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How To Help Live A Longer Life

We’d all like to live as long as a life as possible, but there are certain life choices that might decrease the age at which we live. To avoid this as best as possible, here are some tips to help live a longer life.

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Get Physical

Being physically active is important when you are trying to maintain a healthy body. The combinations of unhealthy food and drink every once in a while, or perhaps on a regular basis are going to have an effect on your body. To be able to counteract that effect, you want to be able to do a bit of fitness on a daily or weekly basis. Ideally, you should be doing at least twenty minutes of exercise per day, but for many, that can be pretty unrealistic to begin with. So instead try doing a little bit each day and then working your way up. Find something you love, rather than something a friend or colleague loves doing. If you are looking for a more controlled form of exercise that focuses on your mind and body, then meditation teacher training is something you might want to get involved in. Meditation is all about slowing down and being more conscious of your body and its movements, and if you’re a good leader, then it might be something you’d excel at and still be able to get some fitness benefits from if you mix in a little yoga.

Go On More Holidays

Life is definitely for living, and sometimes we can forget to live it. We focus more on having enough money in the bank and ensuring we can make other commitments in life that are mostly to do with other people. So it’s time to be selfish for once and go on more holidays. You likely work very hard for your money, and you should be spoiling it on yourself than on other people all of the time. Try to find some time at points in the year where you could either try long weekends away or having a main holiday in or out of the school holiday season. It’s important to see the world we live in and to explore the different cultures and places that are available for us to discover. Travelling keeps our bodies and minds active, and that can contribute to our health.

Cut Out Bad Habits

We all have our bad habits, and they are bad habits for a reason. They don’t have the best effect on our health, and so it’s important to cut these out where possible. Things like smoking and excessive drinking are never going to help the body and will end up causing a lot of damage to your body internally over time. It’s definitely a good idea to try and detox from these bad habits and to try and cut them out completely. That’s not always possible, but it definitely is beneficial in attempting to reduce how much you smoke or how often you drink. You will certainly feel much better in yourself if you give it a go. 

Surround Yourself With Positive People

When you’re surrounded by positive people, it can help you become positive yourself. The importance of positive people in your life is very significant because those who are trying to bring you down can play havoc on your emotions and your mental health in general. If you’re spending time with people that can share a positive outlook on life then being in that environment is going to make you feel more comfortable to talk about those feelings of doubt when you’re not feeling like yourself. That’s because they’re going to help lift you up and not try to bring you down even further.

Work On Your Mental Wellbeing

As far as your mental wellbeing goes, it can be just as impactful on your health as your general health can be. You want to spend time on your mental health and being able to understand those times you go through when you’re not feeling yourself. Knowing what to do in that situation to bring you out of it is important, and it’s one that you work out over time. Look after yourself and be selfish when you need to be.

Follow these tips to live a much happier and longer life!

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Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men?

Statistics suggest that, everywhere around the world, women live longer than men. This is a very interesting trend since women also have higher rates of physical illness and pay more visits to the doctor. So why do women live longer? Are they just more resilient to disease, or is there something else? 

Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men?

The answer lies in men and women’s biology. As you might’ve learned in school, men and women have different chromosomes. Men are considered the heterogametic sex, as they both X and Y chromosomes. Women are homogametic, with two XX chromosomes. These differences in chromosomes determine the person’s sex and they are responsible for most changes in development. They tell the body whether to develop male or female characteristics, although there are variations in every person. 

Fat distribution is one of the explanations for why women live longer. Women have more subcutaneous fat, which is fat under the skin. Men have more fat around the organs or visceral fat. Visceral fat has been linked to a higher risk of heart disease. This might explain why men face a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, even at young ages. 

The presence of the male and female hormones might also be to blame. Estrogens are hormones primarily found on the female body. Estrogens have been found to prevent DNA damage and aid longevity. They can act as antioxidants in the human body, which could benefit men as well. 

In contrast, testosterone might be a reason men meet their demise faster. Men have much more elevated levels of testosterone than women, which influences their behavior. High levels of testosterone can lead to an increase in risky behaviors. This explains why men engage more in activities such as smoking and drinking alcohol. They also take jobs in industries that can be more dangerous, such as construction or mining. Testosterone literally kills men in many cases. This is mirrored by studies done in men who were castrated as children, which made them produce much less testosterone. These men added 14 to 19 years to their lives. This isn’t to say that testosterone is inherently bad but compare to estrogens they seem to have detrimental effects. 

The advances in modern medicine have also contributed to this. Throughout history, young women have been disproportionately affected by infectious diseases. As modern medicine decreased the risk for infectious disease, women also benefit especially from this. There is also the theory that, since these women were infected, they passed on genetic resistance to their offspring. Richer countries also see a bigger gender gap in longevity than less wealthy ones due to all of these factors. 

Whatever the reasons might be, there are many reasons as to why women live longer than men. Of course, women are not immune to disease either, and they should still be very vigilant about their health. Perhaps it would be a good idea for both men and women to use this knowledge for longevity and health. Everybody wants a long, healthy life after all!

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The Secret To South Korean’s Women Long Life Expectancy

South Korean women are projected to have an average life expectancy of above 90 in 2030, according to a new study.

Some other countries will also be trailing closely behind. These include Chile, the UK, Japan, France, Canada, and Australia. The women are all expected to have an expected life expectancy of 85 by 2030. These are the findings from the Imperial College London and the World Health Organization. The study examined life expectancy in 35 industrialized countries.

In most of the examined countries, life spans will continue to increase significantly, according to the study published in The Lancet medical journal.

The United States

Life expectancy in the United States is projected to rise at a slower pace. This has been contributed to several factors like infant mortality, high homicide rates, unequal access to health care, and obesity. Life spans at birth for American males will compare to those of Czech men (below 80) by 2030. On the other hand, American women will have a life expectancy of below 85, which will be comparable to other countries like Mexico and Croatia.

