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21 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Start Doing Today

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21 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Start Doing Today

21 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Start Doing Today

According to a recent study conducted at the University of California, performing a variety of kind and generous behaviors helps maximize personal happiness. People who engage in acts of kindness become happier over time because they feel good as humans – more positive.

Random Acts of Kindness You Can Start Doing Today

Besides elevating your mood, intentionally doing nice things for others has health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and reducing anxiety.

To get you started, here are 21 random acts of kindness that you can elevate your own happiness with, as well as someone else’s, today.

1. Smile at someone who looks unhappy.

2. Carry in the groceries for a neighbor.

3. Ask someone who is sad what’s wrong; and really listen to them.

4. Say hello to a stranger before they say hello to you.

5. Treat a friend out to lunch for no reason at all. Don’t wait for a birthday, or holiday; do it “just because”.

6. Take a photo for someone so they can be in the shot too.

7. Text a friend saying how you appreciate them.

8. Compliment a stranger.

9. Help someone up who falls.

10. Donate your spare change to a charity.

11. Offer to babysit for new parents for free so they can go out.

12. Make a sick friend or neighbor a homemade meal so they don’t have to cook.

13. Hug your child for no reason and hold them a little longer.

14. Hold a door open for someone – whether they need it or not.

15. Return someone else’s shopping cart to the collection area for them.

16. Give someone else your seat on the bus, train, or subway so they don’t have to stand.

17. Pay a bill for someone who recently lost their job.

18. Leave twice the tip at your table the next time you dine out.

19. Offer to bring in the mail and water plants for a neighbor going on vacation.

20. Hail a taxi for someone else who needs one.

21. Buy flowers for your significant other for absolutely no reason and tell them something you love about them.

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