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What is Dermaplaning and Why Should You Try It?

What is Dermaplaning and Why Should You Try It?

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Back in time, if a woman admitted to shaving her face, she would get some less than attractive stares. Modern shaving for chicks, however, is something totally different, great for anti-aging complexions and doesn’t involve bearded women. It’s a technique called Dermaplaning. Some of the loveliest celebrity faces are doing it along with the girl-next-door.

What is Dermaplaning and Why Should You Try It?

When you Dermaplane, you are performing excellent exfoliation for the skin. You’re also removing the peach fuzz that grows on women’s faces. Exfoliation is the removal of dull, dead skin cells. The process is key for maintaining a smooth, soft and radiant complexion. It unclogs the follicles to keep away trapped grime and bacteria.

Dermaplaning can reveal younger-looking skin for women of all ages. The technique results in a fresh layer of skin that allows anti-aging products to penetrate better. It allows makeup to glide on smoothly and your face to appear more evenly toned.

If you think you can take any regular razor to Dermaplane, you would be mistaken. The razor you use for your legs and underarms is constructed differently, reports Today.com.

You want to use a single-edge blade to get to the root of the matter. It’s not as easy as it looks. That is why going to a professional salon for a Dermaplane session is recommended. These trained technicians know how to properly use a Dermaplane scalpel. They also know how to hold the small beauty device at the right angles. These aesthetic experts are skilled in not cutting your skin.

There are Dermaplane razors sold over-the-counter, so you can do it yourself. However, these blades will be less sharp. You will have to repeat the skincare routine more often.

AmericanSpa took a look at the popular salon treatment and its pros and cons. For one thing, if you have active acne or cystic breakouts, don’t Dermaplane. Also, the treatment doesn’t get rid of hair as long as waxing does. Results may be unique to every individual because our hair growth cycles are not the same.

Other than those minor issues, a Dermaplane procedure offers multiple benefits. It’s a treatment that can be performed frequently. There’s no big downtime or recovery. The shaving technique encourages the growth of fresh collagen. This creates firmer, glowing skin. It’s also a wonderful option for sensitive complexions. Pregnant women can get thorough facial exfoliation, too. A series of treatments can lighten slight acne scars.

Lots of women worry about one huge problem developing after Dermaplaning. They’re afraid their hair will grow back in darker and thicker. Skin care experts say that’s an old myth. Your hair will return as it was before. It will not change in texture or color.

Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were said to be secret Dermaplane fans. Stars like Taraji P. Henson have the treatment done before red carpet events. Henson’s makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff performs the treatment on her. If you, too, desire baby-smooth skin, reach for the scalpel and shave it, girl!

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