The Height Counts

A lot has to do with the height of a person. Studies indicate that the United States is the first developed country that has experienced stagnation or a decline in terms of the average adult height. This is one of the factors that correlate closely with longevity and health.

The study used 21 different models to foretell life expectancy. It gives South Korean’s women born in 2030 a 57% chance of living past 90 years, and a 97% probability they will be over 86.

According to the researchers, South Korean’s expected longevity has based the assumption that their blood pressure and body-mass-index (BMI) will be smaller than citizens in other comparable countries.


The long lifespan can also be attributed to the South Korean diet particularly kimchi. This is a diet based on fermented vegetables – particularly cabbage which is loaded with probiotics and vitamins A and B.

Other factors that can drive an increase in longevity in these countries are improved nutrition education, lower traffic accidents, advanced economic status, and high-quality health care systems.

Men Catching Up

The life expectancy between men and women in all the studied countries is closing in. Lifestyle risk factors like smoking and alcoholism contribute to low life expectancy in men. Women are now trying to become like men in terms of lifestyle habits, which will shorten the gap in life expectancy by 2030.

Edited by: Jessa (Jan. 29, 2019)

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Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer

Having good health is something that all people want to achieve. However, following a healthy lifestyle is very challenging in today`s fast-paced world and we always need to be focused on achieving the most precious thing in life – good health. Good thing to know is that a few simple changes in your daily habits can go long ways, so achieving good health is not very hard if you are patient and disciplined. The following are some useful things to know and follow if you want to live a happier and longer life. In any case, another good thing you can do is get an iSelect – Health insurance in order to get a peace of mind that your health will always be protected no matter what.

Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer

The first thing you need to change if you want to become healthier is your diet. This is something that many people neglect, but it is a very important thing. Our health largely depends on the things we eat, so always make sure you consume nutritious food without any additives or artificial flavors. The intake of fresh fruits and vegetables should increase and you should avoid eating fast foods. Following a healthy diet is not always easy to do, because most of the people are constantly on the move and have no time to cook nutritious and healthy meals. However, there are numerous food options out there, so try to eat healthier if you want to improve your health. Even slightest changes in your diet can make a big difference and you will quickly notice positive changes in the way you look and feel. Besides eating well, never forget the importance of water as well. Water keeps your internal juices going and keeps your body properly hydrated. Not just that, but water is responsible for your skin health too. Therefore, consume plenty of water during the day and keep yourself hydrated at all times.

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Another thing to follow towards reaching and maintaining good health is exercising more. Any physical exercise is good for the body. Exercises help you maintain a healthy weight and keep your body in good shape. Exercises do not have to be painful or very demanding, as even simple stretches can help you a lot. Make a habit to jog or walk for at least half an hour every day and do this regularly. By exercising daily, your muscles will improve and you will strengthen your immunity.

Finally, changing your sleeping habits can also make your life healthier. Good uninterrupted sleep of about eight hours can do wonders for your body. You will refresh and recharge your body and your internal organs will work much better. If you go to sleep at the same time every night you will be getting numerous health benefits. Your attention and alertness will rise, your weight will be properly maintained, your memory will improve and you will lower down stress. All of that will ultimately improve your health, so follow the advice and enjoy living a healthy lifestyle.

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How to Live Longer and Healthier – What the Experts Recommend

How to Live Longer and Healthier – What the Experts Recommend

In a fascinating piece published by The Atlantic, data shows that we are now living 40 years longer than the average American in 1880. As research and the body of science on longevity grows, we hear of studies that point to specific causes for living a longer than average lifespan.

How to Live Longer and Healthier

But it’s not only enough to live a long life. What most of us desire is quality of life, which can only be fully realized when we and our loved ones are not battling with health issues.

Interested in what you can do to ensure a not only long but also healthy lifespan for you and your crew?

1. Take care of your teeth.

Researchers discovered that those who were toothless had a 46 percent higher risk of death than the control. This study was published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, and reported on in the New York Times.

There are many ways a person can take care of their teeth. Flossing is essential. As are regular visits to the dentist. For those who have had a tooth pulled due to decay, dental implants are a worthy consideration over bridges. The benefit of choosing implants?

According to Dr. Jason Lane, a dentist in Wasilla Alaska, “Implants are the closest prosthetic to natural teeth, offering a titanium root for a solid foundation. Additionally, speech is easier and clearer with a full set of teeth.”

2. Exercise habits.

Increased physical activity is good for the heart and lungs, and has a host of benefits. The connection between physical activity and longevity has been known and studied for years. But what might be less known are the specific sports that might be connected to a longer life.

If you want your family to live longer, consider signing up for swimming, aerobics, or a racquet sport. In a study with data collected from over 80,000 people in Europe, they found that those who engaged in these 3 exercise types had a lower risk of death. So if you are wondering what to sign Little Junior up for, choose tennis or swimming classes.

3. Eating your way to an increased lifespan.

But not just any kind of food. Make it an additional serving of fruits or vegetables. In fact, try 10 servings of fruits or vegetables. Imperial College London has calculated that this specific move could prevent as many as 7.8 million premature deaths per year.

How much is 10 servings? That would be 800 grams. At present, the World Health Organization recommends 5 servings of fruit and / or vegetables. But this recommendation could change as researchers continue to look into this data.

For now, though, it’s enough to start brainstorming ways to sneak in more of the healthy stuff into your family’s daily meals. If you have a typical child, chances are high that they turn up their nose to anything green or that looks even remotely healthy. So what’s a parent to do? Either make it look appealing, or sneak it in. For the upcoming colder days where soups are just the thing, puree the vegetables into the soup. Make a smoothie using fruits and vegetables. Shred them very small and add them to cakes, pies, and muffins. Add cheese or their favorite topping over them and bake it. Some kids will eat anything so long as it is covered with cheese.

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4. Make sleep serious business.

