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Anti-Aging Secrets: Learn How To Use Egg White & Egg Yolk For Your Beauty

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Anti-Aging Secrets: Learn How To Use Egg White & Egg Yolk For Your Beauty

Anti-Aging Secrets: Learn How To Use Egg White & Egg Yolk For Your Beauty

Even though most of us generally use them as food, eggs can be an excellent beauty tool as well. Enjoy this informative segment on the anti-aging and healing properties of an egg white mask for your skin and a nourishing egg yolk mask for your hair. This video from Brazilian Girl Channel will take you step-by-step through the making of both masks.

Anti-Aging Secrets- How To Use Eggs For Your Beauty

Use Egg Whites As a Skin Treatment

When egg whites are whipped into a foam and applied to skin, the proteins and vitamins in the egg white tighten sagging skin, reduce pore size, and have a slight bleaching effect that reduces dark marks caused by acne scars. As the narrator in the video explains, egg whites can also help heal burns.

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Use Egg Yolk As a Hair Mask

Egg yolks, when mixed with a small amount of olive oil, can be a nourishing treatment for brittle hair. When left on the hair for a small amount of time, the oils and proteins bind to the hair shaft, sealing hair ends and leaving your hair gleaming and manageable.

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