When to End a Relationship

When to End a Relationship I am often asked, “How do I know when to end a relationship?” Most people end relationships much too soon. If there is physical and/or emotional abuse, then you need to leave as soon as possible. However, other than when there is abuse, you may have much to learn before […]

5 Lessons From Failure

5 Lessons From Failure I spent the first quarter of this year working my tail off on a creative project that didn’t end up happening. I felt all my old insecurities triggered and had to dig deep into my spiritual tool kit to keep from spiraling into anxiety and self-doubt. Fortunately, meditation, a gratitude practice, […]

4 No-Nonsense Ways To Have A Great Relationship

4 No-Nonsense Ways To Have A Great Relationship My husband and I are on our way way to the airport for our annual summer vacation together, and every single way one of us goes about traveling is different from the other. But here’s the deal: No relationship is perfect! Let’s face it, though: Marriage can get […]

10 Signs You have Found The One

10 Signs You have Found The One Today marks the one-year anniversary of the most obvious and easy, most joyful and profound decision of my adult existence: To marry the Love of My Life, Kiran. We eloped to the Santa Barbara courthouse on September 12, 2011. Didn’t tell anyone before we did it. Took only […]

40 Ways To Practice Joy Every Single Day

Have you noticed the explosion of books and articles on happiness in the past decade? No doubt it’s great that we’re getting expert advice on such an important topic. My problem with the idea of chasing happiness, though, is that it implies that we can reach a permanent blissed-out state. The reality of life is […]

Erase the cause of all suffering, forever.

By Pauline Hanuise Suffering can take many different forms in our lives. It may be jealousy, sadness, anger, frustration or disappointment. We all experience these forms of suffering on a regular basis and this is normal. After all, we are still human beings. However, thinking that we are powerless represents a complete lack of trust […]

Should You Date Someone Younger?

Should You Date Someone Younger? These days it is relatively common to find couples with an older woman and younger man. When women were not economically independent this difference was viewed as politically incorrect and were considered to be relationships of convenience, often the object of critical and derogatory comments.   However, many women who […]

Why Don’t I like What’s in the Mirror?

Why Don’t I like What’s in the Mirror? Low self-esteem is so prevalent that an obvious question arises : What is causing so many people to  suffer self-image distortion and feelings of inferiority? One might think that the problem of devalued self-image occurs only in those who have suffered severe hardships in their childhood or […]

The Science Behind A Happy Relationship

The Science Behind A Happy Relationship Have you ever looked at a couple hand in hand walking down the street? Taking a stroll in then park? And wondered are they really Happy and in Love? well did you know that there is an actual science behind a happy relationship! Couples in happier relationships spend more […]

4 Steps On How To Make A Man Feel Crazy About You

4 Steps On How To Make A Man Feel Crazy About You 1- Value Yourself More As a Woman Realize your value and what a great person you are; when you respect yourself and have a good level of confidence it shows and there’s nothing more attractive than a confident woman. Not to the point […]

Heart Melting Must See Acts of Kindness

Heart Melting Must See Acts of Kindness Never thought that I’d get this emotional over a video , but I did. Let me wipe the tears from my face. A little help goes a long way!  Random acts of kindness are a means by which we make a deliberate attempt to brighten another person’s day by doing […]

The Science Of Happiness

The Science Of Happiness What makes you happy? Hanging out with friends, Delicious Foods, Making Money Research has shown that expressing gratitude significantly increases your level of Happiness. In this study people were asked to write about the most influential people in their life; then they were asked to call them and read what they […]

How to Make Your Life More Fun

Can you remember the last time you had fun, leaving all your responsibilities aside? If you don’t remember, you probably need to bring some fun into your life to make it interesting and worthy. Here are some ways to add more fun to your life and a few assumptions that hold you back     […]

The Secret To Happiness (And It’s Not Having More Money!)

The key to happiness is simpler than you think! You don’t need couple of multi-million dollar homes, a dozen sports cars or a seven-figures pay check! The secret to happiness lies within all of us. Watch this amazing video and I bet this video will forever change the way you look at happiness: REGARDE how […]

8 Tips to Overcome Loneliness, A Guide for Women

Not Feeling Alone, A Guide for Women Loneliness can be frightening. While some people enjoy being single, its difficult for others to get through this. Loneliness can have severe effects on your mental health, even leading to depression and anxiety. Many think that single people are lonelier than others, but the American Psychological Association states […]

7 Reasons Men Leave Women They Love

Sometimes women have a problem with men pulling away from their relationship. Sometimes men leave the relationship for undisclosed reasons leaving women puzzled. There are several possible reasons, some of them are mentioned below: 1. Not enough space Enough space should be provided to both partners in a relationship. People need space and don’t always […]

5 Tips to Spice Up a Relationship

5 Tips to Spice Up a Relationship By PositiveMed-Team Edited by Stephanie Dawson Relationships can be beautiful as well as painful. People living together often complain that their relationship has lost the excitement and fun, this can be due to many things ranging from personal differences to busy schedules. For any relationship to last that […]

How to Find the Love of Your Life

How to Find the Love of Your Life By Andre Carvajal Edited By Stephanie Dawson Finding the person with whom you want to share your life is a miracle. During the search we can feel that we are not born for love, or that there is no person for us. In our society we are […]