Having a sleep debt or being sleep deprived can impair your judgement and your cognitive functions. This puts you at a higher risk for accidents and injuries. So if you want to play it safe, make sure you and your family are getting the full recommended amount of sleep. (Recommendations state the amount the average person needs for optimum health. But everyone’s needs are individual. Your child might need more than the average recommended amount. You might need more, too.)

If you are a family of night owls, getting in quality sleep hours might be a Herculean task. Try pushing bedtime up by 10 minutes each day until you are closer to a time that allows you all enough sleep hours per night. Other tips for getting more sleep hours in? Make dinner earlier. Serve foods that are easy to digest. And stock up some sleepy time snacks and teas that will help put everyone in the right space. Sleeping well is a cornerstone of a healthy life and has a direct connection with one’s overall feeling of well-being.

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Grapes: Health Benefits, The Uses, and The Concerns

Grapes are edible fruits of vine, also known as Vitis vinifera, which have been used for medicinal purposes since the past. In particular, grape seeds are byproducts used in wine processing. Grape is of great benefit in preventing diseases such as atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, swelling after injury, heart attack, and stroke. Grapes also contain nutrients such as fiber, iron, potassium, and different antioxidants.

Grapes Health Benefits, The Uses, and The Concerns

The Health Benefits of Grapes

•Contains resveratrol that improves the immune system

Grape contains a high degree of natural antioxidants that are beneficial in protecting and supporting the body from unnecessary damages caused by immune deficiency. Damage of the immune system can make you vulnerable to various diseases such as liver damage and cancer. Various studies suggest that resveratrol together with vitamin D found in grapes have positive impacts on the immune function of the body. Resveratrol minimizes bacterial infections and inflammation while protecting the body against other illnesses. One of the best sources of resveratrol, is red wine, and not white wine, and who doesn’t like red wine gifts?

• Regular intake limits the risk of heart diseases 

Grapes contain nutritive polyphenols which improve and strengthen cardiovascular health. According to the studies, people who consume grapes are less likely to suffer from atherosclerosis that can cause heart disease. There is an oxidative hypothesis that suggests that grape-derived polyphenols inhibits LDL oxidation, which is a precursor for atherosclerosis.

• Grapes juice helps in protection from type 2 diabetes 

Consumption of grape juice regularly lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes, which is caused by high levels of glucose in the body. A hike in blood glucose usually occurs due to poor food habits, lack of exercise, and high levels of cholesterol. In other terms, grapes help to regulate the amount of glucose in the body.

• Grapes are rich in vitamin K 

Grapes help to improve deficiency of vitamin K, which is essential in strengthening bone, teeth, and muscles. Studies have shown that consumption of grapes regularly improves the mineral density of the bone.

• Grapes contain flavonoids which reduce cell damage caused by ultraviolet radiation

Frequent consumption of grapes reduces the risk skin damage which is mainly caused by the harmful UV rays of the sun. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can lead to skin cancer.  Grapes contain flavonoids that have been shown to help in the treatment and prevention of skin diseases as well as skin cancer.

• Grapes regulate blood pressure

A diet rich in grapes lowers the risk of high blood pressure. This is because grapes increase the ability of the body to fight hypertension, especially in adults who are at a higher risk of high blood pressure.

• Grapes can suppress destructive cancerous cells

Grapes have compounds that help fight the formation of cancerous cells. Some health experts regard grapes as anti-cancer because of their role in preventing the proliferation of cancer cells in the body. When therapy is combined with consumption of grapes regularly, it has anti-cancer and anti- inflammatory benefits to the patient.

• Grapes have dietary fiber and potential compounds that reduce constipation

The dietary fiber and other nutrients found in grapes help in eliminating and overcoming constipation. They are also rich in insoluble fiber, meaning that it remains intact as it moves through the digestive tract. It builds up bulk promoting the formation and excretion of healthy stools.

• Different polyphenols in grapes minimizes oxidation stress

Oxidation stress is caused by various factors which include inflammation, age related disorders, and genetic factors. Grapes help in the treatment and control of these factors that raise oxidation stress in the body. It also minimizes the risk of being affected by age-related disorders.

Uses of grapes

Being rich in vitamins A, C, B6, and mineral salt, grapes can be helpful in supporting your overall wellbeing. They also contain potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and selenium, which are essential in the body.

Grapes slow the aging process

Antioxidants found in grapes help in the fight against free radicals that cause premature aging symptoms including fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, incorporating grapes in your diet and topical application of grape juice can enhance the appearance of your skin, hair, and nails. Other uses include:

• Sunburn prevention
• Skin softening
• Scar elimination
• Hair growth enhancement
• Aromatherapy (thanks to their sweet scents)

Concerns about grapes

There are concerns that grapes can interfere with blood clotting in some people. Taking grapes may increase the likelihood of bleeding and bruising if someone has a hemorrhage problem. People with such problems should consult their health care providers before undergoing surgical procedures. Pregnant and lactating women should also seek consent from medical experts before using supplements or medicines containing grapes.


Grapes have a lot of uses due to their richness in antioxidants, which provide numerous health benefits. You should consider taking grapes regularly to boost your immune system and improve the health condition of your skin, hair, and body. Although there are concerns raised by researchers about their minimal detrimental health effects, they cannot outweigh the numerous wellness benefits of grapes.

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Watch This 92-Year Old Grandpa Shares His Health Secrets With His Granddaughter

Watch This 92-Year Old Grandpa Shares His Health Secrets With His Granddaughter

Watch This 92-Year Old Grandpa Shares His Health Secrets With His Granddaughter

A humble heart, a sharp mind, and a healthy body are gifts that can extend a lifetime. This warm gentleman and his loving granddaughter explain the healthy choices he makes every day live lively at age 92. His advice is simple and practical.

Watch This 92-Year Old Grandpa Shares His Health Secrets With His Granddaughter

With a bright smile, he recommends thinking positively and doing kind things for others above all other life advice. To keep a finely whittled mind as his sharpest tool, he eschews the use of calculators and cell phones and prefers to use old-fashioned pencil and paper to work mathematical equations.

