Be careful when choosing foundation color, it must blend naturally with the skin, going too dark or light will have a significant effect on the way your face will look, all these steps can be done with the same buffer brush. Then she uses a powder for the finishing touches to further mattify the skin.

celebrity makeup tutorial before after

For more videos and tutorials, please visit our new Youtube channel.


Edited 9/20/14 SCD

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