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10 Beauty Secrets from Nature

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10 Beauty Secrets from Nature

10 Beauty Secrets from Nature

Empty and accurate promises are made all over the bottles and sprays in every cosmetic aisle, both in malls and retail stores. According to YWCA, women spend $7 billion per year on cosmetics products. But one has to wonder why a woman would spend $6 or $7 on a bottle of aloe vera lotion when she can just buy a plant that does the same thing. Check out this tip and nine others for 10 beauty secrets from nature.

10 Beauty Secrets from Nature

Aloe vera plant for burns/moisturizer: Curling iron burns are the worst, and they usually end up on the neck, the forehead or along the temple area. Cold water and cosmetic cream may do away with the burn. But for gardeners or occasional plant enthusiasts, cracking open the leave of an aloe vera plant will get the same results. The aloe vera also doubles as a moisturizer and a healing ointment for insect bites.

Avocado for puffy eyes: Slice a couple of avocados into moon-shaped pieces, and place them directly under the eyes. They’re also a great moisturizer for dry skin.

Bananas for facial moisturizer: For someone who doesn’t eat bananas on a regular basis, it’s too easy for extra bananas to turn black before they can be consumed. Try using overripe bananas as a face mask.

10 Beauty Secrets from Nature banana

Cocoa butter for fragrances: Name one person who doesn’t like the smell of chocolate chip cookies. Rubbing cocoa butter on the skin is a natural moisturizer and smells delightful.

Coconut oil for cuticle treatment: The point of cuticle oil is to moisten the skin around nails enough for them to be able to grow. Coconut oil does just that and smells pretty good, too. It’s also used to prevent wrinkles, treat acne, repair damaged dry ends for hair and to help get allergies under control.

Cucumbers: By now it’s pretty commonly known that cucumbers are good for removing bags under the eyes. They’re also good for the insides of eyes, too. Vitamin A in cucumbers helps improve eye health.

Flaxseed for skin healing: The Omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed help fight against acne and dermatitis.

Green tea for sun protection: Green tea doesn’t necessarily block UV rays. What it does is stop free radicals and protect against inflammation from being in the sun too long.

Shea butter for hair moisturizer: Shampoos and conditioners promise to make hair less dry and help avoid dandruff. Shea butter (a fat from the African shea tree) has a similar aroma to cocoa butter but is a bit thicker. Although it is too greasy for someone who doesn’t have exceptionally dry skin, it is the perfect hair oil for a dry scalp.

Water for youthful skin inside, outside: While it may seem tastier to drink sugary beverages, water is always the best selection for everything from cleaning the digestive system to youthful, clear skin.

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