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Of particular note, at least one meal a day is completely raw and he loves what he calls “green drinks”. On the topic of exercise, dancing and water aerobics are suggestions to keep the body in shape in a fun way.

Take a listen to some timeless advice and live a longer and more energetic life.

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I fall in love with new and different ideas, often one word will come to symbolize that whole process for me, and put the whole thing into perspective. Most of these are not ‘new’ exactly, just the way that I am looking at them is new. Nourish is on my list of words and concepts I love right now, part of nourishing is sharing, and I chose you to share with!

From the dictionary:


[ ˈnəriSH, ˈnə-riSH ]

  1. provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition:
    “I was doing everything I could to nourish and protect the baby”
    synonyms: feed · provide for · sustain · maintain
  2. keep (a feeling or belief) in one’s mind, typically for a long time:
    “he has long nourished an ambition to bring the show to Broadway”
    synonyms: cherish · nurture · foster · harbor · nurse · entertain · maintain

When you think about the word nourish what comes to mind? For many of us it’s synonymous with feeding I think, wouldn’t you rather nourish your family, than feed them? Nourish is richer, it has substance, it brings to mind images of homemade soups and stews, fresh garden vegetables, ripe fruit, it’s beautiful.


Take it another step and add other things necessary for growth, to foster a love of reading is nourishment, as is doing a science experiment with a child, or planting a garden, volunteering to help provide food or shelter for those less fortunate, going to church, visiting a museum, entering a library, listening to a concert, painting a picture, playing a board game, playing basketball, a hug, going for a family hike or bike ride… these are all ways we can nourish ourselves and the people around us.

Nourish. It’s big. It has depth. You nourish yourself, your family, and those around you quite often without thinking about it. By putting away your phone or your laptop so you can really listen to what someone has to say you are nourishing their self-esteem, which can foster respect.  Taking a nature walk or biking with your family can nourish a true love of exercise and the outdoors. Planting a garden can nourish you, literally from the food that it produces, the earth from the planting and fertilization process, the air from added plants, yourself with a sense of accomplishment, and your senses with wonderful colors and smells.


Now back up, back to food, I do love my food, and now that my family is grown and gone I look forward to the occasions I can nourish them with home cooking. Anyone can feed someone a pizza or burger, and sometimes that is nourishment too, of a different kind, more on that later. To soak and cook beans, cook rice, chop vegetables and herbs, purchase healthy delicious food, plan for all the dishes to be done at the same time, mix a cake from scratch and by hand, and then present all this lovely homemade food to your family and friends to enjoy, good for the body and the soul.

Okay back to pizza and burgers, or veggie burgers if you prefer, (I love them!) occasional instant food can still be nourishing, especially when it’s an occasional treat, and after an event or during game night to save time, it tickles our pleasure centers to have an occasional indulgent treat, and that is nourishing!

Enjoy your life, enjoy all the things in it, and never forget to nourish yourself and others. Love peace & hugs, Mama


The only source I used was a Merriam-Webster dictionary, images from Bing


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6 Foods That May Shorten Your Life

6 Foods That May Shorten Your Life

6 Foods That May Shorten Your Life

In an obesity epidemic, more people are looking to practice healthier lifestyles and forgo common food items that were once a main part of the diet. Although the importance of consuming fruits, vegetables, and lean meats is now more common knowledge, there are still a few foods that should be avoided and can lead to a shorter lifespan. When cutting out some of the unhealthiest food products, there are several that should be avoided completely.

6 Foods That May Shorten Your Life

1. Soda

With absolutely no nutritional value, soda is a threat to the average individual’s lifespan and can have the same aging effects as smoking. Diet soda is just as bad as regular soda by increasing the risk of diabetes by 67 percent with frequent consumption.

2. Coffee

For individuals who consume at least four cups of coffee each day, they’ll likely pay for their poor diet with a shorter lifespan. Coffee causes telomeres to shorten before causing cells to die, which leads to premature aging.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol has a direct correlation with the most common heart problems and is a threat to those who have at least for drinks each day.


4. Red Meat

Red meat has a correlation to telomeres and can shorten your life, as well as lead to cancer and heart disease. The telomere length gradually decreases with frequent consumption of red meat.

5. Stick Margarine

In past years, margarine has been considered a healthier alternative to butter, but the product is a threat to your health. The product is loaded with trans fat, which can damage blood vessels and cause clotting to occur with time. It can also lead to weight gain and reduce the amount of good cholesterol that is present in the body.

6. Processed Meat

Although processed meat has a high content level of protein, it can lead to a shorter life due by affecting telomeres, which is related to biological aging. It’s best to avoid eating hot dogs, bacon, and pepperoni altogether and opt for leaner meats that are in their natural state to avoid the saturated fat.


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7 Common Mistakes You Do Everyday That Make You Age Faster

7 Common Mistakes You Do Everyday That Make You Age Faster

7 Common Mistakes You Do Everyday That Make You Age Faster

Many things are thought to be outside of our locus of control. Aging quickly is often something that people think falls into this category. Thankfully, if you feel you are aging too quickly, there are ways to reverse the process.

aging fast

How can I stay young, you ask? This article will address exactly that, by discussing some ways to avoid adding unnecessary extra miles to your body:

1. Actually Do Work

Thanks to dishwashers and other conveniences, we do less than ever before. Women, in particular, used to both eat less calories and burn more while doing housework. If you don’t do the grunt work, plan on exercising more.

2. Stop Slouching

Slouching is horrible for your posture, and whether you’re aware of it or not, there’s a good change that you’re doing it. One recent study showed that half of its 56 subjects who text on a daily basis experienced pain in their neck, hands, or arms. This was further exacerbated by excessive texting.

3. Eat In-Season Foods

Once again, thanks to technology, we can eat nearly any food during any time of the year. Unfortunately, foods eaten out of season are generally lower in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. They are also less likely to be grown locally, and are generally more expensive.

