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7 Reasons Men Leave Women They Love

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7 Reasons Men Leave Women They Love

Sometimes women have a problem with men pulling away from their relationship. Sometimes men leave the relationship for undisclosed reasons leaving women puzzled. There are several possible reasons, some of them are mentioned below:

1. Not enough space
Enough space should be provided to both partners in a relationship. People need space and don’t always like it when someone intrudes on it. Men might go out with their friends for fun and some women feel they are cheating on them. They keep calling to ensure they are not with someone else. Most men don’t like this and are irritated by such actions. They feel trapped. Smart women know that guys need space.

7 Reasons Men Leave Women They Love

2. Women try to fix men
We should accept our partners as they are. Some women look at potential not reality. Trying to change a man for your own reasons can end a relationship. People change for themselves, not someone else. Constant attempts to change a person you claim to love are not going to work. Accept him as he, this will give you better results.

3. Lack of attraction
Attraction should be a mixture of physical and emotional connectivity with your partner. The word attraction should not be confused with constant fireworks. Its attraction that keeps a relationship going and on track. When there is lack of attraction, men get bored and leave the relationship as it becomes a burden. Women must keep the attraction level up to get going. When your guy is attracted and fascinated by you nothing can affect your relationship and everything else matters less.

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4. Lack of satisfaction
$e*u@l compatibility is important in a relationship. Be open and honest about each other’s needs.

5. Incompatibility
Compatibility is a basic requirement for a good relationship. Sometimes we think there is no common interest. Not understanding each other, fighting over small issues, and not respecting each other become reasons for men to step out of the relationship.

6. Boredom
Sometimes relationships become predictable and boring, its tough for a guy to get involved. Doing the same things every day and not making extra efforts to keep your relationship exciting can be a reason men leave the relationship.

7. Constantly talking about other men
Sometimes women become too involved in friendships with other men and talk too much about them in front of their guy. Many men don’t appreciate this. Every man wants to feel special and be the only one a woman is thinking and talking about.

7 Reasons Men Pull Away in Relationships
By Divya Shree
Edited by Stephanie Dawson

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