I fall in love with new and different ideas, often one word will come to symbolize that whole process for me, and put the whole thing into perspective. Most of these are not ‘new’ exactly, just the way that I am looking at them is new. Nourish is on my list of words and concepts […]

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Sugar Smart Shopping Tips

I hope you are all hanging in there, and leaving the extraneous sugar out of your diet. I was thinking about the grocery list, and because we are all so far apart and I have no idea what brands are available where you live, that makes me rather uncomfortable, I will however, give you some

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Take a Nap!

I’m not saying you’re cranky or anything. If I had known, as a child, how much I would love naps so much I would not have fought them so hard. I was looking at this awesome poster about the benefits of getting enough sleep, and the risks of not getting enough. Did you know driving

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American Hero, American Love Story

There are so many kids that enter the service right after high school, it’s a great decision, it pays well, you get to have adventures, and there is money for college later if you choose that route. But, some kids die in service to their country, others are forever changed physically, and all emotionally. There

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Every time I turn around these days I am hearing something about keeping your body pH balanced. I did my own research to why this is, and it makes sense to me, it’s a healthier way of eating. Every meal should contain both alkaline and acidic foods, less acidic than alkaline in proportions. Alkaline is

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An Apple a Day

{Last Updated: November 21st 2012] I was reading an article about cardiovascular health when I saw this poster. According to a study at Ohio State University eating an apple a day for four weeks significantly reduced the amount of LDL in the bloodstream. Apples are ripe, fresh, beautiful, and delicious this time of year. Use

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