4. Actual Human Interaction

There is empirical evidence that actually talking to people, face-to-face, brings a number of health benefits. It may seem archaic at times with smartphones, but it benefits your vagus nerve, along with your mood.

5. Not a Fan of Tan

Tanning may be in vogue, but it is dangerous. Tanning beds, in particular, emit over 12 times as much radiation as the sun, making it much more likely you’ll get cancer. Being pale has its benefits.

6. Don’t Ignore Stress

Even if we ignore it or pretend it’s not there, stress still eats away at us. Do daily meditation, yoga, or other relaxation methods, and deal with your problems. Chronic stress can cause issues like sleep problems or acne breakouts.

7. Don’t Get Stuck to Your Desk

Sitting for extended periods of time increases your risk for cardiovascular disease, even if you do 30 or more minutes a day of moderate-to-vigorous exercise. Try to take breaks while working, and get moving!

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Vegetarian Diet Benefits: Good Reasons to Adopt a Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian Diet Benefits: Good Reasons to Adopt a Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian Diet Benefits: Good Reasons to Adopt a Vegetarian Diet

A vegetarian diet is a powerful and pleasurable way to achieve good health. The vegetarian eating pattern is based on a wide variety of foods that are satisfying, delicious, and healthy. Vegetarians avoid red meat, fish, and poultry. Those who include dairy products and eggs in their diets are called Lacto-Ovo vegetarians. Vegans, pure vegetarians, eat no meat, fish, poultry, eggs, or dairy products. There are great benefits to Lacto-Ovo diets, but a vegan diet can be healthiest of all, reducing risk of a wide range of health problems. This article will review the major vegetarian diet benefits, ending with some recommendations on how to meet the daily nutrient recommendations.

Vegetarians have lower cholesterol levels than meat-eaters , and heart disease is rare among vegetarians. Vegetarian meals are typically low in saturated fat and usually contain little or no bad cholesterol. Since cholesterol is found only in animal products vegans consume a naturally cholesterol-free diet . Even the types of protein in vegetarian diets is an advantage, studies show replacing animal protein with plant-based protein lowers blood cholesterol levels, even if the amount and type of dietary fat remains the same. These studies show that a low-fat vegetarian diet has an advantage over other diets for cholesterol.

An impressive number of studies, starting from the 1920s, show that vegetarians have lower blood pressure than non-vegetarians. In fact, studies show that adding meat to a vegetarian diet raises blood pressure rapidly and significantly. A vegetarian diet is often lower in sodium. When people with hypertension begin a vegetarian diet, many are able to safely eliminate blood pressure medication.

The latest studies on diabetes show that a diet rich in complex carbohydrates, found only in plant foods, and low in fat is the best dietary prescription for controlling diabetes. Since diabetics are at high risk of heart disease, avoiding fat and cholesterol is an important objective of a diabetic diet and the vegetarian diet is ideal. Although all insulin-dependent diabetics need to take insulin, plant-based diets can help reduce insulin requirements.

A vegetarian diet helps prevent cancer. Studies of vegetarians show that death rates from cancer are 1/2 to 3/4 of the general population. Breast cancer rates are dramatically lower in countries where diets are typically plant-based. When those countries adopt a Western, meat-based diet their rates of breast cancer increase. Vegetarians also have significantly less colon cancer than meat eaters, eating meat is more closely associated with colon cancer than any other dietary factor.

Vegetarian diets can help prevent cancer because they are lower in fat and higher in fiber than meat-based diets. Also, they usually eat more beta-carotene, which may explain why they have less lung cancer. At least one study has shown that the natural sugars in dairy products may increase the risk of ovarian cancer in some women. Some of the anti-cancer aspects of a vegetarian diet cannot be explained, for example researchers are not sure why vegetarians have more white blood cells called ‘killer cells,’ which are able to seek out and destroy cancer cells.

Vegetarians are less likely to form kidney stones or gallstones and may have lower risk for osteoporosis because they eat little to no animal protein. High intake of animal protein encourages loss of calcium from bones, replacing animal products with plant foods reduces the amount of calcium lost. This may help explain why people who live in areas where diets are plant-based have little osteoporosis even when calcium intake is low.

vegetarian diet benefits why become a vegetarian

If you’re impressed by these vegetarian diet benefits, you should also know that it’s easy to plan a vegetarian diet that meets your daily nutrient needs. Cereals, nuts, and vegetables are rich in protein and iron. Green leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts, and dried fruits are excellent sources of calcium.

Vitamin D is produced naturally by the body when exposed to the sun. That’s why vitamin D is also called “The Sunshine Vitamin“. Those who enjoy regular sun exposure usually don’t need vitamin D from food. People with darker skin or who live in northern latitudes have difficulty producing enough vitamin D all year, it can be easily obtained from fortified foods.

Vitamin B12 is plentiful in fortified foods, some sources are fortified cereals, soy milk and other products, and nutritional yeast. Although vitamin B12 deficiency is uncommon, strict vegetarians should be sure to include a source of this vitamin in their diet.

The Vegetarian Way: Total Health for You and Your Family by Virginia Messina and Mark Messina. New York: Crown Trade Paperbacks, 1996.
Allen, M. W., Wilson, M., Hung Ng, S. & Dunne, M. (2000). Values and beliefs of vegetarians and omnivores.
The Journal of Social Psychology, 140, 405-422.

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How To Detox Your Entire Life

How To Detox Your Entire Life

Being holistic is a lifestyle. It’s not just about eating organic food and being a yogi. It’s about looking at your whole life, from your food to your career to your home to your relationships and removing what’s toxic from it. And it takes time to change your mindset from what’s easy to what’s right.

My husband was not on board with the changes I was making, at all. He just didn’t want to deal with the work or spending the extra money on expensive all-natural products. If I didn’t do the shopping, we wound up with Windex and Pepto Bismol. At first, I fought him on it. Then I just started throwing things out, and wasting money, and he hated that way more.

