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4 Steps On How To Make A Man Feel Crazy About You

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4 Steps On How To Make A Man Feel Crazy About You

4 Steps On How To Make A Man Feel Crazy About You

1- Value Yourself More As a Woman

Realize your value and what a great person you are; when you respect yourself and have a good level of confidence it shows and there’s nothing more attractive than a confident woman. Not to the point of ignorance but more like confidence with a smile.

2- Invite Him Into Your World Without Making Him Your World

Woman tend to have two extremes:

-We either have no time and ignore him

-Or we drop everything for him and make him the center of our world and everything else revolves around him

Both scenarios are not correct; there should be a healthy balance, we should try to include him in our life and activities without making him our entire life!

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3- Redefine Dating

When it comes to dating these days it’s best to think out of the box; the typical boring date over a meal is so yesterday.

These days it should be more casual; when he asks you what or where you would like to go the correct response is surprise me ; this puts the ball back into his court and allows him to be spontaneous. Another good idea is to invite him to come out with you and your friends to see a more playful side of him; you’d get to see him in a different light and you can be more touchy feely without it being awkward!

4-Allow him to feel like he is a man

Men Love to feel like their in charge; this doesn’t mean allowing them to do whatever they want but, allowing them to take charge and make some decisions when it comes to the relationship

Another very important factor is that we should always let our man know how happy he makes us feel and that we appreciate all he does for us; with our words, our body language, with a touch or a look.

If we can make him feel more of a man when he’s with you and let him know how happy he makes you; he is definitely going to choose you!

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