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6 Foods That May Shorten Your Life

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6 Foods That May Shorten Your Life

6 Foods That May Shorten Your Life

In an obesity epidemic, more people are looking to practice healthier lifestyles and forgo common food items that were once a main part of the diet. Although the importance of consuming fruits, vegetables, and lean meats is now more common knowledge, there are still a few foods that should be avoided and can lead to a shorter lifespan. When cutting out some of the unhealthiest food products, there are several that should be avoided completely.

6 Foods That May Shorten Your Life

1. Soda

With absolutely no nutritional value, soda is a threat to the average individual’s lifespan and can have the same aging effects as smoking. Diet soda is just as bad as regular soda by increasing the risk of diabetes by 67 percent with frequent consumption.

2. Coffee

For individuals who consume at least four cups of coffee each day, they’ll likely pay for their poor diet with a shorter lifespan. Coffee causes telomeres to shorten before causing cells to die, which leads to premature aging.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol has a direct correlation with the most common heart problems and is a threat to those who have at least for drinks each day.


4. Red Meat

Red meat has a correlation to telomeres and can shorten your life, as well as lead to cancer and heart disease. The telomere length gradually decreases with frequent consumption of red meat.

5. Stick Margarine

In past years, margarine has been considered a healthier alternative to butter, but the product is a threat to your health. The product is loaded with trans fat, which can damage blood vessels and cause clotting to occur with time. It can also lead to weight gain and reduce the amount of good cholesterol that is present in the body.

6. Processed Meat

Although processed meat has a high content level of protein, it can lead to a shorter life due by affecting telomeres, which is related to biological aging. It’s best to avoid eating hot dogs, bacon, and pepperoni altogether and opt for leaner meats that are in their natural state to avoid the saturated fat.


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