When he saw the results of me being happier, healthier, and saw what this could mean for our kids, he was willing to experiment himself. The other day, I came home to a bottle of generic Lysol on the counter and I gave him this look. He explained that it was actually a natural brand, but he didn’t want to just throw out the old bottle. He had recycled an old bottle! I was so proud.

For myself, I believed in living holistically because I have to. I have so many health issues and there was such a build up of toxicity and inflammation in my system, between my type A personality, my parents and stress. I had to educate myself to change all these products and my life has been so much better since.

How To Detox Your Entire Life

There are so many things you can do to create a healthy, holistic life. The key is to eliminate what’s toxic and create alternatives. These were the first four baby steps I took:

1. Don’t buy chemical products.

I stopped buying all the cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals. Even chain grocery stores now offer several lines of eco-friendly cleaning products and they’re no more expensive than the name brands. Better still, search the internet for how to make cleaning products at home. Did you know that vinegar and salt will unclog a drain?

2. Don’t buy drugstore remedies and cosmetics.

Most drugstore “remedies” only mask your ailment symptoms, they don’t cure the ailment. Essential oils and fresh herbs will get rid of a headache, nausea itchy skin, and rash. All those cosmetic colors in your purse are a result of chemicals mixed together, and many have been tested on animals for your safety. Antiperspirants and moisturizers also contain pore-clogging chemicals that will build up in your system over time. There are healthy, natural products out there for all this.

3. Mute and unfriend.

You can’t let people drain your energy. Sucking energy out of people is one of the most toxic things in our life. We all have toxic people in our lives. I’m not saying you have to end your relationships with them, but you don’t have to engage them either. You can’t expect the world to change for you. You have to change how you’re interacting with the world. Don’t let toxic relationships disrupt your life.

4. Don’t buy grocery produce.

Search the internet for nearby farmer’s markets and co-ops. Going to the farmer’s market can be a fun family activity. If you don’t have time for that, co-ops are a great alternative. Both of these options support your holistic lifestyle and your local growers.

Adopting a holistic lifestyle doesn’t require instant, overnight changes. You don’t have to go purge your cabinets and refrigerator of everything you’ve already bought. Replace the toxic with the non-toxic alternatives as you run out of what you already have. Adjust how you respond to toxic people. One day, you’ll wake up and realize how much better you feel.

Those are my four, really basic tips on how to become more holistic. What have you changed to create a holistic lifestyle for yourself?

 hayley-hobsonHayley Hobson is an author, speaker, business coach, yogi, Pilates and holistic nutritional expert based in Boulder, CO. Hayley creates lifestyle transformations by coaching her clients to strengthen, nourish and evolve through the cycles and shifts in life. Combining cutting edge understanding in all three disciplines due to years of anatomical study and dietary theory, Hayley’s approach leverages their blended benefits and results. Her unique and intelligent style promotes strengthening while softening–empowering her client’s to heal not only their physical bodies, but their hearts and minds as well. Hayley studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, continues her studies with David Wolfe, raw food expert and is an essential oil expert in her own right. She is a doTERRA Certified Pure Essential Oil Diamond Director and a Pangea Beauty Ecologist. Her insights and articles can also be found on her blogElephant Journal and Islaorganics. She has also been featured in Pilates Style magazine, Natural Health magazine and Triathlete Magazine. She has fun running and playing in the mountains with her husband, former world-ranked triathlete, Wes Hobson and their two beautiful daughters, Makenna and Madeline . To learn more about her nutritional courses, events she’s hosting and custom programs go to or follow her on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest.

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7 Nuts That Can Help You Live Longer

7 Nuts That Can Help You Live Longer

7 Nuts That Can Help You Live Longer

Did you know eating nuts can help you live longer? A new study in The New England Journal of Medicine found that eating nuts daily is linked to 20% less risk of death from any cause. Different nuts have different qualities. Nuts are a great healthy snack, and can be added to almost any meal.

Nuts That Can Help You Live Longer

Here are some nuts that can help you live longer:

• Brazil Nuts
Brazil nuts contain about 33 calories per serving, the equivalent of 10 M&M’s. The best part is that you don’t have to work to reap their benefits, eating just 2 nuts every day for 12 weeks can raise blood levels of the mineral selenium by 64&. Selenium plays a key role in proper functioning of the immune system, it helps build germ-fighting white blood cells.

• Almonds
You can also call them skinny nuts, a 2013 study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition says those who eat 1½ servings of almonds with breakfast experienced a 35% decrease in appetite an hour later. Eating them for an afternoon snack will shrink your appetite by 2.5 times, which will automatically make you eat less for the rest of the day.

• Peanuts
Peanuts work as an anti-aging agent, they contain resveratrol, also present in red wine and dark chocolate. Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant well-known for slowing the aging process and reducing risk of cardiovascular disease. They are rich in folic acid and vitamin E which improves brain health. Enjoy peanut butter made with no added sugar.

• Walnuts
Walnut has got many anti-aging properties. They are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which help in improving and enhancing your memory significantly. Inflammation is also reduced by the consumption of walnuts. Walnuts make endothelium dysfunction more function. Endothelium dysfunction is a condition of the inner arterial layer that instigates heart disease progression. They also reduce the cholesterol levels and there are less chances of blood clotting. Interestingly, walnuts also boost the sperm count in men.

. Pecans
You can add pecans with indulgences like pecan pie due to the reason that they are rich in fat and calories than most other nuts. They taste as good as other nuts if you them raw in moderation. They have got several health benefits of their own. They are rich in beta-sitosterol which is really helpful in prostate health and urinary symptoms in older men. It is also f=good for maintaining prostate health.

. Pistachios
Go cracking your pistachios and boost your arterial health. Pistachios contain l-arginine which helps in making the lining of arteries more flexible and also reduces heart attacks or strokes significantly. They are quite low in calories and should be consumed before your meal as they help pace your eating and improve your digestion process.

pistachios benefits

. Pine nuts
Pine nuts are nutrient rich tree nuts that can help in lowering the bad LDL cholesterol. Usually they do not make a very good snack but they contain high dose of manganese which works as an important co-factor for one of the body’s most powerful antioxidants. They are used as base in pesto sauce, so it is easy to include them in your daily afternoon snack diet.

Note: Nuts are rich in nutrients as well as calories. So instead of adding them to your diet, swap them. Replace your empty calories in your diet such as sweets, candy bars, chips, crackers etc with these nuts. It will help you stay healthy and live longer.

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How to Make Your Life More Fun

How to Make Your Life More Fun

Can you remember the last time you had fun, leaving all your responsibilities aside? If you don’t remember, you probably need to bring some fun into your life to make it interesting and worthy. Here are some ways to add more fun to your life and a few assumptions that hold you back


How to Make Your Life More Fun!


Assumption #1: What other people will think and say

If you are worried about your image to others and how they will react to what you do, it’s time to chuck those feelings. The fact is that others do not think about you as much as you think they do. You cannot read their minds, and if they perceive you as silly for your doings and happiness, then you don’t need to be around them. Be who you are and do what you love. Remember that those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

Assumption #2: You have to spend too much money

This is one of the biggest myths, that you need to spend money to have fun. It is said that the best things in life are free. You don’t have to go on expensive trips and buy expensive gifts to have fun. Sometimes it’s just about spending some happy hours with your friends and loved ones. Take part in your community activities or enjoy low-cost fun activities.

Assumption #3: You’re running out of time

There is always time to have fun. It’s not about blocking your whole day, but taking out a little time for fun and the activities you love. It’s always about your priorities. If you want to have fun, you will make time.

Assumption #4: You need to plan it

Usually the most fun is found in spontaneous plans, not planned activities. Go with the flow and let things happen. Live in the present and don’t stop yourself from doing the things you like. The right time is now. You don’t have to plan weeks or months before as it can be disappointing.

Assumption #5: You mistake solemnity as seriousness

You have this one precious life, this is all just once. Live it and love it. It’s up to you to make your life. Don’t be too serious all the time bearing the pressures of your life.  Doing fun things will not only make your pressure lighter but you will enjoy yourself more.

Here some ways to add fun to your life:




  • Laugh, a lot 

Research at University of Glamorgan in Wales found that as we age, we stop laughing as often. Laughter is good for you and your health, it reduces stress. Watch your favorite shows and laugh with your friends and family.


  • Be social

If you are thinking of taking a class or exercise group, take your friends with you. This way you can regularly be in touch with them and spend more time together. Crack jokes with your friends, go on outings with them, have parties together. All these things add great fun to your life and you will start loving your life even more.


  • Love and forgive

Life seems tough when you are hung up on things that irritate you, like the annoying habits of your neighbors and family. Learn to forgive people and to love yourself. If you are sad about your flabby tummy or thighs, don’t be. Per experts, the more we accept the things and people around us as they are, the more we push boundaries and experience joy and fun. Accept yourself as you are.


  • Go to the top of a building

This one is amazing, it can make you feel heavenly. Go to the roof of any high-rise building and look down, feel the vertigo that rushes in. It will refresh you and help you think better. Make plans and think about creative endeavors. Talk to yourself, you may love it. You can plan a rooftop date and add things you like.


  • Dance like nobody is watching

Turn on the music, turn up the volume, and dance like mad. You can even dance around strangers as you are not going to meet them again anyway. Dancing is fun and good for your health, it will make you feel awesome.


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The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

We all sleep! Sleeping is actually the way your body prepares you for the day ahead, so if you want to use your entire potential for your daily activities, mental and physical, you will need “quality sleep”. This infographic shows how inadequate sleep may affect your health:


For more information about the quality and quantity of a good night sleep, please read this article: “The Hours and Quality of Your Sleep

Infographic Source: Health Science degree

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10 Houseplants Which Will Clean Indoor Toxins-Organically

10 Houseplants Which Will Clean Indoor Toxins-Organically

10 Houseplants Which Will Clean Indoor Toxins-Organically

By Khrystyana Kirton
Edited By Stephanie Dawson
Reviewed By Nima Shei MD

Turns out that indoor air can often contain more toxins and chemicals than outdoor air. Everything from mattresses to pots/pans to kids’ pajamas can put harmful chemicals into indoor air. It’s best to clean indoor toxins in any way possible, but in today’s world, it is practically impossible to completely avoid harmful chemicals. For the remaining chemicals in indoor air, there are some natural ways to help reduce your family’s exposure.

Houseplants are excellent for air purification. The top five plants to clean air according to the study include:

• Areca palm

• Lady palm

• Bamboo palm

• Rubber plant

• Janet Craig dracaena

For those who don’t want the upkeep of indoor plants or can’t have them due to pets/kids/etc, there are some other natural options.

Regular paraffin candles are petroleum derived and can release chemicals like benzene, toluene, soot, and other chemicals into the air. This type of candle does more harm than good for indoor air quality and should be avoided.

Pure beeswax candles on the other hand burn with almost no smoke or scent and clean the air by releasing negative ions into the air. These negative ions can bind with toxins and help remove them from the air.

This is my favorite beeswax candle that is on sale in; The perfect gift for yourself or your loved one:

Beeswax candles are often helpful for those with asthma or allergies and are effective at removing common allergens like dust and dander from the air. Beeswax candles also burn more slowly than paraffin candles, so they last much longer.

Salt lamps are another natural way to clean indoor air. They are made from Himalayan salt crystals and like beeswax candles, they release negative ions into the air to help clean it. They are also a beautiful light source. The only downside? Pets and kids like to lick them!

The Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp works as an air purifier. When lit, the lamp emits negative ions that fight positively charged particles that cause one to feel stuffy and sluggish. The lit salt crystal clears the air naturally of allergens like smoke, pet dander, pollens, and other air pollutants. It dilutes odors so that one can breathe easier. People with asthma often find it helpful in reducing their symptoms. Plus, the lamp can be lit for as long as you like to maintain this purifying effect.

If you’re looking for a neat night light, or if there’s a need for an unobtrusive light source for reading, salt lamps are a good idea. The natural orange glow doesn’t disrupt sleep hormones like fluorescent or blue lights do and it’s very relaxing. Here is the one I ordered one from Amazon for around $20 here.

Another unique air purifier is bamboo charcoal. Charcoal can have the same toxin-removing effect on the air. Using bamboo charcoal in burlap bags in your house can work wonders for odor removal and removing toxins from the air.

Bamboo charcoal will absorb unpleasant odors and dehumidify the air. The porous structure of the high density bamboo charcoal helps remove bacteria, harmful pollutants and allergens from the air and absorbs moisture, preventing mold and mildew by trapping the impurities inside each pore. These are also great for removing odors from cars or from the bathroom. You can buy it on Amazon for less than $10.


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What Your Wrinkles Are Telling You

What Your Wrinkles Are Telling You

What Your Wrinkles Are Telling You

We all get older and signs of aging start by appearing on our faces. Wrinkles are the most visible sign of aging and can be spotted easily. Most of us are bound to get them in the course of our lives.

Many people want to avoid wrinkles especially when they first show up. There are many things people do to avoid wrinkles. Studies show that when we hit our 30’s we avoid the sun, reduce smoking, and cut down alcohol use. While these things are helpful to avoid wrinkles, have you ever thought that the wrinkles and fine lines on your face might be saying something about your health?

wrinkles and health

Wrinkles and the Brain
Experts have linked facial wrinkles with the effects of aging on our brain. Studies show that the more wrinkles we have the more our brain is impacted by aging. Dr. Douglas Fields research found that by looking at the state of our skin we can tell much about the health of our brain. Usually the rate our brains start to age depends on external factors and genetics. Hormones play an important role in keeping our brain and skin healthy, deficiency of certain hormones is linked to various forms of cognitive impairment and dementia. When we don’t use sunscreen it disturbs our immune system and triggers inflammation, this damages the skin and has an aging effect on our brain. Skin and brain cells develop from the same embryonic tissue which is why they age at the same rate. Another factor correlating brain and skin aging is Alzheimer’s disease.
Physical and mental exercises can be used to keep our brains and skin healthy. Avoiding toxins, stress, alcoholism, and cardiovascular disease will slow the effect of aging on brains and skin which will also help you reduce wrinkles.

Wrinkles and the Heart
The American Heart Association performed a study on 10,000 people over a period of 35 years that showed wrinkles and other signs of aging are related to heart attacks and heart disease. From the total analyzed approximately 50% had both wrinkles and skin disorders. If you are in your 40’s and have wrinkles it’s a good idea to book a doctor’s appointment for a heart check-up.

Wrinkles and Other Organs
Wrinkles are linked with many health-related factors. Studies show facial wrinkles are linked to osteoporosis. New research has found a strange connection between wrinkles and bone health, the more wrinkles you have the more likely you are to have less bone density, this is more common in women with early menopause.

One primary cause of wrinkles is smoking tobacco and having longterm alcoholism, these habits are also linked with deterioration of bone health.
While wrinkles are common signs of aging they may also be screaming about your overall health and should not be ignored.

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3 Surprising Foods that Kept Me Alive for 123 Years

3 Surprising Foods that Kept Me Alive for 123 Years

The Oldest Person In The World Shares His Secrets

By Divya Shree
Edited by Stephanie Dawson
Reviewed by Nima Shei MD

The man considered the oldest person in the world is Carmelo Flores. The fact has been approved by the Bolivian government which confirmed his age and consequently announced that he is the oldest person living. He is a Bolivian indigenous farmer. When he was asked about his routine and diet that he follows, he shared his diet and secrets.

The man, who turned 123 a few months ago, attributes his longevity to traditional diet.
Carmelo Flores shares the secret that he has been able to make it this long by eating 3 things: quinoa, riverside mushrooms, and coca leaves which he chews constantly. Flores says potatoes with quinoa are delicious.


There are a couple of things he believes he owes his longevity to, he walks a lot and the best time he spends is when he goes on walks with his animals, they keep him moving and active.
He refuses to eat rice and noodles and only likes barley. “I used to grow potatoes, beans, coca (an Andean tuber),” he says.

He prefers to drink the fresh water that streams down from Illampu which is a snow capped peak. Illampu is one of the highest mountains of Bolivia.

He avoids drinking alcohol, though he did have some in his youth. He also talked about eating a lot of mutton and loved pork which is hard to find. He used to hunt foxes and ate them when he was a young strong man. This diet always kept him so fit and fine that he has never been seriously ill.

He is still so fit that he does not use any stick or a cane to walk and has great eyesight, he does not need glasses. His voice is firm when he speaks his language, Aymara. His hearing has decreased, if someone wants to be heard they must speak into his ear.

“I see a bit dimly. I had good vision before. But I saw you coming,” he told a group of Associated Press reporters that had come from La Paz, the capital after they heard the news about him through local TV.

At first it was hard to determine and verify his exact age because the poor, landlocked South American country started issuing birth certificates in 1940, however, he has a baptism certificate which shows his birthday as 16 July, 1890, he also has national identity documents based on this baptism certificate. The validity of the documents has been checked by Bolivia’s Civil Registry Office and they have confirmed the fact.

Photograph: Juan Karita/AP
Photograph: Juan Karita/AP

Residents of Bolivia celebrate his longevity and the local government of Bolivia honored him with the title of ‘Living Heritage of Humanity’ on 26th of this August 2013.
Per Guinness World Records the oldest verified age recorded was of Jeanne Calment of France who lived for 122 years and 164 days and died in 1997. Mr. Flores is happy with his healthy life and longs to live even longer.